How to set admin Icon in front of Wapka Users

Setting admin icon in front of wapka users is among the best features i love most when i was Still using wapka platform. Your admins will be boldly identified in the forum and other sections when viewed by other of your site users which are not admin...

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Adding the admin icon in font of wapka users is a manual procedure . it is not automated that when you make someone admin then the icon will automatically appear not at all. you will have to manually put the icon in font of whom you cares to.but it will be nice you put it only in front of the admins.

In one of my past tutorial I wrote about how you can Make any wapka holder a site admin over your file managers but in this post am going to show you how you can add the admin icon in front of admin so that your admins will be identified in your forum and profile sections when viewed by other users.

How to Add admin Icon in front of wapka users

There are three steps involved in adding admin icon which are uploading the icon, setting the icon and applying the let us start by uploading our icon

How to upload wapka admin icon

Login your wapka site admin mode and Click on Edit Site Then from the next menu select pictures which is the fourth option. how to add admin icon in front of wapka users

After that click on Upload Pictures and a new page will open

Choose your icon from your files and choose your picture size as icon.17×17pix in case you haven't downloaded the admin icon on your phone you can Hit here to download one or visit Google admin image search to get more Admin icons here

Now after uploading the icon of your choice it will show successfully uploaded click on view picture to see the icon you just uploaded…

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In front of the icon can you see the circled id as :ic-1: this means my icon ID is 1. This is because it is the first icon i have uploaded in my site. now if i upload another one the ID will be two just like that so you own ID might be different from mine because you may have uploaded other icons before uploading this one all you have to do is check the ID and note it down.

But for the reason of this tutorial i have taken my icon ID as 1. now you have successfully uploaded you icon which is the first step let us proceed to the second step which is;

Setting The wapka admin icon

Login to your wapka admin mode click on edit site as usual and select profiles from the given options. Now you will see a new profile page.from the page click on User Profile how to add admin icon in front of wapka users

After that a new page will open. from the page ignore any other settings and scroll to the section of allow icon in front of name Click on Set Icons as shown bellow

After that a new page will open asking you to put your icon ID so having gotten my icon ID as 1 i just inserted it and clicked on Add icon

if you have many icons and you want to set all you can separate all the icon IDs with comma quote e.g 1,3,4,5,10 etc now we are done with step two let us proceed to the last step

Applying wapka admin Icon

Having done with all the above steps you can now apply it to any user you want to use the icon for. Login your wapka admin mode click on Edit site and Select Users and a new page will open where the first option will show you the total numbers of your registered users. Just click on it to proceed to the next step

After clicking on it all the users that registered in your site will appear in a list.

so because i want to add the admin icon in front of Maga so i clicked on the small arrow pointing to maga.

And On the next page the profile of Maga opened so that i as the site owner can edit his profile page. i quickly scroll down to the bottom end of his profile page and clicked on edit profile in small letters as shown bellow how to edit wapka user profile

After clicking on it a new page appear and i ignored all the options on the page and clicked on Select icon

After which i was prompted to choose the icon i want to add but because i have only uploaded and set just one icon i clicked on the one Icon and it appears in the profile page.

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I scrolled down the page and saved all my settings which i have made so far.Now i have successfully added admin icon in front of my wapka site user it is now your turn to follow the above step by step tutorial to add admin icon in front of your own desired user.

Before i exit this page i will like to answer one question_ Can i add the icon to any user even when the user is not admin? The answer is yes you can add it to any user but it will be more wise and advisable you add it only in front of your admins.

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