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Saturday, 31 December 2016

How to set Wapka Online screenshot taker tool to your wapka site

With Wapka Screenshot online tools users will be able to screenshot pages online using this tool for free. This online wapka tool will also enable users to resize the webpage they want to snap.


You will just have to write the page link you want to snap e.g kingsweb.com.ng then choose any size you want the page to appear and click on the generate button it will show up the webpage which you have embedded the url.

If you are using this tool on mobile it may not be able to capture the whole page if the page is large or you will have to reduce the size to be very small.


Adding this too to your wapka site is not a hard task just as simple as adding other online tools which we have discussed previously

How to add live cricket scores to wapka

How to add live Meyer to wapka site

Just create a new page and add bellow code via html/wml section online screenshot taken HTML code

With the above you have successfully added the online screenshot taker to your wapka site.

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Adjustblogger-The solution to 2017 blogger SEO

For Some months now i have been testing and finding via researches on how to make 2017 a greater year for all blogger hosted websites . After all my researches, testing and finding all through blogger SEO and design in 2016 God so kind it was a successful one.

The complain about SEO(search engine optimisation) is what really motivated me all through the findings. I want to put an end to complain about SEO to all blogger hosted sites , I want all blogger users to be doing other works or relaxing while there traffic keep coming and my innovation has been lunched for all those who want to put an end to Blogger seo issues and complains.

As stated in adjustblogger.com , many blogger think SEO is all about writing original contents, Meta tags and descriptions, keywords and others but have never think beyond that circle. If the other man practice the same and you also practice that i guess the chances of standing out is very hard because too many blogger reign online.

Now 2017 competition is going to be worst than that of 2016 because more people are coming into blogging this year than and they are numerous than the exiting ones. and when you all practice the same thing about SEO it will be hard for you to stand out this is the major reason why you see that old blogs are doing well to new blogs in search engines because they were created in the less competitive era not now where the competition is high

So the only thing that can save you successful SEO blogging this 2017 is doing a different thing from the normal SEO practice know by both newbies and pro bloggers this is my finding.

This has been the major aspect i have been working on for some months now and to God be the glory you don't have to struggle looking for the differ trick. With Adjustblogger your Blogger site will be fixed , your SEO won't be a problem this 2017 . the greatest and the sweetest part of it is that you are going to learn how to install adjust blogger SEO pack on any blogger site to make it work effectively on both paid and free domain names. Did you know that can be a good source of income ?

The reason is because everybody need organic traffic and they are ready to pay for something that works best and now you have that thing that solve SEO problem to any blogger site (think about that) As many newbies come at blogger try become SEO pro. and you will make more money this 2017. Many of you reading through my blog are from search engines yes this is because 80% of my traffic is from Google according to my blogger stats and this has been the work of Adjust blogger SEO pack on my blog

To get started with a new SEO beginning on your blogger site visit Adjustblogger.com let's fix and adjust your blogger site

We not only render that blogger SEO services you will know more when you Check. be happy you have found a solution to your SEO only for blogger users. Many are asking me why not WordPress , wapka or other hosts but I have to focus on one to achieve a desirable goal . perhaps 2017 will be a finding for other hosts SEO to enjoy in 2018. I believe all SEO issue against blogger is solved with Adjust blogger. let look forward to other things not SEO again because it is solved already .Good day!!!!!!

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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Download free version Screenr Fullscreen Parallax WordPress theme

Screenr Fullscreen Parallax WordPress Theme with a normal loading speed well optimise for SEO and very user friendly theme with nice and mobile plus PC friendly interface. You can download screenr WordPress free theme to your blog. download screenr.zip

How to Know the theme any WordPress site is Using

This theme of good for business blogs e.g for freelancers, Coaches , online teachers , Organisation ,personal business or any business you can think of. With this WordPress theme you can set up a nice looking business blog without any theme fee.Other additional features you may want to know about screenr WordPress theme are listed bellow.

How to install Hostgator via quick Install

  • Theme Customizer Quickly change aspects of the design with a built-in customizer.
  • Complete Localization Translate the theme into the language of your choice. 
  • HTML5and CSS3 Latest advanced functionality available with HTML5 and CSS3. 
  • SEO Optimized Our themes are optimized for SEO so you’ll stand out from the crowd. 
  • Page Speed Optimized Don't fall behind your competitors, all of our themes are optimized for speed. 
  • Custom Page Templates Page templates giving you access to pre-made styles and functions. 
  • Browser Compatibility We made sure our themes are tested in all modern browsers.
  • Custom Theme Widgets Custom and customizable widgets are part of our never ending mission.
  • Top Notch Support Each theme that you purchase comes with 1 year of priority support.

Having Known the features and how Screenr WordPress theme works let me show you demo and how o download the zip file bellow.


==>Download screenr responsive business Wp theme

==>Demo of Screenr

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Monday, 26 December 2016

Apple Iphone7 photo Gallery price and specification

Have you ever heard about Apple Iphone7 the most expensive and anticipated mobile phone of the year ? Have you ever seen how it looks if yes or no am going to show you here because many people think the phone should be as big as the phone price.


CamonC9 price in Nigeria and Kenya with features reviews

apple iphone7 pictures


The phone is too small to be sold the amount it is sold right? yes i agreed with you because with the amount it is sold it supposed to be big in the extent you will be using a truck or wheelbarrow to carry it to any destination but it is so unfortunate that you can just put it in your pocket without even noticing it.

Just imagine after managing and withdrawing half of your savings to buy it you mistakenly put it in your back pocket and sit on the screen lol and the screen broke. I believe even the money to change the screen with buy a new motorcycle and you I'll still have some extra cash .Buy what you can afford and stop been too curious to get everything. You have bought iPhone7 very soon iPhone 8 and 9 will still come put you will buy again hahahahahaha so that means if you are the unwise buyer you will continue buying unnecessarily so be careful where you spend your hard earned money.

I know you will want to know why the phone worth the amount it is sold. you can check iphone7 specification and price here

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Tecno CamonC9 price in Nigeria and kenya and where to buy it at affordable price

Tecno Camon C9 Price In Nigeria , Kenya – This article contains detailed information of the specs , photos and price of the Tecno C9.

Tecno-C9-Price-In Nigeria


Tecno Camon C9 is one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones in Africa and this is due to the huge success of its predecessor , the Camon C8. Tecno mobile launched the Camon C9 in June 2016, and it comes with some big improvements in camera and specifications. More details below :


Here Are Some Quick Facts About Tecno Camon C9

Following the footsteps of its predecessor , Camon C9 is a camera centric smartphone tailored for those who love pictures. The device comes with big improvements in design and  more sophisticated camera features.

  • Launch Date : Announced June 2016.
  • Product Line : Camon Series
  • Major Improvement : New user interface (HiOs) , New design , New Camera Features
  • Price Range : #45,000 – #55,000
  • Price Rating : Medium —– (Slightly Expensive)

Tecno Camon C9 Specs Sheet (Key Details)

These are Tecno Camon C9 Specs , Featuring a 5.5inch screen  , 2GB RAM , Android 6.0 Marshmallow and 3000mAh battery. Full details below :

  • SIM Type: Dual Micro SIM
  • 4G LTE : Yes
  • OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow with HiOs V1.0
  • Display: 5.5 inches ISP Display
  • Build: Full Aluminium Unibody
  • Colours: Gold , Sandstone Black.
  • Processor Type: 1.3 GHz 64-bit Octa-core MediaTek MT6753 chipset
  • Graphics Processor: Mali-T720
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Internal Storage: 16GB
  • External Storage: Yes , up to 128GB Memory Card.
  • Back Camera : 13.0 MP with LED Flash
  • Front Camera : 13.0 MP with LED Flash , 83 degree wide viewing angle , ISP picture noise detecting Technology
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Security: Irish scanner that unlocks your phone by scanning your eyeball.

What To Expect From Tecno Camon C9 Smartphone


Just like Tecno C8 , Tecno C9 is all about the camera , but it comes with more interesting features than its predecessor. Firstly , Tecno Camon C9 features a much more slimmer design that should feel good on hand. The device features a 5.5 inch display , which has a metallic build and a leather textured back cover. It has a dual sim setup and supports 4G LTE Network.




Looking at it for the first time , you will notice a change in the positioning of the front camera. The front camera is now at the center of the top body , just below the call speaker. The LED Flash is just by the side of the camera , but TECNO designed it in such a way that the LED Light cannot be easily seen , unless you look closely.


Tecno Camon C9 Camera


The front camera has a 13MP resolution and comes with 83 degree wide viewing angle , which can capture 3 people at a time. To ensue better picture quality , the camera comes with 5P Lens , Smart Human Face Identification , Face Beautification , and third generation ISP picture noise detecting Technology .


Tecno Camon C8 Back Camera


Tecno C9 has Visidon Algorithm Brightness that produces 50% brighter images than average. Visidon Algorithm Noise Deduction clears up to 75% of the ‘noise’ in the background , leaving you with a crisp photo . The back camera also comes 13MP url/spanpcamera and Dual LED Flash (two flash lights).


Camon C9 Visidon

For extra security , Tecno Camon C9 is equipped with biometrics iris recognition sensor that scans your iris (eyes) before you can unlock your phone. This is the first time iris technology is used on a TECNO Smartphone


Tecno C9 Iris Scanner


As for the internal specifications , Tecno C9 is comes with a 1.7 GHz 64-bit Octa-core MediaTek MT6592 chipset and 2GB of Random Access Memory (RAM). The device would run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow alongside the new Tecno HiOs User Interface (UI). A 3000mAh battery should be enough to deliver at least 9hours of heavy usage.


Tecno Camon C9 Price In Nigeria & Kenya

Tecno Camon C9 Price In Nigeria would be within the range of #45,000 – #55,000 , and Ksh 20,000 – Ksh 25,000 in Kenya. The price will start from #45,000 and should not be more than #55,000 in the country. Also note that the price depends alot on your location and the merchant you’re buying from.

Important! : Please note that  due to market forces beyond our control , the price may change as time goes by.


Now over to you , what do you think about this device? Are you currently using it? and at what price do you think TECNO should sell? Drop your comments!


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Donwload Feedly SEO responsive blogger template for multi-niche blogs

Feedly is a responsive blogger template which can be used for fashion blog, entertainment blogs, food and health niches ,tech and tutorial blogs and many other blogging niches regarding it features. Feedly seo responsive blogger template

This feedly blogger template has been customized to fit any screen size both PC , tablet, and other screen sizes even without any manual configuration. With feedly your site have 100% assurance of standing out in Google search result because it is a well optimised blogger template for SEO

Feedly appears in both pro and free version but am going to show you how you can download feedly free version to any type of niche you blog on including music and lyrics niche which will be even more fitting because of the clean gallery feature on the homepage and sidebars built in table to for easy brows through.

feedly has some wonderful sidebar widgets just like others blogger blogs. You can download the template bellow but before you download make sure you have red how to unzip blogger templates to avoid errors.

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How to add a DataBased Maillist Subscription form to your wapka site

Mailist Subscription has been neglected by wapka site users and am beginning to think this is because they don't know how to do it so i have decided to write this tutorial to help every wapka user who is willing to add the subscription button to their wapka site with ease.

The mailist subscription is one of the best feature for traffic generation. this will make you generate the most needed traffic because only those who are active who love your updates are the one to subscribe with this you will retain your site visitors and increase the percentage of returning visitors of your blog.

How to add love meter to your wapka site

Add live cricket scores to your wapka site

You don't need to bother yourself about how to set this feature am here for you. This feature will allow you to gather active mails and send them Messages at desired interval.This service is going to be hosted by a data base where your emails will be stored and in this database you. will have the options to send bulk mails to all your subscribers with just a single click . I know i have talked too much stories but please pardon me it is just explanation things so you can know the exact thing am talking about but anyway i guess you have known already so without time waste let us go to business


Sign Up for free account here https://www.ymlp.com/signup.html?main

Login your account here https://www.ymlp.com/login.html

on your account dashboard click on Add form and you will be prompted to a new page where you will fill some forms just fill in the required fields and generate your form you will be given a code.

Copy the code you are given and login your wapka site and add the code via HTML /wml section then save your settings. Now when users subscribe via your form the email will be added to your data base where you generated the form you will see all the mails.

How to add wapka Guestbook to your site

From your dashboard on your database you will see the option to send mails. Just follow the steps you see there to send mails to your subscribers . Don't forget you are not a pro so try read the terms and conditions applied to free members and pro so you can know how to use YMLP mail subscriber builder

If in case you face any error with the code given to you then you can reach me on Facebook to help you modify the code to work with your wapka site

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How to add online Love meter calculator to your wapka site

This new week am inspired about writing on wapka tools and set ups and that's why the tutorial has started from other headlines such as wapka love meter

How to add live cricket scores to wapka site

How to add source code viewer to your wapka site

How to add guestbook to wapka site

But in this tutorial am going to show you how you can add the love meter to your wapka site .....The love meter is another wonderful wapka tool to keep your users busy calculating who to love and who not to love based on the meter count rating. Though the meter might be wrong because it is only controlled by HtMl language but sometimes we have to make some imaginations real from fake things that's why we should pay with the tool at times

This wapka tool will increase your wapka site page views and also your users engagement because they love fun just like you do so give them funful stuffs and keep your site booming


Login your wapka site and Click on Edit site option then click on HTMl/ Wml section and in the code box put bellow code and save your settings

I will advice you align the above code to be left because i tried align it to center but it was mafuctioning but when i put it to left it worked fine so you can try any alignment that works out for you

After that you will see the code display telling you to put your partners name and your name just click and start calculating why you see the result display in bold red. good luck don't go away we still have more to come

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Sunday, 25 December 2016

How to add Live cricket Scores to your wapka site

Did you know that most of your wapka site visitors really love cricket and they would love to see the live cricket scores on your wapka site. It is just another wapka tool not only to give you returning visitors but to engage your readers and keep them busy thereby making them spend more time on your blog.

How to add the guestbook feature to your wapka site

How to add source code viewer to your wapka site

Am Kennedy prosper the owner of kingsweb.com.ng like you have known and am always searching for the best for you. Today am going to show you how you can add the live cricket scores to your wapka site with ease please follow tutorial carefully. HOW TO ADD LIVE CRICKET SCORES TO WAPKA SITE

Simply Login your wapka admin mode and click on Edit site then select HTML/Wml section and paste the bellow code . You can create a new page for the live cricket scores if you want but make sure the bellow code is inserted through HTML/wml section of your wapka site

There are two live cricket scores code both are the same but with different styles so you have to choose one from the two any style you like

The above code will produce this live-cricket-scores-wapka-site

The above live cricket scores code will produce bellow image

You have successfully added the Wapka live cricket feature to your site keep enjoying the features . good day.

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How to create a proffesional looking wapka Guestbook to get backlinks

Have you ever visited wapka site with the guestbook features how does it really look. Did you like it but don't know how to set it for your wapka site? don't worry today am going t show you how you can embed the guestbook into your wapka site with ease. set wapka guestbook

How to create new wapka site part2

For those who are still asking "What is wapka Guestbook" ? This is a wapka feature which allow users to participate even when they haven't registered. With wapka guestbook ,They will be write comments and share their own view according to the guestbook

So in This post i will show you how you can set the wapka guestbook feature to increase back links and guests engagement in your blog. I said back linking because it will enabled spammers drop there links and getting back links from your blog at the same time increasing your Pagerank follow bellow tutorial carefully.


Login Your wapka admin mode and click on edit sites then click on pages and create a new wapka page. you can just name the page as guestbook or whatever

After that click on edit site again and create new forum you can name the forum anything you want but let it be simple forum not structured (you will see the option there when you click on forum)

Now after creating your page and forum click on the forum you will see the forum ID e.g 1116377353 just at the right hand side at the bottom of the forum. Note it down.

Go back to the page you have created and paste the bellow code but inside the code change my own forum IDs in the code which is (113040241) to the forum ID you have just created .Note the forum ID is found twice in the code just change both

Understanding wapka forum and pages with linking

Uncle your guestbook feature on your wapka site is now fully set but in case you came across any issue you know how we roll here the Facebook button is everywhere just get in touch with us and it will be done asap.

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How to register and park Domain from domainking using direct bank payment or transfer(no credit card)

Hello kingsweb reader!!,! today been December 25th is is really a great and worth celebrating day so i use this medium to merry Xmas to all kingsweb participants Long life and prosperity is my wishes as you continue with us because without you we couldn't have made it to this extent.

How to park free or paid domain name to byethost blog

Factors you must consider before moving your host

I pray that year 2017 will be a year of blessings and favour to you as you continue with us. If you have a blog before without success with your hard work and consistency You are going to make it this new year we are about to enter just stay with us.

Without time waste today am going to show you how you can buy and park a domain name you your blogger or other websites via Domainking. Over the months now I have been using domainKing where i hosted my two domain names Kingsweb and Westlifelyricsand with my experience with domainking i don't think any domain host or web hosting company can be better than them.

Domainking is a recommended host where you can buy a domain that's why am going to show you how to host your domain name using DomainKing wither with master card or without master card or any online payment method

How to Create a wordpress free blog using Byethost

There Are payment methods accepted by domainking that's what make it a good host they accept both direct bank payment and transfer you can see bellow. Tutorial on how to get one without credit card. Register with domainKing http://clients.domainking.ng/register.php

After that Login to there client area with your registration details here http://www.domainking.ng/login/

From your client area you will see many options But just click on the option to register new domain or you can access the direct link bellow after login http://clients.domainking.ng/domainchecker.php

Now search your domain name and click on the domain extension you want to buy e.g i select .com extension and clicked on Lookup

Now the domain is available as you can see the next thing is to click on ORDER bellow your domain after selecting how many years you would want to register your domain and a new page will show up.

From the above page don't check on any box just set only your DNS settings and click on Continue to the final stage But if you want to park the domain for a blogger site you know blogger don't have any DNs so just leave that page the way it is and continue to the final stage.

From the final stage select your payment option as bank payment as shown bellow

Now accept there terms and polices and continue by clicking On complete order button button as shown above

After that the new page will show you there bank details with your order details with the amount your are to pay in total.

Pay to the bank details you see on the page after payment make sure you snap your receipt and forward it from the support page. explanation bellow

Now go back to your Client area and click on Submit a ticket or you can follow direct link bellow http://clients.domainking.ng/submitticket.php That's based on billing

Now from your ticket area write to them e.g Hello Domainking i have made my payment for a domain name kennedytutorials.com and i have sent the payment screenshot to your email address At support@domainking.ng Please help me check on It to confirm my payment and activate my domain name thanks

But make sure you ave submitted your payment proof to the above email before messaging them. after that wait for some minutes and check back on there support ticket area you will see their reply .If your payment shot was received it will take less than 24hrs and your domain name will be activated

Woooooo you are all done with buying a domain name from domainking now after your domain name of open it is time to park it. If you have chooses any DNS settings you can just go and park it to your host but if you want to park it to blogger then you have to follow bellow steps.


Login your blogger dashboard and select settings from your settings option click on add third party URL to your blog and a new menu will show up as bellow.

Form the above just add the domain name you have just purchase including the www.version e.g www.kennedytutorials.com and hit on save. and you will see some informations as shown in the above image Just copy all the domain information's that will show up as an error message bellow are the three information's needed

  • -ghs.google.com
  • -btiab7untoue
  • -gv-tzl6bzftcikfo6.dv.googlehosted.com

Copy yours and login your domainking admin panel then click on create new ticket or open support ticket and send the information you just copied to them tell them you have just bought a domain name that they should help you set the domain with the information you sent to them. then name your domain so that they can know the domain they are to set.

After some few minutes they will reply you that your domain has been set to blogger just login your blogger site and park it .you are done.

Hope You can now park and register a domain name to at Domainking to both blogger WordPress wapka or other hosts please don't hesitate to get in touch if any issue.

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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Lamidi OluwaSeun of Earlynub.com.ng is a top Nigeria online scammer don't fall for him

How to Know online scammers and avoid them

December ATM-BVN trick Don't be a victim

Difference between scamming spamming and phishing

Despite all of the above posts which i have written, i still have the guts to fall for a cheap foolish online scammer in fact i deserve more than 10 strokes of hot lashes. But it's unfortunate you are not here to punish me so am a free man indeed.

It all started few weeks ago when a friend asked me to get him Google AdSense , So i have to make some search for one and God so kind i met a good friend of mine to be the owner of the AdSense.( I was happy because i thought am save in his hands as a friend but i never knew he is just an ordinary poor scammers who is looking for money to buy Xmas wears for his girlfriend or rather girlfriends lol.

I negotiated with the thief whose identify will be fully revealed as we continue ,and we concluded on 8k (8,thousand naira for a verified US AdSense ) because my friend who needed this stuff was curious i have to make payment immediately as the guy has already paid to my account.

After payment the thief refused to give me the details so i pleaded and he gave me one detail. I immediately sent it to my friend and he logged in and discovered the AdSense associated with the email is already banned so he called back on me.and i have to meet my friend who sold the AdSense to me because i was just acting as a middle man

Some days has gone and he never seize laying one complain or the other after about two days of too much disturb from the other friend who want to buy the AdSense i have to forward is 8k back to him from my own account because he was already labelling me a scammer and i have promised myself never to do anything that will destroy my online reputation i will rather pay any price to remain trusted online that was why i paid him back with immediate effect to avoid blackmailing.

So i faced the scammer call him on phone several times but he snubbed me text messages he never replied Facebook chats he is dumb so i immediately realized i have been scammed. I sent him some cool memorial messages and before i know it he removed me (wink) my disturbs are to much

But before he removed me i have promised to make sure i let over 20,000 persons or more Nigerians and foreigners know about him. According to record he is even a criminal in real life when i try make some research from those who knows him. He has kept a very awful record of criminal acts not only online but offline as well.and you know such person have nothing good to give you .

He not only scam Nigerians but he also scam foreigners in the name of BTC, webdesign , AdSense, PayPal funds and the rest.( according to record). so if you are from outside country reading this post you are also concerned don't say you are not concerned yes you are!!! Having known how he scammed me let me now show you the criminal identity.

Lamidi Oluwaseun IS the criminal and the online fraudstar

His name is- Lamidi Oluwaseun He claimed to be living in Abuja and he is the owner of the bellow websites

  • http://9jaroomgist.com.ng/ http://www.earlynub.com.ng/
  • http://www.earlynub.com/
  • http://www.9jaroomgist.ga/

Whatsapp Number and Phone number and other contact details are listed bellow

  • Contact: 2348104212524
  • E-mail: opeeytravel@gmail.com
  • Whatsapp-2348104212524
  • 2Go- Opeyemi10606
  • Twitter - http://twitter.com/@opeeydah
  • Facebook Profile- http://www.facebook.com/sodiq.lamidi
  • Facebook page- http://facebook.com/9jaroomgist
I won't leave any stone unrolled bellow is Lamidi Oluwaseuns Sky Bank details which he sent to me on facebook lamidi skybank details

But don't be foolled if he comes up with other details he remains the same Bellow are parts of our chats on facebook messangerAfter having paid lamidi-oluwaseun


I have already paid the price (though am not Jesus) so the only thing you will do no is to make sure you share this post effectively . Don't say because you are not from Nigeria or you can't be a victim so you won't share never.

The next victim might be your uncle, your cousin, Your dad or mum your friends brothers and sisters ,course nates and class mates your teachers and lecturers or any body. but did you know that sharing this post can save some souls out there? don't let others be a victim of what i have just passed through. Note even if he has done a deal with you before without scamming you don't go for another deal he is thickish the first deal is small that's why he didn't scam. But this time around you have known him so protect yourself and others by sharing this post to your Facebook , twitter ,instagram and other social medias

Before i exit this page i must not forget to tell you he offers exam runs on one of his sites which are fake don't buy any thing or make any deal with Lamidi Oluwaseun he is a criminal and an online scammer but if you are the stubborn fly then you can go ahead.

Am promoting this post on Facebook !! you can also contribute if you love your country and if you want to protect them from scammers. More research are on board we shall bring to book any online scammer here !!! My last warning is Add Lamidi Oluwaseun to your black list

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Thursday, 22 December 2016

How to submit Your wapka site and sitemap to google search console

Before you go about submitting Your wapka sitemap to Google it will please you to learn the meaning of sitemap in just a simple tense.


Have you ever heard of web hosting -It is a place where your site is hosted and without it no site is created. Through the web host your site is tracked and properly managed and when a web host damaged all of the site hosted under it also go away because the web host is the root and when the root dies neither will the tree be alive without the root.

IN wapka one of the the root to SEO (search engine optimisation ) is submitting your sitemap to Google search console.This wapka sitemap is simply telling Google the areas you will want him to crawl and the restricted areas where you wouldn't want Google to touch. Without submitting your sitemap it is like building organisations like school without lunching it. who knows of your org. has started working when you haven't lunched it. So you will have to create a wapka site which i believed you have done already before coming to this page.

Without time waste let me show you how you can submit your sitemap to Google for easy crawl so that you won't put Google and your site in combat.The first step is generating your sitemap you will have to register all the pages which i have written about before. You read here.

How to Create Wapka Sitemap

Now having generated your wapka sitemap let us proceed to how to submit the generated sitemap to Google search console but before that you will have to submit your site first


Login Your Google Search Console and click on ADD PROPERTY

Now put your site e.g kingsweb.com.ng and submit after that you will be prompted to a new page for verification . choose the META TAG as your verification method and you will be given the meta code juts copy the code and close your tab

Now login your wapka site admin mode and click on edit Site and select Global settings

Click On Head tags(meta style)

The new page that will appear just put the code which you have just copied from your Google search console.And save your settings . In case you see other codes in the box don't place the verification code last just put it at the top of all other codes the save your settings.

Now go back to your search console and select the META tags verification method again then click on verify button at the bottom of the page and you will receive a message that your site had been successfully verified and added to Google


Go back to your search console homepage and click on the site you have just added select sitemap from the given options

Select Add/test sitemap

Now put your sitemap e.g yoursitename.wapka.mobi/sitemap.xml and save your settings. Now you have successfully added your wapka site and sitemap to Google search. Hope you find this tutorial helpful please share it.

Note this tutorial is not supported by opera mini browser you can use high browser's such as Google chrome and Firefox for better experience.

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