The mystery of AdSense and it aproval guilds.

Google AdSense been the highest paid affiliate network through which bloggers can earn better income from there blogs and websites has been said to be too difficult in approval system.

What makes Google AdSense approval seems difficult around the internet is because there have been too many myths about AdSense approval. some say your contact and about page while other say privacy and policy page and many debated on both.

The mysterious thing about AdSense is the wrong proving against the fact that AdSense don't accept those who don't comply with the above policies or those with free domains such as .tk .ga .GQ etc having seen many free websites been approved with free domain and no about me and contact me or privacy and policy page it only makes me draw the conclusion that AdSense is really Delicate!!!

I won't bridge too far writing about the mystery of AdSense and it approval but It will be better not to keep the fake myths about AdSense occupied in your hearth. it only makes you afraid this and even go extra ordinary miles to comply with AdSense policies thereby even breaking more approval codes.

Popular Linda ikeji never had the about me and contact page before she was approved by AdSense even up till now she still don't have but earning great from AdSense!!

My write ups are never to convince you in removing all the above from your site before your next approval but I only want to make you know the fact that AdSense is mysterious and very hard to comprehend, therefore before you go approving for AdSense i will recommend you leave no stone unturned.........Am going to show you the most important things that guarantee AdSense approval .

The primary AdSense review juncture ™

One of the first point AdSense look through when reviewing your website is

==>Contact me and about me page :-- AdSense not seeing the contact me and about me page on your blog simply indicates you are online spammer an anonymous browser or blogger and this will only make them loose the hope of approving you since you are anonymous!!

But one thing I see about those who are approved without this pages on there blog is that they have huge traffic and there sites are rated trusted and scam free when analysed. and what boost this is the number of comments they have on there blogs. too many comments means trust on your blog so even if AdSense don't see this pages they are already rated trustworthy.

You been a beginner and a low traffic blogger it won't be advisable to stick to the fact that they were approved without the pages on there blog!! so go on to create this pages first since they are not paid for and worth nothing!!.

==>Your blog design:- though this is suppose not to be a good reason denying you AdSense. but some times your blog is over ugly so when they customer care or who ever that want to review your site visits for the first time..hahaha he quickly make adjustment on his glasses lest he get blind by too much blink blink on your blog and after scrolling two or more pages he couldn't stand it any longer but to skip your blog.

As he skipped he will consider it that if he cannot be comfortable on your blog neither will other visitors do. and you know quite well AdSense need lucrative blogs since that will also boost there income and earning!!!!

I have wrote about this in many occasions and I will say it here again..ugly websites scare away visitors!. seeing your blog site ugly simply shows you are unprofessional even without further review.

try to get a better design cool and appealing to your site visitors both in PC and mobile view!. Looking at this blog design if you are too be the person in charge when I will apply for my AdSense I believe you will approve me even without looking further to other qualifications (lol))).

If you need a better template like the one am using here i have already offered it to over 30 bloggers in the past three months and they love it..Why not get it for your blog too and maintain a better design like this before applying for AdSense it may help you! Get my template and design here!

In addition to your blog design, never let your pages take too much time to load every body including you the site owner hate it and even today I have skipped many blogs for this reason regardless on the quality of their contents.a fast loading site is OK. You just want all your blog on the homepage why nah??!!!!

Secondary junctures(AdSense meets your blog

having know about the most important and very simple things about Adsence let proceed further on the secondary things they consider while reviewing your blog.

==> You don't Have a domain:-- It will be too bad applying for AdSense with free domain though they may accept you but the guarantee accepting your application is only 10% hope you knows what that means am not here to break your hearth because you are still using free domain but I just have to let the cat of the bag.

Free domain is just a sign that you won't stay longer in the blogging field they consider you as just a only want to try what online income and earning means and when you fail you will run out soon and since they don't need fragile customers you may likely be rejected.

Every body love visiting paid domain blog because they think they are pro and can provide what they need and the free domain users are considered beginner and babies who won't meet there needs and wants even if you blog against this fact, you only know it yourself who will tell AdSense about it!!!!!

Don't let the best be the enemy of good please purchase a domain before Adsence. it is not must but it is necessary

==> You can create a custom mail address:- though this is not a disapproval key but it only add more assurance to your approval since custom domain is highly regarded to be more professional in blogging era.

Even if you don't have a custom domain no problem but if you have a chance of creating one, you can do that since it can boost your approval with 30%. or even more!

==> Don't be are a thief:- hahah this sounds funny but the truth is that thief's are rarely approved by AdSense. how could you have stolen all the best articles online with someone's toil and hard labour and still want to earn with it..

start writing your articles now that you are new to blogging lest you be a victim of one of my quotes ((( if you spend a whole year stealing peoples contents when you discover real blogging you will spend another one year editing and removing stolen contents from your blog))

Let your conscience be the judge and your mind the advocate is is really good to be a thief and still want to earn with it???

Maybe you are thinking "how will they know I stole the content "? never deceive yourself with such tinking and imaginations they use analysing tools on your blog and the % of original contents they will know from the stolen once !!

while will AdSense approve you when your site is only 30% unique when you have just posted less than 50 articles that simply means the whole articles are likely to be copy and paste™™ you can analise your website with Siteliner let see what you have got...

You are stealing peoples content simply because you don't know how to write original contents i have written more on how to write blog post here and outside this blog and one of my post on Zealmatblog is ==> solutions When all my writing inspirations are gone!!

You can read and apply them to start creating original content" I also have more articles on writing and more to come.

Learn how to create your own contents and start a chance of AdSense approval.

when you finally learnt how to write your own contents, Create at least 50 articles own by you and now you are good to go.

Other additional Tips that help your adsence get approved are

==Add your website to Google analytics and Google search console

==>make sure your website is showing in Google search engine

==>Keep your site clean and free from other ads

==>Don't create your website because of AdSense

==>make your domain info public

==>apply with real name and submition should be done with care.

==>place your ad code in your sidebar

Conclution==>your blog traffic have nothing to do with adsence you can get Adsence even with 40 pageview per day, and even a month old domain can get approved.

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