How to post text links and banners on Nairaland forum

Nairaland was created in the year 2005 with the aim of making money by SEUN .

Nairaland is a great site in Nigeria and Africa when it comes to traffic nairaland is solidly OK. and because of nairaland traffic. many individuals has depended on nairaland for there daily bread while nairaland is the Google for many webmasters. and the only source of traffic to there blog!.

As a Webmaster if you can make use of nairaland properly it can turn around your sites traffic and this is why I will teach you today how you can make hypertext on nairaland to make your links more apealed for clicks and SEO .

The use off bbcode is one of the thing you haven't think of while browsing nairaland and because of this you still waist your mb to upload images @ nairaland.

===>How to Make text link in Nairaland forum

All you have to do is navigate to where you want to create your topic or in a comment section as usual and follow bellow step!.

[url=Ur link] your text [/url] see bellow example


result>>>> Kingsweb

===>How to add banner link to nairaland forum!

to add banner link [url=site url][img] IMG URL[/img] [/url]

e.g [url=][img][/img][/url]

===>How to add color to your nairaland post

this will produce Kennedy

How to add image to nairaland forum without uploading it.

if you see an image online and you want to share on nairaland forum just copy the image url

[img]IMG URL [/img]

replace IMG URL with any image link of your choice and this will automatically form the image you copied the url.

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