How to creat wapka site episode-3

In Our previous tutorial we were able to discuss how to create wapka site,add cascading style sheet(CSS) to our wapka site,How to create new pages, and also we talked about the meaning of wapka header and footer and how to design our header and footer which was our last discussion i wasn't opportune to talk about wapka linking though i touched it in the previous tutorial.

please I will advice you don't jump into the tutorial from the middle lest you get yourself confused you can start the tutorial from the first day© CLICK HERE

Today I will briefly explain in detail how you can link your wapka site pages together

Wapka linking is far differ from other host linking since wapka uses page ID numbers in linking. a good example of wapka URL looks like bellow url

Looking at the url you can behold the site ID which is 994 This site ID could be any number since it is the page you are linking to. The 994 here is the page you will be directed to when users click on the link and whatever content you put on the page 994 is what the will see.

Let assume we have created a new page and the Page ID is 4 and you named this page like Naija Music because you want people to get naija music from this particular page of your site.

To form a link to this Music page Of yours!

You can go to your wapka site ADMIN mode and click on :EDIT SITE : under the page you want the link to appear or use the drop menu like we usually do in our tutorials … Click on WML/HTML from the option now your code box area will appear! from here you can put your link code and save!

To form this link here is what you put in the code box ! for example=====>

if you save that above code in your code box via wml/HTML section it will appear like this .Naija Music

But note if you are using it on your site you will have to change my site name to your own site name. and if your ID is not what we are using here you can also change your ID and the hyper text which is naija music to any text that suit the page you want users to view e.g HD videos, funny videos,apk files etc just like that.

Using the above that means you are directing people to your site 4 were you share you naija music for download and when users click on the link they will land on the page.!

I believe you now know how wapka pages and page linking works!!.

Now let us go to our site! if you designed your header and footer with the code we gave you in our previous tutorial You will see that it form some links at the top of your site.

if you click on any of this links apart from the login and register link which have a different linking style in wapka (we shall talk on that later) you will see that the URL of any of this links contain ID and this ID is were it takes you to when you click on them!!!

the pages it takes you to looks empty because they contain no content...

Now let us start by creating a music page for example and let us use it as a case study here in relationship to our undeveloped site..

Go and create new page and note the page ID. in case you forgot how to create new wapka site this will be the last time I will repeat myself on that

Since we already created a parent page in Our previous tutorial and we named the parent page as homepage and we said inside this parent page we shall create all other pages to make a neat website in admin mode. Now from your site admin Mode click on the page we created initially titled Homepage and an empty page will open click On :EDIT SITE : from the bottom of this page or use the drop menu.

Select new page which is the first among the options and a new page will appear from this page write your page title as MP3 downloads scroll down and set it visible for only admin and leave it as free access. do the proper alignmet the way you want and and save settings.

Now your page will appear in a link form title MP3 downloads because that is the title you used.

you can preview the page check the bottom you will see your site ID number. let us assume the site ID you saw there is 2 this means your mp3 download page is 2 so whenever you want to link people to this page anywhere in your site you will use the I'd of the page which is 2.

Now that you have learnt more about paging let us not waste more time here let's move forward!!!!!

Now the code will used as your header code need to be edited so you can add some valuable links to your header and not that which i used.

On our header we have 8 different links apart from the login,register and home link

That means you have to create 8 different pages- go back to our parent page were we create all our page and create 8 good pages name then according to what you want them to be on your header....e.g HD movies,naija music,mp4,etc after creating the six pages note down the site ID of each page you just created!....and let us go back to edit our header and link this pages to them.

To edit your header simply click on edit site this time from any part of the site which is located at the bottom right hand side .... after loading click Edit from the pop out options and check the URL of the page. Change whatever the ID you see at the URL to -1 since we have learnt in our previous tutorial that the -1 is the header and -2 is the footer section of every wapka site at default e.g if your URL goes like--> blablabla just change the 5 to -1 and your url will now look like--> blablabla

Enter the URL and after loading you will see the code we posted initially on our header with Wml option in front of it.

Just click on the Wml option in front if the code and a new window through which you can edit your code will pop out...

From the code change all the site IDs to the ones br/> you created initially e.g if you change the first ID to 2 and in page two of your site we have MP3 downloads you can just change the text to mp3 files or whatever text you want to make appear. do this for all the pages I.e changing all to your aready created page IDs and changing the text link for e.g ID you change to make sure the text have a resemblance of the content you will put in the page.

After editing you can now save the code and preview your site to see the header change with what you edited on the code......but when editing code make sure you don't touch anything except from changing the ID and the text link so as to avoid SYNTAX error.

Now that you have learnt about this and what we have in your header now is what you want for your site i will call it a day my next episode of this tutorial we will discuss how you can add valuable contents to the pages you created so that when users click on them they will keep engage on your site......

Dont forget to send us mail At to request for any wapka tutorial you think we haven't mentioned on this site.....and we will get in touch with you with the tutorial in less than 24hrs. Remember our tutorial are reliable and well explained with screenahot where necessary for easy understanding!!!

see you in our next episode!!!!!!!

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