Magical strategies to charm your site visitors and make them stay longer on your blog

I love it when i check my Google analytics and find out that my site users are spending time on my blog. It is a sign that you as the blogger is doing a good work.

I see many bloggers complain of traffic forgetting that the power of traffic and users engagement lies in their hands

You want readers to stay when you have nothing to offers ? how did you think that is possible. even the ones that incidentally stumbled on your blog will soon leave and never return because your site is not worthy and lack the qualities needed by them.

In this post am going to show you some strategies i used in charming my site readers and after reading my first post they will either bookmark or save my pages, They will want to read more because of the first article they have red. some of these strategies are listed bellow

Increase Loading speed.

This is one of the major reason why visitors dread your site. Your site is MB sucker and visitors hate to visit such sites because every online users directly or indirectly wants one way or the other to minimizing data usage especially now that data bundles are becoming more expensive

As soon as they manage to read one of your post the next thing is exit because they are afraid of loading another page not only because of the data consumption but also the time it will take to load. am a fast and very impatience type who don't even want to wait for any fucking page to load more than 45scs before exiting irrespective of the article on the page, and many others still lies in my shoes of attitude.

A fast loading site is Seo worthy and visitors friendly and a property of good design so always make sure you keep your loading speed very fast by not adding too many images on posts, Avoid too many ads. I know you want to make money just like me but don't forget your visitors is your money so don't chase away money in chase of money.You can use Text ads instead of too many banner ads that will reduce the loading time and make your pages load faster .

Your header and footer should be simple not crammed with too many items for this will not only affect per page loading but the whole site loading speed knowing that your header and footer are omnipresence in all your site pages

Focus on Design and Layout

Yes o A good design enhance visitors stay time on your site. don't make your site only accessible to those using glasses because of too many blink blink colors.

Am giving out my three best blogger templates here

A good site design will make your site texts and fonts readable. Users love sites with readable fonts because they are present in your site to read and not to crack jokes. Don't spoil your site with too many gadgets that's not an attribute of a good design. It unfortunate you are complaining about poor organic traffic daily and yet you still use A woeful and eye damaging design. Search engines also care about your site designs so try to get yourself a nice looking theme or template and make your site visitors have a better users experience as they roam round your site

apart from using paid themes and templates there are many free themes and templates. just go to Google search for free mobile friendly themes and apply them to your blog figure out the one with good design and stick to it.

Don't let your site visitors dread your site because of your bad design. get yourself good templates here

write for Readers

Ooo This is the most crucial aspect of blogging. like I always tell new bloggers " you must not be a good writer before you start blogging but you must write what people can read. In many blogging niches such as the tutorial blogs nobody cares about your grammar errors provided you give the right information in a comprehensive manner they will still visit your site.

16 successful blog writing rules you must learn

I don't want to scare you by telling you "!you must be a good writer before starting a blog " this will only discourage newbies who haven't learnt to write.. If you cannot write what your users want to see they won't spend much time in your blog probably they may not even return to check on your blog so try to present your write ups in a comprehensive manners.

How to write long tail articles for readers and search engines

Don't try to Show you are a university graduate who studied English in your writing ups. When writing a blog that will appeal reader just write as though your are talking to newbies who have no ideas about what you are saying. Too many English grammar can make your visitors skip your site. I guess you know that not everyone understands those grammars. there are still many folks out there who don't understand grammars just like me. What they cherish most is simple and correct English and speaking the language they understand will not only make them stay longer on your blog but also bookmark it for another day.

take for instance you just searched Google for how to do bla bla bla and only for the first result to be a website written in French or other non familiar languages. but unknowingly you clicked on it, brows through the first and second page! you found out it is a French website "what will you do? " you don't need to tell me, I know you will immediately skip the page in search of other results simply because they speak a language you can't understand. Same thing is applied to your blog. try speak a language your site visitors understand and they will spend more time on your blog and also return for another day.

Internal Linking

Yes o, this one is a must add to my list because it has really been the best strategy I have been using so far on my blog to engage my readers. having written about how to train a rat in my previous post , in my next post on how to kill a rat there is a need to link the previous post on how to train a rat to the recent one. perhaps those who want to kill a rat might also want to train a rat and vice versa.

Don't underestimate the power if internal linking on your blog. It will not only make users stay longer on your site but also make you get organic traffic( traffic from search engines).

Add related Post to your blog

The related post Widget should be a must add feature to your blog. Those who read your first post and find it appealing may love reading other similar posts

So try add related post widgets to your site because it will make your users navigate easily thereby reading more of your posts and staying longer on your site especially when your related posts headlines are tempting to click. That's why you must choose Charming and irresistible headlines for your posts.

You can also add similar gadgets such as the Most popular posts, Random posts, featured posts etc

With the above listed methods I have been able to reduce my sites bounce rate bellow 30% and have increase my users experience with extra 45% and i know it will still work for you if properly applied.

Is there other methods you cherish most? or have you been using the above methods to make your readers spend more time on your blog? please kindly let us know it will help us in our next updates.

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