Search Console mistakes that may likely affect your crawl rate

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It is absolutely truth that a site successfully created without being Google verified is like building your house on a sinking sand. Very soon the race you started strong will begin to wear away.

===> Submit your blogger site to search console

While adding your site to Google there are things you must also take good note of so you won't be among those who added their sites to Google for adding sake and see them saying they don't receive traffic from Google.

Google having made search console available also made a provision for effective crawl..

When i newly started blogging in 2013 i red many tutorials about adding your site to Google search engine been the chore and most important thing every site owner must do. so i went ahead and added my site successfully to Google search console hoping that all is done.

===> How to submit and verify your WordPress site at google search console.

I blogged with what i called search console error for over one whole year.After some times i began to notice that even after submitting my site I still don't receive effective crawl even to my original articles.

I was thinking about this one faithful day and how to make a solution for it when my conscience asked my a question like "Prosper do you think you can cheat on Google?" and i said no! after meditating for sometimes with constant question and answers with my self i concluded the error should be from my search console and what could that be?

I ignorantly added two domain pointing to one server and added the same sitemap to the two different domains on search console. "Let me explain"

Maybe you started with a free domain e.g having heard about search console and sitemap you went ahead to submit this site and the sitemap to Google with the free domain. now Google start indexing your free domain based on its contents,and after a while you bought a paid domain like or whatever and you decided to add it again to Google so you did and also submitted its sitemap.

The first free domain sitemap and the second paid domain sitemap are the same but submitted on different domains. if your site should appear on Google which one do you expect to appear when you have already confused Google with too many sitemaps.

Google don't have too much time to do cracking on only your website when there are other website with the same searched keywords so Google may likely turn down your site and go for other sites each time a search is made thereby causing either of your paid or free domain to receive clicks from Google.

How to properly submit your site to search console

If you are using free domain submit your free domain and verify it as usual. but if you already own a paid domain please I would advice you follow this procedure lest you harm your traffic.

Kindly login your Google Search Console and when you want to add new property In the place were URL is required put in your site URL e.g submit and verify this URL after successful verification go add your sitemap as usual. ! !

Now go back to the same adding process again and add and also verify it but this time around don't add sitemap. from dashboard click on settings icon at the top right hand side of the dashboard.

From the new pop out page select site settings

www and non-www

==>Visite Google search console with opera

And change to non-www version by simply ticking on from the options and save you settings.

setting google

Now you are done with the 301 redirection. with this you are telling Google that he shouldn't be confused about the ownership of your domain and you are letting Google know that you own both www and non-www version but you want Google to specifically focus on non www version of the site.

incase you already have a verified paid free domain on your search console before adding the paid one kindly Delete the old domain before adding the new ones to avoid double sitemaps like stated above.

Since you are done with the redirection You can also set your international targeting if you want to but this is applicable to those who don't have a country specific domain. looking at my domain it automatically point to Nigeria so if you go on to change this it will not available. but people who uses .net. com .org etc can easily set this.

How to set your site international targeting.

  • 1. visit Google Search Console
  • 2. select the website you want to set geographic target for.
  • 3. On the left side of your dashboard select Search Traffic and click on International Targeting
  • 4. select the “Country” tab
  • 5. Select the region you want to target or select “unlisted” if your don't specific country traffic!.
  • 6. now Click on “Save.” you are done.

Now you are good to go!!!! but lest you forget let me remind you again"

==> Dont add your sitemap to two different domains pointing to one server.

==>when adding your site to Google add the non-www and the www version of it.

==>Don't forget to set your www and non-www version on your site . .
=> I still remains Kennedy Prosper

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