Solution-when you still can't find a trustworthy admin.

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Who is an admin in web-design?

An admin is someone who has the responsibility of managing a website.

An admin of a site can be the owner or someone else. he has the open chance of management such as deleting users, adding users,editing and creating new post,editing website,and other accessible aspect of the website.

Why admin

choosing admin for your website is a good idea he manage the site in behalf of the site owner.

Admin is good especially when a website is grown wide and have many users just like nairalanda forum site. it will be very hard for only Seun Osewa the owner of nairaland to manage the site himself since the site has over 1 million users, and a whole lot of engagement forum. so he have to choose some trustworthy admins in order to get a close eye on the site users and its management.

Admin as a profession

In most cases admin are paid to manage a website when it is worth paid for while some make it just a fun.Facebook and nairaland have many admin which they pay monthly,weekly or yearly pending on their agreement.

Finding admin for your website is a very delicate issue since fraud has flooded the internet and the trust has been made dreadful by many webmasters online.

I have heard a friend accuse an India pal for having bereaved his admin login details in cause of getting help from him in his admin panel.

It is a very difficult issue choosing admin because of Nigeria today trust is nothing but a dreaded dead zone especially to webmasters since online is a journey of invisibility.

I love wapka my formal host for this reason of admin feature. wapka helps you to select the features admin are to partake in and you can also restrict them from areas you think are needed to be secured. but in case of blogger,admin can harm your site since they can edit your template so also applied to other host. but in case of WordPress "I don't know CU's am not a WP guru I will appreciate it if you can tell us in our comment section how WordPress admin feature works.

qualities of a good site admin

An admin of a website been it you the site owner or someone else must possess some certain characteristics. bellow are some of the characteristics of a good web admin-

==>A good admin must be an internet literate

==> He must understand the importance of research and findings.

==>A good admin must be trustworthy

==>A good admin must have a bit knowledge of coding

==>He must be wiling to help

==>writing becomes his hobby

==>A good admin must know how to attend to audience and keep the audience engaged.

____ I know you know more of them please tell us in our comment section!

How to choose admin for your website

quality of admin

since finding a website admin is based on trust and the above qualities of a good admin you can now make someone who posses the above qualities admin over your site.but the dilemma here is that the percentage of those who have the qualities of admin on the net is too small to detect a good admin

Since your website means a lot to you I won't advice you should make admin from the internet especially the anonymous internet users whom you don't know in human.

If you ask me who to be your admin I have a suggestion bellow."""


If your brother,your sister,your uncle,your cousins in general your family member whom you know and trust very well could harm your site as an admin, then I think you will have no blame loosing trust on them compare to loosing trust to ghost browsers roaming about the internet for whom to devour.

it will be a sweet thing if your sister is your admin or your own brother but the question on your mind is "what if they don't know coding"?.

.Like I said before a good admin must not be a good coder. a slight knowledge of coding is enough. If only you could Learn coding and become a guru like I did why do you think that your small brother who is smart in doing all things won't be able to learn it when been taught? .

Pick your trustworthy sister,brother,etc who is willing to learn. enlighten him/her on the need for internet. tell them more about how a website is designed and how it works.convince them to love the online activities and finally draw their attention to learning simple Html since that will be enough as an admin. and you will be surprise at what they could do with just a month training. and finally make them admin when they become perfect and have learnt the required things admin needs.

Apart from only making them admin you might also make them grow a habit of becoming a webmaster on their own and they might come up even doing better than you do..

√√√ tips to help you embark on the lessons learnt from this great article.

£ teaching and making your relatives admin over your site have a side advantage to making others admin.

£ Do not underrate anybody when it comes to learning

£ when teaching them don't start from coding for that will be a bit tough since they are new to internet world.

£ after they have learn a lot about the internet from you as a mentor teach them how to login admin c-panel, create new post,edit post.

£ teach them the relationship between your site and Google

£ Let them know who the audience are and how to care for them

£ When teaching them to create new post also let them know the need for writing to please SEO.

£Let them understand what a niche is about in blogging and what niche you blog on so as to post the right thing

£ tell them what to click and what not to click when they login your c-panel.I.e teach them the function of every clickable link on your c-panel so they won't temper your design and template.

£ Tell them blogging can be a profession when dedicated.

£ tell them there is a lot of money in blogging and show them examples of great blogs, people behind them and how come about their success.

£ and finally teach them how blogging is converted to cash and how payment is made. so they won't be confused.


Am not a ghost or anonymous internet user feel free to make me your admin but if you think you don't trust me ask Google about me lol.
=> I still remains Kennedy Prosper

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