Unimaginable ways through which ATM cards are stolen and precaution measures.

Your debit card popularly known as the ATM card can be stolen in many ways and when this happens it could be devastating since it mean a lot to you.

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I visited Eco bank on a faithful day when I was trying to resolve some issues relating to my bank account. A woman was at the customer cares center nagging bitterly that she received alerts on several occasions that her money was withdrawn via ATM were as her card is still with her.so how could that be.

Online shopping and thefts

The agent was trying to let this woman understand there are others ways through which Debit cards can be stolen but the woman was pissed off and never seem to understand.

Having heard about the statement that there are many ways to steal ATM card I became too curious to know even when the woman in question was unconcern all she cares was that the bank should refund the money lol.

I called on the agents attention to explain to me how This may have happened and what could have been the cause so as to enable me know how to protect mine and also to see what to write about in my blog. In my own summary bellow are what the agent who acted as customer care listed.

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Cpanel Logins

This is common to webmaster who normally make some purchases online such as domain names and hosting plan.

In some of this databases your information are stored and retrievable so if someone could get hold of your login details they can get your credit card numbers very easily and your billing address.

The only way you can avoid this is to keep your login security very safe and make sure whenever you are login to such important cpanels it shouldn't be on friends phones or computers but even when you want to login with someone's phone don't save your passwords to the browsers and clear your history when you are done.

Phishing Targets

phishing is just a way through which hackers get users login by making some similar sites to what you think. e.g a Facebook phishing site is only design like Facebook to make you think it is Facebook and when you login your details the owner of the phishing page will get the details direct to there own database or email without your knowledge.

These same hackers can set up fake online stores where your credit card details are required to make purchase and when you try put your details they are gone.

To avoid this phishing method, don't login your details from any website and make sure you only use your credit cards on well known and trusted online stores.

Physical stealing

All of the above mentioned methods could be termed Digital stealing CU's you will never have any idea about it and it is not physical. but in this physical theft it is the normal stealing you know about maybe by pocket pickers or any other theft method.

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You do take your brother or some other folk along with you to the bank and maybe you trusted them or you think they are small but it might be too unfortunate that these people steal your card in your absence and because they know your password they can use them and drop it back for you or even get hold of it.

To avoid this physical theft method of loosing your debit Card it will be advisable your four digit pin is known only to you and don't keep your card carelessly.

The skimming Device

With this device they can capture your ATM Card data's including your login PIN and with this they can. create another copy with the exact look with that of your Credit card . they will go to other banks and withdraw your money confidently.

All of the above are what the agent listed and having listened to her I found out that all her points were accurate .and she finally made a conclusion which trill me most she says""""""Be wise for we are in the technology Era were the impossibilities are made possible.""""

One of the question I never seize to ask was that " how can the un-technical ones make use of these Card .

She further answered ::√Even even the non pros and gurus can easily chop off all the many in your credit card when they get hold of the card details .

They can login online stores and make purchases with your card details while they goods will be delivered to them you will be the one to pay.

And to those who have learned hacking and are gurus and pros they can simply build a other fake card under their own terrain which they will be using at any time to withdraw your fund.

Precaution:- If you find yourself in the same shoes of this woman instead of waiting to receive the second alert just go straight to the bank and change your Card PIN or cancel that card for another one.

My Conclusion If you are a webmaster and you have helped someone to buy a domain with your credit card make sure you cancel auto renewal from the database.

Have you ever experienced any of the above what was the action you took or what additional point do you think any of the above thefts could be resolve??? please comments bellow we love and cherish your comments. next tutorial

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