Blogging is like a coconut,untill the two outer shells are pulled out no venture

. Nigeria today without doubt is habouring a whole lot of bloggers,and amidst all, 70% are runaway bloggers, 20% are Online scammers and the remaining 10% are the real bloggers whom comes rain comes shine they stood firm to see the end of there activities in blogging field.

Blogging for money is the hardest and the most tedious job you could ever think of doing online if you are the impatience type.You can't just rush into blogging because you needed to pay your children's school fees or because you are financially broken for the moment neither will you venture blogging because you want to get rich overnight.

There have been so many posts online writen by the 20% of bloggers who are the online scammers with killing and taking hedlines such as How to make millions of dollars blogging overnight and so on. and such pages are normally sale pages where they make there hard earned income.

But let me ask if it's so easy as proclaimed, why are they still poor? It sounds so funny at times i do stumble on some sites online where they use sweet and splendid write-ups to mask there real acts displaying fake earnings,widrawal and transaction details just to convince reader to fall a victim,and to my greatest surprise they are still using free domain lol. and the question is you "are making millions of naira yet you cant buy a domain name for as low as 3,000naira".?fuck you.

Why are many nigerians a run in and run out bloggers?

Lack of patience:-like i said earlier blogging is never a place of get rich overnight but a home of gradual proccedures. and this is the reason i said its like a coconut and untill the two outer shells are pulled out you will never meet the inner part of it. and pulling this two shells is a matter of time...We are going to talk about these shells and what they mean in relationship to blogging.

The first outer shell implies the the first stage of blogging which are:-

  • finding a better host
  • a better and responsive design
  • purchasing a domain name
  • creating a maillist for your blog
  • Traffic source.
  • writing a killer blog post
  • and many more you may think of.

    Solutions to some of the above listed problems of blogging at initial stage.

    Finding a better host- i will only talk about free host here because as a beginer i recommend you start with a free host later you can migrate to a paid host or better still keep maintaining the host.

    HOST in webdesign is the place in which you can manage your site such as editing,deleting,updating,and many more functions....these functions varies from one host to another.

    Bellow is the list some free hosts compactible for a better start up in blogging. Blogger




    i have tested all of the above hosts and i must advice you start from blogger Cus its simple and cool unlike wapka.Now after choosing your host you cant just start blogging and that leads us to number2.#

    A better and responsive design:- after you might have registered a blogger site or any of the above hosts there is a need for a better design cus it gives your readers insight of visiting your enhance a better search result in google and other search engines. As you can see this sites template is well and properly customised for both mobile and pc view and SEO friendly.if you need a blogger site of this same design i can help you for free!CLICK HERE to get started

    Purchasing a domain name:- purchasing a domain name i will recommend you use domainking---

    Why You Should Choose DomainKing For Registering Your Domain Names

    Reliable & Affordable Web Hosting from DomainKing.NG
    There are a lot of reasons why DomainKing is the best domain registrar in Nigeria. But the main reason has to be their numerous free services with every domain & complete 24/7 support for domains. With every domain registered with DomainKing you will get more than ₦10,000 worth of free services including:

    1) Free DNS Management (Create, Manage DNS Records like A, CNAME, MX, TXT Records)

    2) Free Whois Privacy Protection with every domain for which all other providers in Nigeria are charging up to ₦1000-₦1200 ($5-$6). With this the whois information of your domain will be hidden from spammers & data miners who use whois details to spam people.

    3) 2 Free Email Accounts(Create brandable emails for your business like

    4) Free Domain Forwarding, Free Email Forwarding & lots more

    5) 24/7 Support DomainKing Support team is always available for you if you ever need any assistance.

    Ready to Register your domain name with DomainKing? You can Register Your domain Name here


    DomainKing accepts wide range of payment options including Online Bank transfer, Local Bank deposit in Nigeria, Voguepay (Interswitch/Debit Cards), Cash Envoy, many other international payment methods to make it easier for Businesses, Bloggers, Designers, Webmaster & Individuals in Nigeria, Rest of Africa to buy Domains, Web hosting & other online services.

    You can also read our post on How to set a free domain for your site

    Wrting a killer blog post:-

    To writing a blog post worthy of reading bellow are the steps to follow:-

    Come up with a topic idea figure out what topic you’ll be crafting your information product around. Of course, your chosen topic should center on the strongest need of the people within your target market.

    And for most niches, this need is obvious. However, you might have to choose between a general topic and a specific one. For example, if you’re targeting people who are looking to start their own small business, you can craft your info product on a general topic like, “How to Start a Successful Small Business in Nigeria” or a specific one like, “How to Start and Run a Snail Farming Business”.

    Similarly, if you’re targeting people who are desperate about traveling out of the country, you have the option of choosing between a general topic like, “How to Travel out of Nigeria Easily” or a specific one like, “How to Travel to Canada with Ease”.

    From personal and relayed experience, being specific is always better because it allows you to treat one topic in full detail, making your info product more valuable and authoritative.

    Craft your outline Your next step is to list the sections and topics to be covered in your information Your choice of topics will be based on the various pieces of information that those in your target market would need to achieve their goals.

    The easiest way to figure this out is to put yourself in the shoes of your target readers. So, for example, if you’re looking to write on how to travel to Canada, you’ll want to include pieces of information like the economic situation in Canada and the likelihood of getting a good job there, the parts of Canada where foreigners stand of making it big, business opportunities in Canada, requirements for Canadian visa, tips to getting a Canadian visa approval, rules and regulations for living and working in Canada, and so on.

    After creating your outline, review and rearrange it to ensure that the list follows a logical sequence.

    Do your research No matter how much you already know about the topic you’re crafting your info product on, you need to do some research to augment and update your knowledge, and to get your facts right.

    Only few things suck more than including wrong and misleading information in your write-up

    It goes without saying, but how much research you’ll need to do hinges on how much knowledge and experience you already have on the topic you’re crafting your product about.

    Research isn’t as difficult as you think. First, start with search engines like Google and reputable Q&A sites like Quora . In addition, approach an expert on the topic to get more information on areas you don’t know much about. Write and write and write Putting all your facts together in words is one of the most tedious stages of crafting an information product. But it just has to be done. So, once you’ve gotten all the information you need through your research, start typing right away. While doing this, follow your outline strictly and be sure to include all the necessary information required to make each chapter or section complete.

    While writing the content of your information product, it’s highly recommended that you adopt an interactive tone. That is, write as though you’re talking directly to the reader. This form of writing helps to write faster and maintain a smooth, logical flow. And it helps the reader to understand you better and more easily.

    In addition, resist the temptation to edit as you type because this will only slow you down. Just keep on writing from start to finish. There’ll be more than enough time to edit later. Edit your write-up Once you’re done with writing, edit all you’ve written so far. Cut out all grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and consistency errors in your writing. If you’re not so good with grammar rules, you can hire someone to do the editing for you. Your aim here is not to be perfect, but to eliminate all obvious and unpardonable mistakes. Subtle and covert ones are allowed.

    More importantly, ensure that all your sentences are clear enough to be understood by the reader. And be sure to remove all words that are difficult to understand or are likely to be misunderstood.

    The second outer shell implies the challanges faced by bloggers:-

    bellow are five challanges every begginer blogger may likely encounter'-

    1. Topic For Next Post :
    Why is this a problem ? Well believe me, most bloggers does not start Blogging because of passion. It’s because they find as the easiest way to generate income.

    And if one start blogging with the aim of money-making, they usually end up choosing the most-profitable niche for Blogging , on which they might not have any interest.

    So eventually, they find it hard to find topic for their blog post. I find a lot of such Bloggers who doesn’t have any interest in the topic they blog about and the phrase NEXT BLOG POST is usually a nightmare for them :P.

    2. Time To Concentrate On Blogging :

    Whether you blog for money or for passion, time doesn’t compromises for anyone. And you find it relatively hard to concentrate on your blog unless you have completely isolated yourself for blogging.

    Time is a major problem especially for students,employees etc. who have tiring works all day. And after all these chaos, they blog within the remaining time. So people who blog partially find Time a major problem unless on weekends or holidays !

    3. Income :

    As I said above, if you are blogging for money, then this problem should appear first. Every pro-bloggers says that you should only start to think about income at least after 6 months of blogging.

    But what we see is that as soon as their blog’s age reaches 1-2 months, many bloggers start to apply for AdSense and other platforms.

    And most often, they gets rejected by Adsense and quit blogging. If your main reason for blogging is money and you have no patience for earning them, then you’re not going to earn from blog at all ! And for others, who is not able to make a good amount from blogging. Just concentrate on your articles and readers, because they are the one that generates income for you.

    4. Competition :

    This is often faced by bloggers who race to increase their blog’s rankings. With the so-called blogosphere getting more and more populated every day, you need to work really hard to reach the extremes of blogging! Blogging needs passion, and moreover you need ideas. Ideas that can help you write,write and write more to gain readers and popularity. The best way to get popular is to choose your favorite niche [Of which you have idea] and start writing.

    5. Response :
    Here comes the main problem. By saying response, what I mean is 3 things




    Traffic is something that keeps your blog alive. If you are very much concerned about traffic, then it is recommended that you spend some months in researching for trends in blogging before you start your own blog.

    Also do keep in mind to update your blog with regular happenings in your niche. This way readers will feel your content fresher and useful and you’ll start having a flow of traffic 🙂

    Subscribers is something that reflects whether your blog’s becoming successful or no. The more a reader feels your content useful, the more is the chance that he/she would subscribe and refer your blog in the future too!

    Comments can be referred as the direct and immediate response for your articles by readers. Many say that WordPress blogs get more comments because of their CommentLuv feature.

    But I believe that content is the factor that makes a reader to comment.g These are the most common Blogging problems that most of us face. Of course, there are tons of other problems that gives us headache all the time. If you felt this article interesting, please share your views as comments below!

    Finally after breaking through the two shells of blogging you come to the last part which is "Your blog earning"and now you can reap what you laboured for....

    NOTE…Your income is determined by the amount of your seriousness on implementing the blogging strategies.

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