6 qualifications of a webmaster (what to do or learn to become a webmatser)

I got a question emailed to me today from a reader asking exactly what he needed to learn about in order to become a successful blogger. Well that isn’t the easiest question to answer in a simple email as there is SO MUCH that goes into becoming a blogger that many people don’t realise. Instead, I thought it would make a good topic for a post.

“What do I need to learn to become a successful blogger? ” is a question that I think many aspiring bloggers want the answer to when first starting out, I know I was eager to learn before I launched my first site. Whilst some topics are obvious that you need to learn about, others are not so until you come to need them further down the line.

This particular question got me thinking quite a bit about which things you specifically need to learn about sooner rather than later. I therefore came up with 6 essential things that every blogger really needs most to know about when starting out online.

Obviously this list could have been much longer, but I tried to keep it relatively short so as not to overwhelm any newbies. Learn about these and you will have a good solid foundation to build a successful site

1. Search engine optimization (SEO) SEO, or as it is properly know – Search Engine Optimization – is a subject that you must learn about. I decided to place this first on the list as I feel that it is THE most important thing any blogger or website owner should learn about (I can’t stress that enough).

What is Search Engine Optimization? Well basically, it is the term given to understanding and implementing the way in which search engines to help benefit your website. The vast majority of website traffic that a site receives will come from the search engines, so by making the most of them you can make sure that lots of people find your site.

On-page SEO refers to the techniques that you can use ON your website to boost traffic and web rankings (such as; keyword placement, using Alt tags, meta descriptions, etc.), whereas Off-page SEO refers to the techniques used, you guessed it, OFF your site (such as; social media, guest blogging, link baiting, etc.). Both are very important, but I would definitely put more emphasis on learning about On-page SEO techniques.

This will help you to understand how the World Wide Web works and, more importantly, how you can create content and structure your site to make the maximum impact online.

If you only take one thing from this entire list, make sure your set time aside to learn about SEO. It WILL help you in the long run!

2. HTML & CSS Now here is a subject that many people dread learning about when starting out. Thankfully, most bloggers only need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to get them on their way.

The vast majority of your time will be spent creating and editing your website in WordPress, but occasionally you may need to edit little bits of code here and there. This is where a basic knowledge of HTML & CSS comes in.

3. Social Media We are all familiar with social media as we all use it every day to chat with our friends and family. Despite that, do you actually know how social media works? You may be nodding, yet I very much doubt you do. Social media is dead easy to understand when you are using it yourself.

Perhaps you only use one or two networks (i.e. Twitter and Facebook) and only tend to communicate with a handful of people regularly. Things change, however, when you approach social media for your website. Not only do you need to be familiar with more networks (i.e. Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, etc.), but you need to know how each works differently. You also need to realise that different social networks are better at different things.

Twitter, for example, is great for talking to people directly, whereas Google+ is better for sharing images and videos with people. Again, this may seem obvious but it has big implications for how you use them for your business. There are only so many hours in the day after all.

4.Analytics and webmasters tools:- A couple of incredibly important tools to learn about are Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Both of these greatly help you to understand how your site is performing and can identify areas in which you can improve. Only by understanding this can your site grow and develop over time.

5.web and domain Hosting If you want to start a blog online, you will have to, at some point, learn how to set one up. Many new bloggers find this process daunting, but when you actually learn what goes into setting up a site online you will find that it isn’t that bad. In fact it is quite straight forward.

Essentially all you need is 3 things; Domain name (i.e. www.YourDomainName.com)

Web hosting (where your website files are stored online)

WordPress (the framework that you build your site on or blogger or even other hosting)

6.Blogging niche :- There is one thing that all successful blogs have in common – they are all run like a normal business.

Blogging is a business, so you should treat it like that. If you want to create a successful blog then you have to approach it in a professional way. That means taking time to research the niche subject that you want to focus on and not just jump in two footed because you enjoy it. If you can find a gap in the market that no one is yet covering, or alternatively find something that is already being covered and do it better, then you may be onto a winner.

Understanding your target market/target audience is also extremely important. If you know who you are aiming for, or what types of people are actually visiting your site, you can better tailor your content to suit them.

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