How to add image background texts to your wapka site.

Adding background image text to your wapka site sometimes gives a beautiful and good looking design to for your wapka site.

There are many ways through which image background can be added to your wapka sites but in this case the image is controlled to fit with any size of your choice and whatever you write will appear inside the image while the image becomes the background CSS.

featured wapka tutorials You can even use your own image if you want or use other images as cute as you are I.e if at all you are not ugly like me because ugly people like me won't dare it putting myself as the background it will only scare away my site visitors especially the scary ones.hahaha

So to add this background CSS to your wapka site simply copy bellow code and paste it in your wapka site via wml/HTML section and the design binding the your text becomes the image.

The above code can be customised to your taste you can change the image height and width , you can also change your text inside the image and also you change your image URL( in the code to any image URL of your choice.

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