How to add kingsweb stylish alexa widget to your wapka and blogger sites

Displaying your site Alexa rank in your website is not a design but mainly for two reasons which i have pointed out in one of my post about Alexa widget.

The Alexa rank your site yes we know and there are many Alexa widgets you can add to your website to display your rank and among them i have written about how you can add the normal alexa widget to your website ,but in this post am going to show you a stylish and design fitting Alexa widget for your wapka and blogger website or any other web host such as WordPress and the rest.

this Alexa widget is what you can see at the bottom of this website and it is will display as the bellow image

How to add Alexa widget to your wapka site

Login your wapka admin mode and click on Edit site at the right hand bottom conner of your wapka site .

From the wapka building tools select the option Wml/HTML and paste bellow code

from the above Code change my site name to your own site name and your Alexa rank will display just like it displays mine and the best pisition you can add this is your sites footer

How to add Alexa widget to blogspot

Login your blogger admin dashboard and click on layout then select add gadget after that click on HTML/JavaScriptand put bellow code

from the above Code change my site name to your own site name and your Alexa rank will display just like it displays mine.but note that if your site is not yet ranked by Alexa the result on the widget might show No data

In that case you have to work on your site and make your site get Alexa rank to show. I have once explained why and what to do when your Alexa rank still show no data . this is simply because your site traffic has not meet the requirement for global ranking to get your site tracked easily you can leave the widget on your website this will enable easy detection by Alexa officials to catch your site data

Don't forget the Alexa is the evidence of how well your site is doing both globally and locally or regionally the measure of Alexa rank is checked by advertisers and site visitors I.e a good Alexa rank boost your site trust and sale this is one of the major reason you see people display their site rank so try harder to reduce your Alexa rank and get more online trust and fame

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