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I know after reading this status you may probably drop other funny status under your status to get this post updated!!

==If Girls Are Oscar, Then I Am Leonardo DiCaprio.

==I Can See You Checking My Whatsapp Status.

==God Is Really Creative , I Mean ..just Look At Me.

==When Someone Says, “You’ve Changed”, It Simply Means You’ve Stopped Living Your Life Their Way.

==I’d Agree With You, But Then We’d Both Be Wrong. Smile Today, Tomorrow Could Be Worse.

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==The Fool Didn’t Know It Was Impossible, So HE DID IT Can’t Talk, Missed Calls Only.

==Being Weird Is The Side-effect Of Awesomeness.

==The Question Isn’t Who Is Going To Let Me; It’s Who Is Going To Stop Me.

==Less People You Chill With, Less Bullshit You Deal With Work For 5 Days To Live 2 Days.

Hey There,Whatsapp Is Using Me! Relationship Status: Looking For Wifi

I’m Looking For A Bank Loan Which Can Perform Things: Give Me A Loan And Then Leave Me Alone.

I Have To Be Funny Because Being Hot Is Not An Option.

When I Was Born, I Was So Surprised That I Didn’t Talk For Two Years!

Only Dead Fish Follow The Stream.

Dont Invest Emotions, Love Is A Depreciating Asset Idea For Dieting: Refrigerators With Mirrors!

My Brain Is Divided Into Two Parts: Right & Left.In Right Nothing Is Left.In Left Nothing Is Right.

Dear Math, Please Grow Up And Solve Your Own Problems, I’m Tired Of Solving Them For You.

I Wonder What Happen’s When Doctor’s Wife Eats An Apple A Day

==CGPA Available For Adoption… Can’t Raise It Myself.

==Don’t Live The Same Year 75 Times And Call It A Life !

==Battery About To Die, I Am About To Live !

==When Life Gets Tough, Always Remember That You Were The Strongest Sperm.

==Don’t Blindly Follow The Masses.Sometimes The M Is Silent.

==I Am So Poor,i Cant Even Pay Attention.

==My Father Once Told Me That People Listen To You If You Tell Them That Your Father Told You That.

==Life On Earth Is Expensive, But It Includes A Free Trip Around The Sun.

==Life F#ck$d Me , Now Its My Turn

==Don’t Be Racist, Hate Everyone.

==Strangely, Every Girl I Talk To Falls In Love. Just Not With Me.

People Of My Age Are Busy With Relation, Break Up, Heart Break, Patch Ups And I Am Still Figuring Out A Way To Wake Up Before 10 Am.

Scratch Here To See My Status Don’t Drink And Park – Accidents Cause People.

If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build A Door.

My Laziness Is Like 8; Once I Lie Down It’s Infinite!

Life’s Not About Money, It’s About Love & I Love MONEY! My One More Password Got Married Yesterday.

Falling In Love Is Not A Choice. Staying In Love Is.

I Don’t Discriminate. I Hate Everyone Equally

If “Plan A” Didn’t Work. Don’t Worry; The Alphabet Has 25 More Letters

I Had A Horribly Busy Day Converting Oxygen Into Carbon Dioxide

==You’re Beautiful Until Your Photoshop 30 Day Trial Has Gone.

==I’m Pretty Sure My Prayers Go Directly To God’s Spam Folder. I Am Not Fat, I Am Just Easier To See.

==I Never Make The Same Mistake Twice. Three, Four Times Maybe. But Never Twice.

==When You Wait For A Waiter In A Restaurant, Aren’t You A Waiter?

==I Would Love To Change The World, But They Won’t Give Me The Source Code.

==If At First You Don’t Succeed; Call It Version 1.0 Not To Get Technical, But According To Chemistry Alcohol Is A Solution.

==Being Alive Is Being Offline! Knowledge Is Like Underwear. It Is Useful To Have It, But Not Necessary To Show It Off. Remember It’s Just A Bad Day, Not A Bad Life.

==The Only Thing I Gained So Far In 2014 Is Weight.

==Everyone On This Earth Is Self- centered, The Difference Is The Radius

Nothing In The World Is Free, Even Santa Comes With A ‘Clause’.

Of All The Things I Have Lost , I Miss My Mind The Most.

WhatsApp Status Is Loading…… I Was COOL But Global Warming Made Me HOT.

Too Busy To Update A Status….. Life Is Too Short. Don’t Waste It Copying My Status… !

I’m Not Lazy…I’m On Energy Saving Mode.

I Speak My Mind And I Never Mind What I Speak.

Never Let Your Friends Feel Lonely. Disturb Them All The Time.

==I’m Going To Update My Status….but Better You Focus On Your Own.

==I Stopped Fighting My Inner Demons Because Now We Are On The Same Side !! Contributing To Entropy Since 1994.

==I Smile …Because I Don’t Know WHAT THE HELL Is Going On. I Am Who I Am, Your Approval Is Not Needed.

==Every Mother On Earth Gave Birth To Child Except My Mother, She Gave Birth To Legend ! OF COURSE ! Talk To Myself, Sometime I Need Expert Advice.

==I’ll Hit You So Hard Even GOOGLE Wan’t Able To Find You.

==I Tried To Be Normal. Worst Two Minutes Of My Life.

==After Monday And Tuesday, Even Calendar Says W T F…

I Don’t Insult People, I Just Describe Them.

I’m Jealous Of My Parents… I’ll Never Have A Kid As Cool As Theirs!

I Am Nobody. Nobody Is Perfect. Therefore, I Am Perfect!

People Say Nothing Is Impossible, But I Do Nothing Every Day. Totally Available!! Please Disturb Me!!

Flip The Coin.. Head I Am Yours, Tail You Are Mine.

If People Are Trying To Bring You Down It Only Means That You Are Above Them.

If You Want To Be Rude Then You Should Become A Celebrity.

I Say This; I Say That, What The Hell You Want To Listen From Me? Let Me Hurt Your Face, May Be I Got A Little Relief By Doing This.

==Hated By Many, Wanted By Plenty, Disliked By Some, Confronted By None.

==Loving You Is Like Breathing How Can I Stop? I Just Had To Come Talk With You. Sweetness Is My Weakness. I’ll Be Yours Forever, Just Tell Me When To Start.

==Alcohol May Be Man’s Worst Enemy, But The Bible Says Love Your Enemy.

==I Love The Ones Who Are In My Life And Make It Amazing. I Also Love The Ones Who Left My Life And Made It Fantastic.

If My Love For You Is A Crime, I Want To Be The Most Wanted Criminal.

Its Amazing How Crazy I Feel When My Phone Vibrates And I’m Begging It To Be You.

I Wish That I Could Put My Status To What I Am Really Thinking… Pillow Is My Best Hair Stylist – Waiting For Better Tomorrow! The Hardest Part Of Business Is Minding Your Own.

Hey There! I Am Sick Of Using WhatsApp.

I’m Too Busy Right Now, Can I Ignore You Some Other Time? I’m Not Online, It’s Just An Optical Illusion.

I Used To Be An Atheist, But Then I Realized I’m God.

==Sometimes All You Need Is Love. Lol, Just Kidding, You Need Money. :’).

==Today Morning When I Was Driving My Ferrari, The Alarm Woke Me Up.

==I’m Not Single, I’m Just Romantically Challenged.

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