I have created my website what is the next step-part2

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Blogging is like a business venture each trip you make there are always track to follow and every track you follow there are strategies to implement."After creating a blog what's is the next step" this has been a question by many newbies which requires a quicker answer before they run at loss !!!

I have written on what you can do in the Part1 of this tutorial and now let go more advance on what you need to do now that your blog is ready.

I must confess I was a victim of this act which is after creating a site I began to publish posts and focus on visitors. what a blog killing act.!? If a new visitor gets to your website for the first time there are things he considers before pitching to your updates. some of this things are:-

==>Are you professional? if yes where is your domain name, Whoo your site design Sucks,I can't find your site in Google search engine,even your site don't have about and contact page. these are but few things a new visitor put in consideration.

Since we have discussed lots of them in the part one of this tutorial we are going to key on bellow:-
  • Write About me and contact me page
  • Create two or more posts
  • submit your site to search console
  • Submit your site to Google analytics
  • Create a Facebook page or group for your blog
  • Set up a mail list for your blog
  • And finally start blogging

===>Write about me and contact page

Writing about me and contact page on a blog is done by many bloggers because they wants to please ADSENSE in order to get approved. but beyond that fake imagination and act it helps your visitors to know your aim on the internet and also know about you as a human.

You can not be a ghost blogger because the internet policies is against that and you may be painted a spammer since you are anonymous. I know writing about me page will never be a problem CU's you knows your aim better than I do.

===>Create two or more post

I never said copy two or more post but create and to create is far different from copy.Because you are a new blogger will never make you not to write your own post,and this is why before you must venture into blogging take your time to choose a niche and and do a lot of research on the niche you chose to blog on so as to write as though you are an expert in the field.

===> Wordcounter.net-A free online tool for a better blog post write- up

===> How to Become a good English orator in a jiffy and write a killer blog post.

when writing write as though you are an expert.don't show up in your write up that you are a beginner.

===> alternative method to write blog post with ease

===>Submit Your site to search engines.

This is only a beginning to SEO journey. never think submitting your site and sitemap is enough to get the work done but it is just a procedure which must be followed to meet with other procedures. It is just like if you don't do one the door to the other will not open.

When you play games in your phone sometimes they are grouped into levels e.g level1,level2 and so on.... and until you finish the first level you cannot play the second level so also it is applied to web design if you can't submit your site to search engines no matter the Anchor text,and image optimization you do if will still not work out.

So also if you submit your site to search console and you leave the rest work such as image optimisation, anchor text,applying nofollow and any other you can never get it done like the other man who made all work and applied every single Seo trick with no stone unturned.

===>Submit your site to Google analytics

Analytics is adding no value to your site neither does it have any diminishing effect on your blog.

Google analytics is only to help you track your site visitors and know were they are coming from so you can have a key focus.If you run AdSense on your blog and your site analytics report shows that your visitors are mainly from USA. then you will have to focus's on USA loving articles because this will earn you more clicks from USA which is a high CPC country!.

analysing your site will be of great help to you if you must care about your site visitors as a blogger.

===>Create a Facebook page and group!.

Facebook is one of the best social media as of this era and it constitute users of assorted racism. so if you need a good traffic Facebook must be part of the source!.since millions of users uses Facebook.

===>Set up a mailist for your blog

Your website is not too young to start doing what you have to do. the more early you start the more advantageous it will be on your blog.So start a mailist today and start gathering your audience and building a community at large!. There are many mailist services on the internet both free and paid but I recommend you use YMLP-The Best Free 2016 mailist service for bloggers

I think we are done but before you start blogging DONT forget to

===>Buy your domain name

maybe you just started a blog on blogspot platform or any other platform with a free domain. The truth is it is no crime starting with a free domain but you have to do yourself good buy securing a domain name for your website.

Why Should I buy a domain as a beginner?

Let put aside the uncountable reasons why you need a domain and let discuss this!:-You don't want to buy a domain name but you want a better SEO have you forgotten that no matter how you try you can never rank better than a paid domain? As a beginner especially if you are using blogger,in blogspot platform I learnt you can't park more thank one domain name except for the case of redirection.

If you start with a free domain e.g .ga .tk etc when linking your pages you may go about linking all pages of your blog with the free domain..I called that Error 419 lol because by the time you will buy a domain name if at all you found occupancy in the NET you will have to unpark that free domain and happily park your paid domain.But the question is "what about the whole linking you made with the free domain how will you go about them.?" √ Now they become a broken link on your site and you know Google will never take it likely with broken links.

so the best option that will be left for you, is to start looking around your site and start changing the whole linking and you have made with the free domian. i believe that will be a tedious job.

It will be better you stay in your permanent abode than stay in a rent because very soon the landlord will strike.

===> What is bounce rate? and how to reduce your site's Bounce Rate!!

Free domain is not good but I will advice if you are still using free domain maybe because you are unable to purchase one yet.then don't start linking your sites with a free domain, rather use the default domain which is Yoursite.blogspot.com

Apart from the above disadvantages of using a free domain for start up…If you use a free domain you chase away the shallow minded visitors.

when you post a link on Facebook the shallow minded visitors do consider your link before clicking e.g you posted "how to make money with Affiliates marketing" They will check the domain behind the post and conclution will be "if this guy makes money he aut to have a paid domain they will look to you as a roll model and they may likely quite your site.

===>Start blogging

Hahaha I have unveil the ticket and now you can start blogging all the way . but be careful and always try to apply any available means to get real traffic. Dont be lazy to write for writing is your duty as blogger.

don't think you will make it overnight A whole year is not enough to achieve that your big aim.So fasten your beg.gird your breast plate put on your ion shoes and let the work begin and as you start live no stone unrolled.

Sometimes blogging is tedious but the difficulties are only challenges to success. and thats why I wrote Blogging is like a coconut and until the two outer shells are pulled out no venture. .

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