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It is the dream of every one to earn online even if it is not millions but at leat some bucks to run very little expenses.

One thing about blogging and making money online is that it is sure and fixed I.e the money is always there , no body to employ you, change in government will not affect your income , all depends on your effort because you are the boss of your own.

Like they say nothing good comes easy so also applied to blogging .I have met many pals who are so curious about making money online because they think blogging is a money making machine. Yes it is but if only you make it to be.

Featured webhosting tutorials I blogged for about a whole year before earning my first of online income though it was not much, just about 10$ but I was contented because i have very little idea about online money making then.

Now i can boast of online income because with the little i earn i can buy new school bag, books , pay some other fees and feel good like flexing things lol and still looking forward to increase my income.

One thing you must know about online income is that it does not respect age and personality all it is after is how well the man irrespective of who he is has worked hard. a boy of 10 can earn million while a man of 20 earns nothing simply because there is difference in effort applied over time taken (physics) hahaha am sorry I was thinking i was in an online physics class

Don't just set up your website today and start asking me how to make millions I won't respond to such a fucking query. One of the factor that determine online income is the time factor because during all these time Google will be getting customised with your website , people will be of good testimony to a good work done , your articles might have been a solution to peoples problem etc

Because i blogged for about a year without earning does not mean you too will do same , yours could be 1month, 2months...1yr, 2years, 10years etc because of strategies applied. I was lazy that's why I was able to earn that little and i know you are hard working , i think you will earn better in a short while . please be strong and not as lazy as Kennedy prosper

Before you start earning online there are procedures your must follow such as:

Want to start a blog which is is the best?

  • Choosing a webhosting service
  • Buying a domain name/hosting
  • Finding a nice premium theme
  • Installing WordPress/your theme
  • Start blogging

Choosing a web hosting

This has been the major problem of many bloggers especially the beginers on what host is the best platform to blog on.

Choosing a web host is a matter of choice but it must be either blogger or WordPress which are the most popular web hosting services as of present.

Some say blogger is the best while others vote for WordPress but they say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I will say blogger is the best for beginners who don't have much to spend because the only expenses is buying a domain name but for professionals or those who have some bucks to spend and are wanting to be professional bloggers i will recommend you choose WordPress the most popular and widely used host as of now.

Therefore to get started with WordPress you need to host your website at a very low and affordable price with full support and free domain because as a beginner you don't need to aim big on some other host that can even charge you your life but aim of the cheap web hosting services.

After buying your host from All you have to do is install WordPress if you don't know how to install WordPress on your domainking host you just bought ,they have a guide on how to install WordPress here

Your host will go with free domain which you will be the one to choose , so be careful when choosing your domain name make it branding I.e let it have similarity with your blogging nich e.g for download site, for online shops , for health tips site etc.

Finding A premium theme

There are many free themes out there you can use but it is better you go for premium theme for some reasons highlited here

There are many places where you can find premium themes that will give your site a nice design based on the niche you chose to blog on.You can get all premium theme e.g

for creating job alert websites

Creating online stores

Creating football analytics websites

Creating music websites and many more @

after getting your Hosting+free domain and having installed WordPress on your host you have to install your premium theme and you are done now it is time to ...

Start Blogging

When I say start blogging it comprises of all blogging related properties such as writing original articles and doing proper optimisation for your new blog.

Now you have a blog and you have started blogging but please don't expect to earn instantly lest you may loose the game of blogging. gather your audience and blog till money will start flowing In. one thing is to focus on your traffic and how many visitors you are getting to visit your blog in a day before you start thinking of earning big because your traffic is your income.

Even before you joined the online queue there has been competition so don't be afraid of your competitors rather figure out a way to over power them by working extra miles. when they write short articles try to write at lent, when they write at lent try to use video tutorials, when the write without thumbnails , write with clear screenshots and with this you will stand out from your competitors on the long run

Don't let anyone deceive you with the name of getting organic traffic to your blog , Google will always crawl your site effectively of you optimise your posts and pages and write original contents , only that it will take some time so don't run out of patience Google don't act immediately.

Update your website regularly to get fresh and new visitors on daily basics and also share your posts to social medias and open forums like NAiRALand

goodluck as you journey to online business

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