How to legally deal with those who steal your site contents

Today been the first day of the month of august I have wandered round my thoughts on what to render to say happy new months to all my dedicated fans but I think I found something tangible , something you may not know or something you may have heard of but don't know how to do.

Today am going to show you how you can deal with those who steal your sites contents in updating their own blog.

Could you imagine someone from no angle just stumbled upon your website and having found your contents useful began to copy all to the extent some will even want to copy your signature or your name and about author together with the post lol.

How to identify and remove stolen contents from your blog

This acts is common especially among the new webmaster and they do it mostly out of ignorance. but the fact that they are not aware of the consequences involved in such act will never stop Google from penalising your site

I wrote in one of my post why you should buy a domain name before you lunch your new blog here lies one of the advantage of it. If you are using a free domain and you spend your time and deprive yourself sleepless night in writing blog posts, someone might just come and copy your fresh contents and start excelling with it on Google since the person have a paid domain and you a free domain.

Those who do copy and paste will harm your site in the sense that when your site contents are copied to another website registered on Google, it will become a duplicate content and google hate it. so both the person who copied the contents and the original author of the content will pay for such act when Google Come to notice.

Having know the effect of Duplicate contents on your website I know you won't allow someone to steal your contents and put you in danger of Google panda after all the tough time you have spent in writing the posts.

Google been aware of what that can cause you also set up a provision to check duplicate contents and also correct them or deal with those who steal your contents legally

I will strictly advice before you go into this tutorial you must be someone who write original articles and not copy and paste victim, like they say Cesar's wife should be above suspicion .

How to deal with those who steal your blog posts

What is Digital Millennium Copyright Act( DMCA)? This is a law set up in 1998 by the president of America Bill Clinton to help check and protect digital material and to protect copywriter owners and consumers. having known that this is a legal method of protecting your digital materials we are going to talk about how you can use it in relationship to your website-->

All you have to do is just fill a form and submit the form to Google and after review the content will be romoved from Google but if the website is a Google site e.g blogspot site it might result the person loosing the entire website.

Before then you have to first of all identify the stolen contents before you give your report you can copy some line of your posts to Google to see if other articles will appear with the same text from there you can trace the page which duplicated your contents or you can use copyscape to trace your replicate contents after seeing the contents you can then report.

Bellow are the report links

Visit and fill the Blogger DMCA Complaint Form If you are using blogger platform.

And if you are using WordPress platform you can Fill yours here

If you are using other platforms such as mywapblog,wapka,wapego, nazuka etc you can fill yours here

If your contents on LinkedIn is stolen you can Fill the form here

Now for those who are using blogspot platform bellow is the Guidelines to fill your form

Fill in your first name and last name

Your company name which is your website name

your contact mail which will enable them get back to you with a reply.

choose your region and fill all the other necessary contact info form correctly

After filling the whole contact information's scroll down to Your copyrighted work Info.

In the first box titled Where We Can See an Authorized Example Of The Work ?: put the URL of the original content from your blog

Now proceed to the next text box titled Identify and Describe The Copyrighted Work" and write an attractive and descriptive message to show that you are the original owner and how you discovered it duplicate on the internet.

Proceed further to the titled are Location Of The Allegedly Infringing Material:" in this area you have to fill out the URL of the duplicate content I.e the url were you found your content to be duplicated.

after filling that proceed further to Filling next titled area Sworn Statements and Signature: from this page mark or the two provided check boxes and in the date area fill in the current date * I.e the date you are submitting the form

In the next step scroll and submit the form by Hitting on the submit button below the form

After which you will receive an email telling you that they will get back to you when your application is fully reviewed.

After some days they will clear the content from Google search engine and you can now receive back your stolen traffic. if it is google site they have every right to also delete the website entirely

Note that for some contents which might have been rewritten might be hard for Google to handle and in some cases they may not heed to your request..that is only when the stolen contents are rewritten in another form. next tutorial

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