How to generate Unlimited Nigeria mobile numbers Online for bulk sms USE.

Bulk SMS is really one of ithe great ways of advertising products both physical and digital goods just like the bulk mailing service. But if am asked of the best I will say it preferably bulk SMS since you reach the huge audience right to their phone number.

With bulk SMS you can send unlimited messages to people round Nigeria using Mobile or PC Online or offline pending on the host you are using.It has not only helped advertisers but also bloggers in advance. with this service bloggers are able to reach the audience with their site links either for product sale or just to create awareness about their new site.

There are many platforms through which you can send unlimited bulk SMS online at a cheaper rate e.g Smartsmssolutions, Ebulksms etc But the problem that persist with bulk SMS most of the time of attempt is how to get numbers to send this sms to.

In an organisation such as company, churches were bulk SMS is used ,it is always certain that the peoples numbers are already recorded in their data base for use at their desirable time. But in blogging this is not applicable , you send SMS to whoever is using Mobile phone since your audience is unlimited as you desired.

This is the main reason generating of mobile numbers are very important to bulk SMS era. Note that from the first day a number is registered is is no longer hidden.

These numbers can be collected from the network data bases for whatever use. and this is why you receive some SMS on your phone at times and you keep asking " how did they get my number?" Most of the times these numbers are even used wrongly I.e either by 419 or other scammers and you may be thinking they are from the network providers were as they are scammers who generated your number. because of this you have to beware of the SMS to heed to and the ones to ignore.

The online mobile number generator can generate unlimited mobile numbers and it is done randomly. In some generators you will be asked to specify wither you need mtn, Airtel or glo numbers and how many in numbers and the column. this info will enable the generation of active mobile numbers alone.

Though there are many online mobile number generators but in this post am only going to discuss but few.

Online Mobile Number Generators

Sms1727 This online mobile number generator allows you to input the amount of mobile numbers you need and specify by choosing from the major networks :Mtn, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat and this numbers will be generated already separated with comma quote. all you have to do is copy it and use them for your SMS ...

In addition Sms1727 not only offer this online mobile numbers generating services but they also render bulk SMS services ,that is you can generate and send from the same server

JustNaira Generator Just naira mobile number generator is one of the most easy to use but in this case your numbers are not specific I.e you cannot select either mtn, glo,etisalat or Airtel number all you have to do is select the amount and column arrangement and the whole networks will be generated together already separated with the comma quote.

PhonenumbetextractorThis is another wonderful mobile number generator where you have to choose a number prefix such as 0806,0803,0807 etc and your column...This also require your email and phone number so as to send you the generated numbers directly in case you want to save them for future use.

Like i said earlier " There are many online mobile number generators" and perhaps you used other platforms were the generated numbers are not separated with comma, you can copy them and use the Online comma separator to separate the number CU's most of the bulk SMS services if not all require numbers to be separated with comma before sending message.

How to save The Numbers for Later Use

Sending bulk SMS just once may not be advisable especially when the message is important. Most people don't seem to look at the first message for many reasons but when they see this same message two to three times they are now there to check out CU's they think it is important since it is rampant.

When this generated numbers are saved you can resend the messages at interval and this will enable more clicks on your link if you are a blogger.

Therefore to save this numbers you have to download the 920 Text editor.apk on your android mobile.

Install and lunch the app, after that Copy and past the numbers you want to save and click the option button you will see save from the options.You can now save your file in any format such as XML,wml etc next tutorial

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