4 most awesome blogging tips every blogger must implement.

You are your blogs/websites killer and enemy.

like we know in the phisical world-an enemy is someone who hates you and never want to see your success and this phisical enemy allways adopt some certain characters plus strategies to get you down.

With my years and experience in the race of wapmatering, i have noticed that a web/wapaster can be his own site killer at the same time running here and there for success for the same website!

You are now wandering how can one kill his own child raise him again and kill him back is there any sence in nonsence?.

if you cannot creat a blog for the vission of beeing successful in future, it's a better you creat non to avoid a lost effort.

After creating a blog there a certing principles guiding the success of that already created blog and this success can not be achieved unless the principles are met first.

Many bloggers today forgets the blogging principle and see they are searching for a vain success -you are only killing your blog with your bare hands! and you will see no change till the principles are properly and orderlly met. to cut short the story talk bellow are some certain principles every blogger must follow if you dont want to be your blog's killer-:

[1…Direct-Copy and paste can harm your blog negatively.

when i first started blogging i hate to see people say copy and paste is bad because i was an expert in the field of copy and paste. But latter on i began to understand what it means byCOPY AND PASTE.

i thought the meaning sounds like the pronounciation but not quite long in the race of webmastering i bagan to understand that that same thing can posses a different meaning from its pronounciation!.if there is no copy and paste webdesign become more tedious

.i.e every wapmaster do copy and paste poste from other site there is no doubt about it. if you say no to the point that every webmaster is a copy and paste victim let asume you run an entertainment blog and you went to a fellow entertainment blog like yours,there you saw an headline like

Olamide a popular 9ja musician is dead

you clicked on the headline and red the story after that you find out the story is true and you would like your site visitors get that same info:- now what will you do,will you say because you dont want to be a copy and paste victim therefore you wount post it on your blog?

or after reading will you start to furge a story that has no transpired in your presence? all this question are what i keep asking myself in other to convince my concience that copy and paste is good then like you are doing now....though every webmaster uses copy and paste, but yours still sound LOUDER than there,because you used what i called[u]


copy and paste while they uses the


copy and paste

Like the above names implies A DIRECT copy and paste is the type of copy and paste were both the headline,image and all post content is copied to your blog without the change of a single phrase,word or sentence.You are the killer of your blog when you uses this kind of copy and paste because it affect your


negatively in the sence that search engines are very sensive to catch such acts....

But INDIRECT copy and paste is the type other webmasters uses on there blog..it is the opposite of direct copy and paste. you copy re-write and publish!!

I know writing a new blog post is always a problem to you just because you think what you are about to write will not interest the audience because you know very little about what the audience needs most..but i tell you today you will learn how to do it with ease!!

How to write a new blog post with ease

having done with the different copy and past we have let now bring it up in a way it can help you in publishing a new post writing by you without any copywrite... let asume you want to write on the topic:-

How to wash your garment.

all you have to do is go to your google.com and type the topic on the search box then on the top result read this topic from 3-4 different sites compare the similarities,understand the topic,re-phrase and re-write the topic as though you are an expert with the idea derived from the other sits never try to copy it directly if you do you can never cheat on google.But in the indirect way google will never comprehend it.

hopefully with this post you will find it easy to write your own blog post to avoid been the killer of your blog.

[2…You dont want to spend but you want to earn:-

having done with the first step i present the second crucial one which every newbie wapmaster was once a victim except from those who learnt earlier!.

Many web/wapmasters today just think it a race of rush and rush out but i tell you it a race of invest to earn or do not invest and do not earn...like they say he who uses a goat to set a trap who knows what he will catch?

so if you must earn from your blog you must invest on the blog!

[3…You post the unnecessary than the Necessary:-

As a webmaster you have to sorth out what is needed most by your site visitors rather than posting the unnecessary things:

when new visitors come in contact with your site in several occations and it happened that your site solved there problem believe me they will never hesitate checking out for new updates.

your site become the everything in there bookmark and saved pages they even go to the extent of telling others about your site, thereby making your site more popuar!

[4…You are a lazy type

web/wapmaster who are lazy earn a lazy result and everything about there blog becomes lazy,so also his site visitors becomes lazy in visiting his site because he is always lazy in satisfying the visitors with new updates.

a lazy wapmaster also find it difficult to inplement the blogging strategies thereby causing downfall of his blog!!

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