Five reasons users won't visit your site for the second time

People dread your site ,the little that increase your pageviews are those who incidentally hit on your shared link but as soon as they landed on your site, they bounce back immediately that's the reason you see your bounce rate increase everyday .

why people won't visit your site again
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There are various reasons why various individuals hate your site ,perhaps you have good contents but your design sucks or maybe you don't have anything unique about your site or other reasons let me quickly highlight the main reasons why visitors dread your site

Why Your site visitors Won't return

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Woeful site Design

Some websites from my own view are specially designed for those on glasses and not with normal eyes because you might get blind if you dare open such sites on your browser lol.

They will have all the seven colors of rainbow on their site. No proper layout everything is just scattered round the site , blink blink like Christmas light every where. Though you may have some folks to love your Christmas light designs and others but that will be too few to earn you your monthly income.

Many internet users love simple design ,easy navigation with nice and readable font. The worst of it is thatGoogle AdSense won't dare accept your request with such blink blink site and you know what that means.

Less Updates

This is the major reason it is not advisable to lunch your site immediately after building it but wait till you create at least 50 posts and above then you can now share with people.

Let assume you have only three posts on your website and you went ahead to start sharing your website. David visited your website and was unable to navigate to other posts because you have very few of them he will leave after reading the one you shared I.e if it interests him allot.

Now you shared your link on Facebook or other social medias again and john sees it for the second time but this time around he won't click on it because he felt your site is dormant and lack contents. So before you start sharing your site link make sure you have enough contents that can trill your users to come back again.

Difficult Domain Name

Imagine a domain name like did you ever think that domain have the power of getting more returning visitors when the domain is too hard to remember. Unless it is because they have something unique and very few users might bookmark the pages and some who are brilliant will manage to save the name in their memory even with the many hyphens

Secure a very easy to remember domain . a domain that your site users can remember even when they are asleep. this will increase the numbers of your returning visitors thereby affective your page views positively

Quality and Uniqueness

Users love a site that can write quality content and if at all you can't give your users unique contents that will give them the reason to come back as soon as they find an alternative believe me they will never check back on your site again.

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Some of you who say you are webmasters don't even write your own contents instead you keep stealing online by copying other people work which causes them sleepless nights and restless days. and now you are nagging everyday about poor organic traffic lol don't fool yourself Google is as wise as a serpent

Don't forget the internet is the survival of the fittest. many websites run online and some blogging on the same niche with you are ready to go at lent to bypass all competitors by creating uniqueness in their write ups and ones your visitors stumble on such sites your site becomes the past.Because of this write as though your are taking , explain in details , make your users love your write ups because of clear presentation and you will see them come back again and again for more updates

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This site is a case study. People always chat me on Facebook and pester me on phone calls either complimenting my good writing skills for easy understanding or requesting more tutorials because they say am the only one that can write to make them understand.

Too Many Ads

You just set up a website after two or three days of creating very few posts of about 4-5 you want to make money and now you turned your site into ads ground. fill every where with assorted ads that will bounce away your visitors.

You even went ahead to adding pop under ads that will automatically redirect your site users to other fucking sites because you need money. By the time your user is redirected 2-3 times he immediately exit your site

I believe site with too many ads rarely produce unique contents so do others believe. so don't spoil your site with ads. let your ads be liken a design even making your site more appealing to visitors. also use ads that fit your blogging niche. just imagine when you are using porn ads for website like kingsweb did you think that will appeal your site visitors even those who love porn won't like it because it wasn't placed in the right place.

Did you have a bad design using blogger , you can Get my template and make your site look nice but if you are using wapka platform i can help you design a simple design website like my wapka site with just a token and if you are using WordPress host you can try free frontier theme I gues that's a mobile and PC fitting site that every user should love.. Don't hesitate to get your site a better design CU's design itself is traffic.

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