How to fix the issue of a redirected wapka site

Many wapka users have lost their wapka sites because of the issues of redirection as a result of wrong codes on your headtag.

In many online forums where wapka codes are shared they give you some fucking codes to put in your headtag framing the code in the name of Seo or other bla bla bla and you as a newbie who don't know how to read codes but can only copy will just fall victim by copying and placing the code on your head tag only for you to refresh your site and land in another mans site. lol all your traffic has been stollen by the wise man and now see you crying for help but no help.

Thank God you met my blog where we make the un impossible to be possible that's why we are the king among all web so ****smile****

I know am a good story teller but in this post am not going to play that role of mine because am serious today than ever having found a solution to your problem

How to undo recover a redirected wapka site

Login your wapka admin Mode and select the site you want to undo from redirecting.

and a new page will appear, from the page scroll down and click on Debug Tools

Now after selecting the debug tools a new page will open as bellow how to undo a redirected wapka site

Just check on the first box as shown above to disable contents in headtag now you have successfully set the issue. just login and go to your head tag to remove the redirection code .

After that come back to the same page again and uncheck the box again to enable your headtag so that your CSS and your seo will not be affected.

With the above you can now fix the issue of redirected wapka sites hope it helped you !!!

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