How to remove description from blogger template to show only post headline

Many of you hate the description aspect of your blog in the homepage preview. maybe you want your site to load more faster or perhaps the blogger template description count is too lengthy and you want to get rid the description to remain only the images (thumbnails )and the post title then this post is for you.

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How to remove post description from blogger homepage


Login your Blogger dashboard and Click On Templates then select edit template to expand your template use your keyboard Control+F and find


now paste bellow code just before the </head> and save your template you are done.

You can customize the above code by changing the font colors

Note that will not remove the picture if you have any picture in the post but only the description will vanish

If you don't want it to display the thumbnail then don't use pictures in your post that will make make it display only heading without images

The above is suitable when you want to display many posts in your homepage knowing that with the thumbnails it may cause slow loading speed, so removing the description will help the issue of slow loading and help your pages load faster even with plenty posts on your homepage.

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