How to start a successful GOSSIP blog in Nigeria

Gossip blog is really doing great especially in nigeria today since everybody wants to stay updated to the current happen around the politicians, celebrities and other country related matters.

how to start a gossip blog in Nigeria

In a gossip blog like the name implies hidden things are revealed about politicians and celebrities so people love to visit this blogs because they will like to know the secrete behind that well known man and woman.a good example of Gossip blog is

This blog falls into the niche of entertainment blogging niche just like what Linda ikeji is blogging on today! in this post am going to show you how you can get A gossip blog and be successful with it in or outside Nigeria.

What are the Requirements to start gossip blog,

√Internet enabled gadget :

take note I didn't mention PC or other computers just like others frustrate you and make you think without a computer you can't build a nice and good looking website.

Provided you have a sound and normal in size mobile phone with good screen size you can do better in the web without a PC trust me. so if you don't have a PC get a good phone for your start perhaps you can get PC later on.

√ Get a reliable web hosting:

this is the most crucial thing you will ever think of before you venture into starting any website.

Factors to be considered before choosing a web host

It will be very wise you get a web hosting here in Nigeria if you are a Nigerian , this is because the support will be reachable even in human form Unlike when you host your website with foreigners.

You can also start your blog with free platforms such as blogger where you will need no hosting fee all you need is a a template for your blog and your are done.

√Get a Gossip Theme :-

there are many websites theme but it is OK you get theme that will fit your niche you can get better and niche fitting themes here to give your gossip blog a nice look

Now after getting all the requirements to start your website from your web hosting services you can install WordPress and your theme then you are good to start publishing your articles but the question I must not forget to answer is how will you get the gossip news and updates for your website.?

The web is large enough to contain the entire world without complain or web server error. There are millions of websites that offers the same niche just like you go and copy there items to your website but this time you must rewrite it thoroughly lest you suffer Google penalty on the long run.

Never use copy and paste directly rather use it indirectly by turning everything you see on the internet to be original in your blog.......

Now that you have built a successful gossip blog and you have implemented all Seo strategies to get traffic booming won't you like to make money as well and if yes how would you make money from a gossip blog.?

Every website niche has a better and cool way of generating income and revenues online. you might decide to use any method but not all methods works for all niche except for Google AdSense the perfect ad network .

So the best way you can make money from a gossip blog is not by selling themes and templates or web hosting services leave that to people like Kennedy Prosper and go for Google AdSense , Affiliate marketing , or selling advertising Spaces

The above listed methods works fine for a gossip blog

Google AdSense

from my studies and observation I have come to notice that people who blog on niches like mine hardly earn AdSense income compare to people who blog on other niches like Gossip(entertainment) niche. The reason is just simple.

people I expect to visit this website 85% should be webmasters or webmasters aspirants and as such more click is not expected like you know this categories of visitors hardly click on ads since they already know that it is ads placed by but a gossip website and entertainment blogs are liable to generate more ads revenues because many of them are ads newbies so they will easily click through.

Affiliate marketing

This is another wonderful method to generate revenues from your gossip website but in this case you have to mind what affiliate you join. you are not expected to be affiliate with sheetmusic plus or other because your niche is not based on that leave that to Mylyricals

You can use Konga affiliate, jumia or similar affiliate programs to monetise your gossip website. market products like iphones, PC, gadgets, home utensils and other related products that will fit your niche.

Advertising Spaces

I have mentioned a similar case in this blog before and I wrote on how you can start online advertising and further explained in details how you can start advertising agency as a business venturebut in this case you want to monetise your gossip website via this same method.

A good example and a role model of this method of monetisation is Seun of Nairaland he strived to build an open forum but could not continue with AdSense after the first ban simply because of explicit articles that violate googles term and this is because it is an open forum. He worked harder to grow more audience after which he began selling ads spaces and today that's the only income source and he is living fine with it.

How to buy a domain name from domainking

A gossip blog will also do well because you will have business men, politicians , celebrities and other country recognised folks to visit your web and this visitors categories are more liable to increase the ads selling market force

Having know all the above let us draw a conclusion by summarising all of the above ':::::

==Define your Goal

==Choose a Niche

==Get a web host

==Use a branding Domain name

==Create Your blog

==Write unique contents

==Promote your blog

==Choose a monetisation method

==Stick to a working monetising strategy

==Earn from your blog

==come and thank me later lol.

Need a website for a start? ping me on Facebook you wont spend so dont be afraid

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