Commonly used web related languages and there meaning

All this while i have been writing about blogging in general but today something struck my mind from the activity which transpired on facebook in which i was a entrant.

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I discovered that most of the web/wapmasters online today are mainly concern about the use of some terms in regardless of there meanings

Knowing the meaning of a used language can bring more understanding and a better view of what that particular thing is all about.because of this i have come up with this bellow most web related abbreviated languages and there meanings!.

Reasons you need to know there meanings!

  • It is educative knowing there meanings
  • The meanings is a better disclosure of what its all about

Abbreviated words and meaning

  • APK--- Android application package
  • GIF--- Graphics Interchange Format
  • PNG--- Portable Network Graphics
  • JPG--- Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • SEO---search engine optimisation
  • WWW--- "World Wide Web"
  • XML--- Extensible Markup Language
  • HTML--- Hypertext Markup Language
  • CSS---cascading style sheet
  • HTTP--- Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • SQL--- Structured Query Language
  • PHP--- Hypertext Preprocessor
  • GPRS---General Packet Radio Service
  • GPS--- Global Positioning System

In our next lesson we will discuss the real meanings of the above words so stay updated

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