How to create a blogger or blogspot site complete tutorial with screenshots

You are just tired of wapka host because of the everyday wapka server error ,and now because you heard of that big man using WordPress platform you just have to park you bags and baggies thinking WordPress is a make me rich blogging platform. At this moment you have some money in your bank account or your PayPal online through which you can buy a domain name and pay for host.

How to create a free WordPress site using Byethost

You went ahead and do all you can to join the get rich platform as proclaimed by your ignorant thoughts. Now another year is fast approaching you are still struggling with your blog at least to get traffic and create better contents for human and search engines but before you could know it a whole year is gone hahahaha and the worst of it is that the year finished in a bad mood(where you don't have money to renew your host) hmmm what a mess you have got yourself into.

You hosting managers are beginning to send you notice upon notice telling you to renew your domain and host else you will get blocked in the next one week. You have no money so you just have to let go the whole one year hard labour. it a pity I share your pain but i can't help issues here so let it be.

Now you heard about a free platform where you can blog without paying any money except for your domain name I.e if at all you want to be a pro blogger. but you don't know how to start with blogger. though there have been millions of tutorials online on how to create blogger blog but today am still going to show you in a more comprehensive way. don't be scared am not going to charge you!!! *smiles****

Creating blogger site is the most easiest host but the only dilemma here is that opera mini browser don't support blogger unlike wapka and WordPress where you can blog with opera.

As i write this post i must tell you i have been using opera to blog for over 4months now without any issues of error so i wrote about How to blog on using opera mini browser but ever since then i have received tones of messages that it didn't work on their mobile phones and that the usual error messages continues.

I have to thank God perhaps the spirit of blogging has struck my phone or the phone knows my current situation of no money for big subscription. You can also try yours if your phone will pity you but in case it did not am sorry i can't help but here am flexing wooooooo***happy** But let get to business anyway with your chrome or Mozilla Firefox or you android default phone browser i.e of the opera didn't work for you.

How to Create Blogger_Blogspot site

I open my browser and on my browser i type in how to create blogger site for free

On the next page because i haven't login before i was directed to blogger homepage where i will need to login. so i clicked on Create Your Blog from the homepage

And i was taking to a new page prompting me login my gmail before which is my password and username through which blogger can be accessed how-to-create-blogger-blog

I put in my details as shown above. hope you can see my email and password you can try it in your browser if you want to login my account my password is _**************_ hahaha it's fun anyway. so after i have successfully login my gmail i was taken to a new homepage where i saw the word New Blog

But note if this is your first time of visiting with your email you might not be taken to this page at first. You may be asked to fill in some forms just follow what ever they ask you to do and Proceed to blogger then you will see this above page.

So i clicked on New blog from my dashboard and behold i was taken to another page which i saw as bellow.

In the first space is for my blog title and the second one for my blog name. i wrote in my blog title and in space for my blog name i put amkennedy they told me it's not available maybe someone else have chosen that so i have to take another name for my blog which is kennedyprosper and it was available so my blog becomes

Then i scroll down and clicked on the page have to load and take me to my blog dashboard where i can manage my blog like adding contents deleting , editing and so on.

When Choosing a blog name

The problem you may encounter when choosing a blog name from the above step is error of name unavailable You can't be choosing a name like naijalearn, info, chatgroup,makemoney, onlinebiz, when you know that such names are very common and might have been chosen by some folks out there.

In blogspot or blogger two people can't use the same name so when you see name unavailable it simply means the name you typed in has been taken by someone else,and in that case you will have to try other names which you think may be available.

Keep trying until you find available name. don't try to use common names use. if you think you really want to use you proposed name and it has been taken you will have to add some prefix or suffix to the name e g 247naijaleran, 123infograh, naijacoded235,419idoncome and so on

Understanding Blogger Dashboard

On the Dashboard the core things are listed in your left hand side like you can see, i believe reading them alone is enough to know the meaning of each word

==>The New post If you want to add new contents to your site

==>The Posts If you want to see all the posts you have created and you can also edit them or draft then on this page, you can delete them as well from this page.

==>The comments If you want to moderate the comments on your blog. maybe someone just comments and you don't like it you can delete, approve or disapprove comments from this page.

==>The stats You can know how many page views your blog is having a day, the page with the highest pageview , the country your traffic is coming from, the most used browsers and so on.

==>The Earning here you can monetize your website with Google AdSense and start making money from your blog.

==>The campaigns some advertising platforms and other ads placed by Google

==>The Layout You can add Any code, ads and other items to your site here with the layout as the name implies. you need to layout your blog the way you want it and want to use and display on your blog, the position you want them to be.

==>The template You can change your site design, upload new template, edit the existing one , and backup your template

==>The settings Which is the control room of your blog.

The first thing to lay your hands on is the settings so that you can begin to set your blog the way you want it.

please read my tutorial "now that i have created my blogger blog what next part1 and part2

How to upload Blogger template

I won't exit this tutorial without teaching you how to upload new blogger template to your blog. The blogger template is like a theme on your phone, as soon as you apply the theme the whole background and fonts everything automatically change that's what template is all about in blogging..

The best design is as a result of good template and as a pro blogger you are not advised to use the default template on your blog so you need a custom template to fit your design. Now after getting your template Here or any where else.

simply Login your blogger dashboard and click on Templates as shown in the above screenshots and you will see a new page from the page look at the top right hand side you will see Restore/backup

Click on it and a new page will show up asking you to select the template from your files if you have downloaded the template on your phone. just pick it from your files and upload

Now you have successfully uploaded a new template make sure you have done the part1 settings on your blog then preview your blog to see the changes in design.

I should have continued with this tutorial but the page will too be over loaded with too many screenshots because i love writing with shots for easy understanding so i think we call it a day... as you continue . Note all comments are welcomed in the comment section please drop your complains , orders thanks,and your views. like they say appreciation is simply the application for more

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