tutorial continues-building wapka forum part2

Am much busy on writing and doing other things outside online but my conscience of satisfying wapka newbies won't let me be so tutorial must be continued on how to create wapka site!! having discuss much about this today we are going to Learn

==>How to create wapka structured forum

==>How to design wapka our forum

==> how to add new post to wapka forum

==>How to display our wapka forum on our wapka site homepage

Before we embark on this we have to do the wapka forum settings which must be done for every professional wapka site since am here to teach you how to become a wapka guru and not just how to create wapka sites. and if you are new here you can start our tutorials from day one and you can also join the wapka masters forum if you have learnt about wapka before now

Wapka forum settings and guilds for beginers

==>Open your phone browser as we normally do login your wapka admin mode and Click on edit site button under your wapka site or simply use the wapka drop menu

==>Select Global settings and you will see Forum among the list, click on it and a new page will open.

==> From the page set your forum according to what you see on my screenshots below and save your settings

Hope You are done with your settings if yes continue bellow but if no then you have to fix that before you continue but for me I will continue because i have fixed mine"""" having done with the settings we move further on creating our first forum!!!

How to create wapka structured Forum

I will advice you create all your forums on one page you can create a parent page and create all your forums under it so as to get easy access when needed

==>Navigate to edit site under your wapka site where you want the forum to appear.

==>.click On FORUM Which Apears To Be Number 8 On The List After Then A New Page Will Open Showing You Something Of This Nature!!!

==>Now in the place of forum name write your forum name e.g FREE BROWSING,football updates,Business gist,tutorial zone or whatever name you want to give to your forums

==>click on forum type, then select structured forum and not simple forum we are only creating structured forum for now when we are in need of simple forum we will talk on that.

==>After that set the rest infos which i believe you can do own your own. then click on submit botton. your forum with the name you gave to it will apear. i.e you have created a new forum now preview your newly created forum you will see The forum ID located at the bottom part of the site write down the forum id somewere CU's we shall be in need of it on our toturial

see the shot bellow with its forum ID as 112238063

your own forum id may be different from mine! but you must note down the id which is located at the right hand side at the botom of the forum as seen on the above shot.

You have created your first forum now and have done the main settings.and in case you didn't do the initial forum design settings we talked about in our previous tutorial kindly do it here for a better forum design.

How to Add post to your wapka forum

You have just created your forum and you want some updates to appear on that particular forum all you have to do is click on new theme at the top of your newly created structured forum and you will see a new page

write your headline Which is theme name and your post in text section then SUBMIT after creating your post it will appear on your forum…

Let us design our homepage with just a little forum update code so as to enable users have a glance on what we just posted on our forum.see shot of how it will look

How to make your wapka post appear on your homepage

To create this on your homepage simply Go back to your homepage which is site-0 .

==> Click on edit site and Select WML/HTML inside the box that will appear paste bellow code and save.

But before you paste the code check inside the code and change all my forum IDs .i.e any were you see 111981032 inside the code change it to the forum ID of the forum you created in the first place. And SAVE.

Wapka code to display your updates

Now after saving you can now go back to your forum and create new Themes and they will appear on the homepage of your site.

You can Create other forums and repeat this same process to display them also. So now go and start creating more forums collect there IDs and repeat this process on them to start building your forum site....DONT forget to create new topic under the forums you have just created to make them appear on any page you put the above code......

I think I will call it a day for now my EBA and egusi soup is ready and I gat to eat something we shall meet again in the next episode......

Don't forget you can request any kind of tutorials on wapka by sending us Mail kennedyprosper18@gmail.com
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