How to Become a good English orator in a jiffy and write a killer blog post.

English is a widely used language in the whole universe and as such you must be an english orator.

Blogging today may never work smoothly if your blog posts are published in your mothers tongue, cus 80% of your blog readers may likely be good at english and not your own native language. apart from blogging it has other advantageous effects on you been good in english language,such as social media and public opinion issues.

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am here again to teach you how to be a good Eng. Orator(skillful speaker) in term of grammertical expressions in less than one year,so as to be a good writer since you cannot write what yoi dont speak.

I attended a school were students hardly communicate in english language unless on rare basis,and as a result my english was very poor though am a skillful writer i was not a skillful speaker and you know well you can not write what you dont know, you only write the things you know!!. i was therefore left behind by my pals who attended the excellent performing category schools."

i become very pissed-off each time i find myself been abashed for the sake of english.

I decided not to only learn english but at the same time be an orator both in terms of grammer..

Now let asume you reading this post can speak english very well, but we are talking about the grammatical aspect.many of you can speak english but you are not good in the grammertical areas of english,and your english can never look mature untill that aspect is finally applied!

How to be good orator in grammertical aspects of english:-

The only way is by learning yes i know it, and you also know it. but there is a more easy way you can learn it instead of that method you are using now. When i was in jss1 i use to write vocabularies in a notebook so i can be going through them in my convenient time , and i know many of us still do what am talking about even till now. yes it's one of the best ways you can learn grammer because it helped me alot but one thing you must know, is the phone in your hand also make it more easier than other patern: Let me explain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when i was using the paper and pen method in jotting my vocabs i learnt at the speed of 55%. but earlier last year i decided to find myself a new methode which is the use of quickmemo on my android phone and mysafe on my java phone, and with this method i learnt at the speed of 75% i.e its a better option to use than paper and pen method. Then the combination of this two method of learning is what i use now and i learn @ speed 99.8% up to date.

What are the required materials for this learning???? Buy a hard cover notebook Buy a dedicated pen i.e only for vocabs. An english dictionary either on your phone or the paper type . but i prefare the paper type in this occation. and your handset (phone)download Quickmemo.apk or Notes.apk if you are using android and mysafe.jar if you are using java Complete tutorial on how to become an orator (skillful speaker) in English lang. 2016 alternative method in writing a blog post with ease!!. in my own hard cover i was able to gather over 5thousand grammers which are commonly used in our daily activites and self expressions..

Now in your own hard cover you need to start working if you are ready to learn. pick up your dictionary start looking for the most useful words you need jot them down...but i preffer you start opening the dictionary insearch for this words alphabetically i.e from A-Z so you wount miss out any one. As you are writing, you are only writing but not learning yet!! to start learning pick 5 words weekly from the hard cover. the five for the week should be joted on your quickmemo if you are using android and on your Mysafe if you are using java phone so that you can easily memorise it when you forget anyone you are joting it to your phone because you can easily pick your phone and get the daily word rather than going to your notebook again. your phone can be mobile i.e you carry it anywere with this method you can be good in grammer if you are dedicated to it.....learn five new words every week with your phone and these 5new words will be copied from your hard cover.

you JOT it this way week1
  • pal:- friend
  • adore:-to love
  • abood:-a place were you live
  • shun:- to avoid

Now through out the week1 you will only learn and concentrate on these five new-words you joted on your phone from your hardcover notebook .

NOTE:- do not look to the affairs of others new-words but the five on your quickmemo..for the week to eschew confusing yourself.

Additional Note:- Read books of all kind:- i have also learnt alot from reading assorted books,and i gained plenitude knowledge. if you must be a good and excellent orator you must learn from this form of reading!!! you can't be lazy about reading and yet you want to become an from websites and anywere you think you can derive needful comprehension which will not have a diminishing effect on you.

Listen to the radio and other information medias! You can easily learn through your radio, tv,handset and other information medias. as they speak,listen and learn the way they arrange and parkage their sentences then derive your knowledge from it

. Practice and dont be affraid to make mistakes....

dwell in the mist of those who can put you through! Be pationate about learning new ideas daily

with the above tips you are good to go!!!!! looking forward to see you in our next post. and dont forget to hit on like button or POST-REPLY before you exit this page.
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