How to set Wapka Online screenshot taker tool to your wapka site

With Wapka Screenshot online tools users will be able to screenshot pages online using this tool for free. This online wapka tool will also enable users to resize the webpage they want to snap.


You will just have to write the page link you want to snap e.g then choose any size you want the page to appear and click on the generate button it will show up the webpage which you have embedded the url.

If you are using this tool on mobile it may not be able to capture the whole page if the page is large or you will have to reduce the size to be very small.


Adding this too to your wapka site is not a hard task just as simple as adding other online tools which we have discussed previously

How to add live cricket scores to wapka

How to add live Meyer to wapka site

Just create a new page and add bellow code via html/wml section online screenshot taken HTML code

With the above you have successfully added the online screenshot taker to your wapka site.

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Adjustblogger-The solution to 2017 blogger SEO

For Some months now i have been testing and finding via researches on how to make 2017 a greater year for all blogger hosted websites . After all my researches, testing and finding all through blogger SEO and design in 2016 God so kind it was a successful one.

The complain about SEO(search engine optimisation) is what really motivated me all through the findings. I want to put an end to complain about SEO to all blogger hosted sites , I want all blogger users to be doing other works or relaxing while there traffic keep coming and my innovation has been lunched for all those who want to put an end to Blogger seo issues and complains.

As stated in , many blogger think SEO is all about writing original contents, Meta tags and descriptions, keywords and others but have never think beyond that circle. If the other man practice the same and you also practice that i guess the chances of standing out is very hard because too many blogger reign online.

Now 2017 competition is going to be worst than that of 2016 because more people are coming into blogging this year than and they are numerous than the exiting ones. and when you all practice the same thing about SEO it will be hard for you to stand out this is the major reason why you see that old blogs are doing well to new blogs in search engines because they were created in the less competitive era not now where the competition is high

So the only thing that can save you successful SEO blogging this 2017 is doing a different thing from the normal SEO practice know by both newbies and pro bloggers this is my finding.

This has been the major aspect i have been working on for some months now and to God be the glory you don't have to struggle looking for the differ trick. With Adjustblogger your Blogger site will be fixed , your SEO won't be a problem this 2017 . the greatest and the sweetest part of it is that you are going to learn how to install adjust blogger SEO pack on any blogger site to make it work effectively on both paid and free domain names. Did you know that can be a good source of income ?

The reason is because everybody need organic traffic and they are ready to pay for something that works best and now you have that thing that solve SEO problem to any blogger site (think about that) As many newbies come at blogger try become SEO pro. and you will make more money this 2017. Many of you reading through my blog are from search engines yes this is because 80% of my traffic is from Google according to my blogger stats and this has been the work of Adjust blogger SEO pack on my blog

To get started with a new SEO beginning on your blogger site visit let's fix and adjust your blogger site

We not only render that blogger SEO services you will know more when you Check. be happy you have found a solution to your SEO only for blogger users. Many are asking me why not WordPress , wapka or other hosts but I have to focus on one to achieve a desirable goal . perhaps 2017 will be a finding for other hosts SEO to enjoy in 2018. I believe all SEO issue against blogger is solved with Adjust blogger. let look forward to other things not SEO again because it is solved already .Good day!!!!!!

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Download free version Screenr Fullscreen Parallax WordPress theme

Screenr Fullscreen Parallax WordPress Theme with a normal loading speed well optimise for SEO and very user friendly theme with nice and mobile plus PC friendly interface. You can download screenr WordPress free theme to your blog. download

How to Know the theme any WordPress site is Using

This theme of good for business blogs e.g for freelancers, Coaches , online teachers , Organisation ,personal business or any business you can think of. With this WordPress theme you can set up a nice looking business blog without any theme fee.Other additional features you may want to know about screenr WordPress theme are listed bellow.

How to install Hostgator via quick Install

  • Theme Customizer Quickly change aspects of the design with a built-in customizer.
  • Complete Localization Translate the theme into the language of your choice. 
  • HTML5and CSS3 Latest advanced functionality available with HTML5 and CSS3. 
  • SEO Optimized Our themes are optimized for SEO so you’ll stand out from the crowd. 
  • Page Speed Optimized Don't fall behind your competitors, all of our themes are optimized for speed. 
  • Custom Page Templates Page templates giving you access to pre-made styles and functions. 
  • Browser Compatibility We made sure our themes are tested in all modern browsers.
  • Custom Theme Widgets Custom and customizable widgets are part of our never ending mission.
  • Top Notch Support Each theme that you purchase comes with 1 year of priority support.

Having Known the features and how Screenr WordPress theme works let me show you demo and how o download the zip file bellow.


==>Download screenr responsive business Wp theme

==>Demo of Screenr

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