How to write a Long tail blog post for a better optimazation

What is Long tail Blog post!.

A long tail blog post is always long in descriptions and write up.this type of post is appealed to SEO.long tail blog post when counted by words must not be less than 500words.

Writing a long tail blog post will bring more light to your post because you have all chances of explaining with examples and case studies. this posts are SEO friendly because the more you write the more keywords you gather to your post. and the more points you make.

As a blogger one of the strategies I spoke about if you want grow ahead your competitors is "write long tail post if they write short tail"

writing a long tail post is something you must learn.As a beginer writer simetimes you pick a topic to write about before you could hit 300words you are already done with all your best!…with this post you will be able to improve your writing skills! and hit long tail instead of short tails in your blog write-up.

Figure out a Topic

The writing of every blog post must always be about something which is usually needed by the audience and must be of good headline so as to attract the visitors.To write a better blog post choose a better topic in correspondence to what you want to write about.

before you choose a topic for your blog post always imagine the mindset of your readers or those who will get you via search engines. for instance you want to write about how you can be a good freelance writer.

You can make you headline attractive such as" Become a good freelance writer " or What it takes to become a good freelance writer. or How to become a freelance writer these headlines covers your whole topic body.

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Research about the topic

After you might have figured out your topic and it headline make a research using either Google,bing, yahoo or other search engines such as quora.

If you have experts about the topic close to you then you can make a face to face research by bringing the experts to share what they got with you..

Compile Info's about the topic

After You have done your research bhy now you must have gathered a whole lot of information about the topic.Compile the whole Info's I.e note them down to your own understanding.

Draw a sketch(LAYOUT)

Now from all the information compiled you have to write a sketch.

writing a sketch has become the main issue while you can't always write to meet with the maximum words required by Google rather your post are always short tails.even when the posts have the chances of been long tails.

Making a better sketch of any post require a little or wide knowledge about the topic but not been novice.

Always Use questions in breaking your post this will enable you write more and more since you will be the answer to your questions.

e.g if you want to write about the headline titled "how to become a successful Affiliate marketer"DONT just start with the body OK key to the post this will only make you write short tail posts.

Rather go this way

==>What is affiliate marketing?

==>Who is an affiliate marketer ?

==> How does affiliate marketing works Etc

Now after subheading your post the next step is:-flow around the topic

Flow around the topic**

You can even tell some stories about your past experience as an affiliate marketer and how you were able to cope or even a story of your friend as a affiliate marketer. all this stories will make your post long tailed and they also add value to your blog posts cus it gives readers more insight to visiting your blog since people love learning from other people stories.

draw readers attention back to the topic

Don't be carried away by your stories, always breakdown your story so as to bring back readers attention to what your stories are all about. e.g You can use terms like "Back to discussion " to draw back readers attention and then you can continue your main post.

write your what's in your sketch[layout]

Before you go into the body of your post always write your description about the topic you want to write about.

You can do this with some catchy stories about yourself and the topic or about other. Answer the questions in your Layout one after the other and finally this will make a whole and complete blog may not only use question as your subheading but it is more easy to write in details when you use it in a questionable form.When writing,write as a expert do not show up as a novice in your writing.

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With the research made write additional I.e do more than they do combine a different knowledge and make your post superb and differ in quality and quantity.

Write A conclusion

The conclusion of a post is counted as a post I.e it can also be crawled by google. not only that,a catchy conclusion will always make your readers comment and participate in your blog.

Review and edit your write.up-

If what you write cannot appeal you then it will never appeal others.

so check if you have errs, correct your typing and grammar errs .you can write with Quick meno because it underlines every wrongly spelt word in red as you type. After a edit you can then publish your post to the public view.

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