How to make at least 5,000 Naira Monthly Online without a Website

Other affiliate programs normally deals with having a website and placing ads and because not every one have a website many has been deprived the privilege of online earning.

Even many referral programs e.g kaymu also needs websites for smooth job done, but there is a referral program which allows you to share your links on social medias even without having a blog.

one of the things you must know is that the traffic you receive to your Facebook/twitter profiles, pages and group daily should be able to cover that of a newly created or less trafficked websites.

I have a website like you can see but my Facebook group and page has been my greatest area of my advert.... Now you don't have to be worried about the fact that you don't have a website and as such you shouldn't be counted among those who can earn income online

Cool-Naira like the name implies is the way you can earn cool naira just sharing of links. I know reading the above line of sentences you are confronted with the thought of online scamming. (you shouldn't be)

If you visit a referral program that do scam you should know from their services. just imagine fast2earn promising its members 25$ for sign up bonus is that not obvious for you to know they are never ends there they also go ahead to giving you about 10$ for every referral sign up. at least you should ask yourself questions "What is the job am offering ? what is there gain and what is my gain?

answering the above questions will make you know the legit or scam referral programs and it will also make you know that coolnaira have a gain while you also have your gain that's business for you!-the equation must be balanced.

If I visit a referral program promising to make me rich overnight without rendering any service I won't carry out their offers cus it is a sign of online scammers who promise everything fast and easy just to charm you to register .

Cool-Naira is an innovation for just referring and is how it works.

When you register with coolnaira you will get your referral link by clicking on promotion tab in your users logged dashboard.

Now after getting your referral link , you can now start work by creating awareness to those who don't know about coolnaira(invite)

For each person that register through your affiliate link the person will be recorded among your referrals because they registered through you .

When ever any one of your referral upgrades his or her account you will be given 500-Naira.

When your payment reaches 3000 Naira you can withdraw it if you want or leave it to yield more before withdrawing. I.e you have to immediately upgrade your account after tegisteration.

Note you can't withdraw until you upgrade your account with 1000 naira and it is done only once for life.

here is how they make there money-- . the 1000 naira you used in upgrading goes to there account and now they open up your account for you and any refer you make enters therein ....both parties gains the job. that's how a good referral program should be like.

You may be thinking of using other methods to earn online but it will interest you to know that coolNaira is the easiest way you can make money am telling you this because am a member of CoolNaira and I have been referring people to cool naira for over a month now on social media so today I just have to throw more light on it so as to make it clear to those who don't understand how coolnaira works.

Before exit my quick memo(writing tools) let me answer a question asked by a friend on Facebook.

==>How will I receive the Money.?

When doing online business you shouldn't bother about the payment method provided it is a Nigerian based online business.

last time I wrote about Nairapp people asked this same question and it was clearly explained .Organisation like this make out a very easy payment method were you just have to fill in your bank details (bank name and account nunber) and it is done. when you request your payment the money in your CoolNaira account will be transfered to the bank your filled in the payment method.

So when filling your payment details fill it correctly so that there won't be error during the will receive alert just like when someone transfered money into your account..bellow screenshot is how it appears from Nairapp with there organisation name the same thing applied to coolNaira. as bellow

==>READ:My Nairapp 7-days earning report

Now having know about how coolNaira works you can register now copy your referral link and turn your online presence on Facebook ,whatsapp, 2g0, twitter etc to money making machine.

Note I didn't mention any amount in this above post reason is because there is no fixed amount you can earn. what determine the amount you earn is your seriousness and that's why you see me spoil Facebook with posts and referral links because I want to increase my earning very fast.

The set back to many people reading this post is the 1000Naira requirement lol you should have known that any online business that requires nothing before you can earn is absolutely fake.

that amount is too small to say you won't join CooLNaira because it is paid only for once and with it you can earn as much as you desires.

I was afraid of loss when my friend told me about cool naira on Facebook but after upgrading my account----I have smiles allover my faces not only because I upgraded but because I was dedicated to sharing coolnaira links every were I go (mtn)

though I haven't earned much from coolNaira but am targeting 10k this month by Gods grace last month was only 5k-plus because of some busy activities surrounding me which keeps me too busy from staying online.

other payment proof from my friends are bellow because they work through the month anyway

For those who have a website like me you can also write reviews about Nairapp and put your affiliate link just like am doing here!. or you can also copy there banner ads codes like what you can see it the top of my website.

And for those who don't have a website just compose a very cool and convincing message attaching your affiliate link then target your Facebook audience and share.

as for me my target is around 8-9pm because that's when I normally have many friends online and I share on groups, pages,and friends timelines +twitter .

You can make cool money without even leaving your work ...I do. my sharing in less than 10munites that's too small to get you stressed .

Hopefully you will start earning from school or wherever you will be nice to surprise your friends at times they keep wandering were the money you are withdrawing every month is coming from when they know you don't work that's why my friends call me online criminal but it is just act of ignorance they don't know how online business works . You can also join coolnaira on Facebook group to follow there discussions and testimonies .

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