Upgraded mobile friendly test tool-search console!.

Online tools for mobile friendly test just lunched!.

what is mobile friendly site?

a mobile friendly site is the site which has the ability of displaying in a better correspondence to any phone type such as iphones, iPad,iPods and other mobile operating systems!.

Characteristics of a mobile friendly site.

a mobile friendly site must be the type of site which:- # has quick lading time, # has easy navigation , #fast and easy scroll

mobile friendly sites are also recommended by Google when it comes to analytics and google reviews!.

Mobile friendly test tool!

this online tools is googly made and scam- free connected from your search console. it helps to know if your site is mobile friendly or not

.The updated tool provides room to continue to improve on its functionality, and over time, it's expected to replace the previous Mobile Friendly Test. Additionally, of course this tool also works well on your smartphone, if you need to double-check something there! We'd like to invite you to take it for a spin, try your website and other sites that you're curious about! Let us know how you like it -

to get started follow this link https://search.google.com/search-console/mobile-friendly type your website name and get instant review about your website friendship with mobile.!!!

if your blogspot site is not mobile friendly we found a solution http:// here---

but if otherwise be the case we say congratulations! just click on

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