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There are many commenting widgets for blogger such as Facebook, Google+ and other commenting systems but all this required typing and you know it could be boring for your visitors typing a reply on your blog and this made most of the visitors leave the pages even when your contents are great without leaving any comment.

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Blogspot is really doing great by supporting amazing great widget that allows your visitors to get in touch or write comment by just recording of voice instead of typing.this will not only increase your traffic but also keep your visitors engaged since most of them will like to share their views with ease.

How to set blogspot voice commenting system.

Visit and register with

sign up with them and when signing up fill in a working mail to confirm your account.

After confirming your account CLICK HERE to configure the widget and customise it to your taste .

scroll down after customising you will see the widget code copy it .

Login your blogspot dashboard and click on layout. select Add gadget and click On HTML/wml

Paste the code inside the text box dont give it a title since you have done that in your customisation section just Save your settings you are done.

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