How to creat wapka site (tutorial with screenshot part2)

In one of my previous updates I wrote about how to register and design wapka site part1 and inside the post we covered a whole lot of the tutorial such as how to Change your wapka site title, we also discuss style sheets and adding style sheets to wapka site and many more.

==> Read the part1of how to create wapka site

But today been the second part of the tutorial am going to discuss What is wapka header and wapka footer and how you can apply the to wapka site.and I will also discuss wapka page and page linking

If you have been into web-desgn related issues you will notice that header and footer in web design is not only applied in wapka but it is a general something for every paid and free host.But been that we are into wapka as a host we are going to be specific on that!.

What is wapka header?

Wapka header is the part of wapka site that show untop of every single page you load on a wapka website. it is the upper most part of every wapka site. the part were your site logo is located is the header of a wapka site.

The true about wapka header is that it is fixed on one page which is (page -1) I won't talk about paging in detail for now not to obstruct this tutorial that will be a later tutor.

Now everything you put in this (page-1) which is by default wapka header will appear at the header section on your site.

Having known what about wapka header let us now design our wapka header""""

How to design wapka header The wapka header have the original way of accessing it but I will teach you a easy method of accessing the header instead of using the default style which is longer in process and beside I want to make you a genius in wapka field so I have to teach you wapka smart tricks!.

Login to your wapka admin mode as usual then click on: EDIT SITE : under your site or use the drop down menu.

Select WLM/HTMl section and a place to put code will appear just ignore it and check the address bar of that is page.

You will see your URL similar to this ----+++++ From your URL change 0 (zero)to -1(minus one) and it will now look like this

Now reload or enter the url . now your page have reloaded you can now add your header code and save...

Here is an header codes for a start-up bellow!!. just copy and paste it in the wml/HTML text area and save as explained. Change KINGSWEB inside the code to your site name before you save.

What is wapka Footer?

This is the part of every wapka site usually beneath. it is the bottom most part of every wapka site. it usually constitute something like the about us page, the contact us page ,designed by Kennedy etc.

This page is important since it add more professional look to your website just like the header section. and this page by default is (page -2).

How to design your wapka site footer Login to your wapka site and click on :EDIT SITE: or use the drop down menu

Select WML/HTML section after opening with the textarea to put your code just ignore it and check the address bar You will see your URL similar to this ----+++++

Just change 0 in the URL to -2 and it will look like++++

Enter (reload) .

now in the code box section put your footer code and save...

Here is one already made footer code by me you can. copy it and post it to the HTML/wml box . but as you copy change my phone number inside the code to your own phone number before you publish -+++

you have learnt fully how header and footer works let us quickly talk about wapka paging and linking.

Wapka Paging and Linking!

This is the greatest challenge every wapka newbie is liable to face as a starter. we have created our header and footer and now our homepage is empty. no new page have been created and we haven't learnt to link.

If you visits other well created wapka sites like Wealthyhome. if you click on music you will be taking to music page and if you click on apps you will be taking to apps page. this is the work of wapka paging and linking.. The amount of page you can create in wapka is unlimited provided you have content to put in these pages you can keep creating pages even up to page 1,000 or more.

Wapka deal with page and that's why everything you do you will need to create new pages.

How to create new page on wapka site Let us start by creating our first page on the homepage.Now go back to your site homepage. in case you don't know what homepage in webdesign is "it is the landing page of every website." the page you first reach when you visite any website.

From the homepage which is empty for now click on edit site or use the drop menu.

Select new page which is the first among the options and a new page will appear after clicking on new page

Type Homepage in the site name area though you can name it anything but just follow this instruction first. now after putting in your page name you can align it to be In the left side or right side.

Scroll down and select visibility for this page put your visibility as in ADMIN mode. that means no body will see the page expect from you the admin.

make it accessible to free access

now save your page!....

Hmm. isn't that great your first page will appear on your home screen like bellow.note users can not see this page but only you the admin....

Why do we create our first wapka page this way?:- This page is created and made visible to only admin so that all other pages will be created under the first page to make our admin mode look nice and not rough .because it will look rough creating pages all over our homepage so the first page will be the home of all other pages.

You can create other pages under the first page so that when you want to manage these pages you will easily find them since you know where you created all your pages.

Now from that your site click in the page you just created and you will see that the page is empty because no content is added yet.

Check the URL of the page you will see something like+++ http://your

the one (1) in the URL simplifies that that it is the first page you have created and any other page will be 2-3-4 ------ and so on. and if you check under this site 1 you will still see the same :EDIT SITE: under the page and the usual drop-menu… at the top of the page......

What you must note is that the :EDIT SITE: which you use in the homepage is only for the homepage and this :EDIT SITE: you see under this new page you created is only for this page .i.e each new page you create it will have the EDIT SITE function under it and that one will only be for that particular page.

More explanations If you want to add or remove any content from the page you create you need the use the :EDIT SITE: under that particular page.let us do some practicals of what we am trying to explain so you won't be confused .

Now go back to the homepage which is the landing page of every wapka is were your site users first see and by default it ID is 0(zero)

Click on the first page you created titled homepages and you will land on the empty page after opening .

Now Click on :EDIT SITE: at the bottom of the page or use the drop menu. let us add Text to this page so after clicking on :EDIT SITE: select text from the options and a new page will appear as bellow.

now write whatever you want to write and submit or save. open the page you will see the text you just added on that page.. like here I wrote my text As 'LEARN WAPKA FROM KENNEDY' and i chose my alignment as center and bellow is the screenshot of how it appears.

but this text won't appear the first page of your site which is the homepage because the edit site option through which you added this text is under site ID 1 and not via site ID zero.(0).

In our next tutorial we shall continue!!!

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