100+ abbreviated words for facebook,whatsapp and twitter chat.

Sometimes and some days when typing chat messages it looks somehow too retarding typing words in full. We just gat to make them short and quick with the use of abbreviated words.

Though not all English words can be abbreviated yet millions of English words fits abbreviation.

Today am going to list out over 100 most commonly used English abbreviated words you can use in chart messengers such as whatsapp,Twitter,Facebook,Eskimo,Badoo etc.

===> whatsapp-Write with bold,itallic and strike through

===> How to brows Facebook,Twitter etc PC version on your Mobile!.


==>1. ASAP: I really like this Facebook abbreviation. The next time you read this, keep in mind that it means “As Soon As Possible” and not something else you might have thought about.


==>2. AAMOF: As a matter of fact.

==>3. ADN: Any Day Now. It took me some time to realize what it meant.

==>4. AKA: Also Known As.

==>5. ATM: Nope, this doesn’t stand for the “ATM” machine. It means; at this moment.

==>6. BBL: Be Back Later. A good way and fast way to tell people that you will be back soon.

==>7. BC: Be Cool. I have used this one many times.

==>8. BM: Bite Me. Yes, this might be handy under the correct circumstances. So, it is good that you know about it.

==>9. BTW: By the Way.

==>10. BRB: Be right back!

==>11. BBQ:Better be quick.

==>12. BOT: Back on Topic. Took me some time to realize it wasn’t short for robot.

==>13. CFY: Calling For You.

==>14. CTS: Changing the Subject.

==>15. CU: It means the same as it sounds, See You!

==>16. CUL: See you Later.

==>17. DIY: Do it yourself.

==>18. DND: The most useful Facebook chat code for: Do not Disturb . ==>19. EOS: End of Story.

==>20. F2F: Face to Face.


==>1. FAQ: Many of you might already know about this one, Frequently asked questions.

==>2. FB: My personal favorite. It means “ Facebook”.

==>3. FOS: Freedom of Speech.

==>4. FYEO: A very special kind of abbreviation which means, For your eyes only.

==>5. FYI: For your information. Again, many of us know about this one.

==>6. G2B: Going to Bed.

==>7. GAL: Get a Life.

==>8. GR8: Great.

==>9. GtG: Got to Go.

==>10. HAND: Have a Nice Day.

==>11. IC: As same as it sounds, stands for; I See.

==>12. IDC: I don’t care.

==>13. IMO: In my opinion.

==>14. IMHO : In my humble opinion

==>15. IS: I’m sorry.

==>16. JAM: Just a minute.

==>17. JIC: Just in Case.

==>18. L8R: Later.

==>19. LAM: Leave a message.

==>20. LMA: Leave me alone.


==>1. LMHO: Laughing my Head off.

==>2. LMK: Let me know.

==>3. LOL: Laugh out loud.

==>4. Msg: Message.

==>5. NP: No problem.

==>6. OMG: Oh my God. If you ask me, I find this Facebook abbreviation very useful.

==>7. PM: Private Message. I though it meant the ‘PM’ in time for very long.

==>8. Q4U: Question for you.

==>9. r8 : Right

==>10. S2R: Send to Receive.

==>11. TCO: Taken Care of.

==>12. TMI: Too much information.

==>13. TxT: Text.

==>14. W8AM: Wait a minute.

==>15. WTF: What the fuck

==>16. WTH : What the heck

==>17. SOS : Someone on shoulder

==>18. LNG: Long

==>20. 5N :fine


==>1.SYS: See you soon

==>2.TYT: Take your time

==>3.NAJ: Need a jacket

==>4KMP: Keep me posted

==>5.KYP: Keep you posted

==>6.CYL: Call you later

==>7.B4 - Before

==>8.b/c, bc - Because

==>9.BRB - Be Right Back

==>10.BTW - By The Way

==>11.DM- Direct message, a private message or “direct message” to a person you follow.

==>12.EM or EML - Email

==>13.Fab - Fabulous

==>14.FB- Facebook

==>15.HT - Hat Tip, or "Heard Through" instead of a classic "RT"

==>16.HTH - Here to Help or "Happy" To Help

==>17.IC - I See

==>18.IDC- I don't care

==>19.IDK- I don’t know

==>20.IM - Instant Message


==>1.JK or J/K - Just Kidding (or for UK people, Joking)

==>2.L8- Late

==>3.LI - LinkedIn

==>4.LMAO - Laughing My A** Off

==>5.LMK - Let Me Know

==>6.LOL - Laughing Out Loud-- not “lots of love” like my mother thinks it is .

==>7.MT - Modified Tweet

==>8.NSFW- Not Safe For Work

==>9.OH - Overheard

==>10.OMG - Oh My God

==>11.OMW - On My Way

==>12.ORLY- Oh Really?!!

==>13.ROFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing

==>14.@reply : a Twitter update (a tweet) that is directed to another user within their tweet.

==>15.RT- ReTweet

==>16.SMH- Shaking My Head

==>17.Thx or Tx - Thanks

==>18.TMI - Too Much Information Trend - A topic "Trending" or "popular" right now on Twitter

==>19.TTYL- Talk To You Later

==>20.TTYS - Talk To You Soon

==>21.TY- Thank You

==>22.YT- YouTube


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