How to make wapka users search files from your file manager using the file search box

The wapka file search set up should be a must have feature in your wapka site especially when you blog on file downloads(wapka file manager site)

The file search will allow users to find their desire files under various categories such as the images , the videos , games, softwares , music etc.

Each time the search files in your site will be able to make them find the file the needed for download knowing quite well you cannot display all your files in the homepage visually so the search will do the finding crawling all your uploaded files and pushing out the needed files for download according to individual search.

Building wapka forum part2 tutorial

If you have crested wapka site without the search for either files and forums updates then you are still missing the most interesting part that gives your visitors joy and increase your daily pageviews.

In one of my previous posts I wrote about adding the forum search box to your wapka site but this time around let's gist about how you can add the file search box to your wapka site

Create a new page, In case you don't know how to create new pages just login your wapka admin mode click on edit site and select Create new page which is probably the first option on the list.

from the next pop up write your page name set the page as desired and submit your page . you have successfully created a new page .just click on the page and scroll down you will see the page id at the bottom right hand side.

So having learnt to create new wapka pages , login and create a new page note down the page ID

Now let assume the page You just created is page 44 and you want to put the search box in your header where it can be seen by every of your site users.

Go to your header and put this code search code

How to add items to wapka heade

From the above code the 44 can be charged to any page you want your site search result to appear but not you must put the result code in the page you want to change the page 44 to

Now go to page 44 and put this search result code .

Now when you search using the search box at your header it will direct you to page 44 with the result of the file but if the file is not available it will show your error message.

In summary lest you get confused just put the first code in the page you want the search box to appear and change the ID in the code to the ID of the page you want to show the result of your search

Now go to your result page and put the second code. you are done

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail-

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