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A friend was scrolling through my phone when he saw September payment alert from Nairapp so he came to me with the phone in his hands as a best friend he asked how I got the alert.Though he knew quite well am good in online stuffs but he never knew anything about online earning.

How to make more than 5,000 Naira monthly without a website

How to start online advertising business

So I have to explain to him how I make money online from placing ads and Giving out my site template for free. I also went further to explain how online income revolves.

Guess what, this guy was so curious to be a fan of online income lol but the breaking news is that he is totally a novice so how will he earn when he is not even ready to learn anything before the earning just because of over curiousness. I didn't help him either because I know he wasn't ready to pay the task of online earning so i only gave him an assignment to complete...if you wish to know what that is ask google

One thing that bring about failure in online business for the beginners is the word over curiosity. You just heard your friend is making millions instead of asking how he went about making the money you are only concern about making the money.

There are few questions or goals you must put in consideration before you can achieve Online business not only in Nigeria but also further.....

What is the peoples Need

every successful website is a problem solver check out there background you will know am saying the truth.

The value your website provide must be in relationship with the word ~help~ Let take Facebook for instance it is of help to you and i because you meet your old friends and relatives live and also advertise for free by sharing links and updating status for audience view. that is why people love facebook

So if you must create a successful website the question is what do the people need most? and this is why you make a niche blog. Many people are jacks of all trade they have almost blogged on all the blogging niches but yet success is not achieved just because they lack focus the key to every successful online business.

What can you offer

Even after knowing what the people need you need to ask what you can do better. then choose and start blogging. that your friend earn huge from tutorial or tech blog does not mean that same niche will be lucrative for you .

Linda ikeji made it from entertainment blog is not enough for you to start blogging on the same niche with her. if you are good in football stuffs create a football related website e.g online prediction, sport news and so on and with time, dedication and focus you will achieve the same success in a differ blogging niche.

Research about what you choose

As a newbie after finding what the people need and also chosen from the many alternatives it is now time to do research about the field you are about to venture.

In your research you should be able to learn the best way of making money from the particular niche your have chosen. how to manage the niche properly and the keywords that works best for the niche.

Now Set up your Blog And begin work

Looking at the above I should have said something like set up your blog and start earning but instead I replaced the earn with work hmmmm it is ridiculous anyway but I must tell you that there is no money without work even for offline business or online business both need work .

I don't help many people in online stuffs simply because I see them to be the inpatient type and even if i help them they can't achieve blogging success so I just go by the word blogging is not for lazy people.

When people are busy sleeping you are awake. when you supposed to be playing with friends you are typing all days . you supposed to eat you are hungry because you have to complete a task.etc.

Advise For your start

√√One whole year is not even enough to achieve the height of that ambitiousness in if you can't sacrifice time or money better stay back.

√√Having known the above I will inform you with this last word """ Never come blogging because you have to pay a dept ""

√√never come blogging because your friend is making it from online ""

√√before you start blogging _ Try to understand that word blogging and how it works..

√√ Do not fall back too quick not until you achieve your aim.

√√Money is there on your blog but your still need to water the money tree and keep it fresh before you can start harvesting the money...don't let the three of money in your blog get dried because of your impatience.

Take my advise and work with them success is not far from you.!!!!

Need a website for a start? ping me on Facebook you wont spend so dont be afraid

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