3,000 mysteries you never knew about the copy and paste blogger

Your mother is a successful blogger "lol your dad just started blogging because your mother has made it blogging you too you just ran into the lane of blogging because your mother is blogging and making money your home becomes the bloggers home. effects of copy and paste

Your mum hardly publish two posts in a day while your dad can publish 59 posts in a day sitting with his PC but you taking your dad as a role model can also publish 30 posts or more.

After about two years of blogging your dad was able to publish 10,000 posts and your mum 500 posts and you 3,500 posts now it came to pass that when you go to Google search console to check your clicks from Google you saw 2,000 clicks your dad saw 3,500 clicks and your mum's click was 10,000 clicks!!! You are like shit, mum but you only have 500 posts nah so why on earth will that be? you and your dad concluded by saying Google can cheat forgetting you were doing copy and paste while the mother is busy writing the little she can for uniqueness

What am i driving out here is that it doesn't matter how many posts you have on your blog but what matters is how many people the little posts are appealing to. Copy and paste will not only spoil your online reputation as a blogger but will as make you loose many things which i will disclose on my list on the effects of copy and pastes.

I see people who are ready to pay ! they goes like how much will i give you to help me set my SEO !! damn did you think money can solve it? getting organic traffic is like running heavenly race (hahaha) every man carries his own cross , your money cannot help you unless you decide to help yourself.

Come to think of it o even if you pay me to set SEO for you i will do nothing but submit and verify your site and sitemap on Google which is a very simple thing you can do but submitting your site and sitemap is just a gateway to SEO even if you have done that and still rot in copy and paste your SEO will still be very poor until you start producing something unique. I know you clicked on this post because you want to see the 3,000 mysteries you never know about copy and paste! i just named my title according to its importance the 3,000 signifies how crucial the posts is "how how do you expect me to write that " nah wa for you do you think this who website will be enough ? maybe when am ready to write that you will lend me one part of your website lol!!! it's fun anyway. without time waste let delve into the topic of the day.

Why Do bloggers Copy and paste?

=>They believe the internet is too wide! Yes you heared me right. one of the major reason why blogger do copy and paste is because they think who will see me after all my visitors won't know where i copied it from yes that might be true but have you considered Google that sees everywhere?

If nobody sees you Google is there to penalize your site for stealing other people's contents.

=>They are too Lazy to write! I was chatting with a friend on whatsapp he said he want to apply for Google AdSense and i told him not to bother if he has nothing unique about his web....lol the guy says how will he be writing when he is not a journalist and besides writing is too had nah

I began to wander if other people are to be lazy like that who will write for you to copy? and besides the Internet would have been crammed with the same write ups without any new thing been added.

Just imagine the enjoyment in copy and paste lol you just highlight copy to your blog before you know it you have 20 or more posts in just a day hmmm nice but bad it is just an act of laziness.

=>They can write but no time! If you are the type that write but have little time there is no need to be so curious about satisfying your audience thereby going into copying and pasting.

You can schedule your writing time.even if it is three times in a week keep blogging with uniqueness.

=>They are not too good in writing! while on earth will you go for military work when you don't want to shoot or kill.

Another word for blogging is writing to my own understanding. so if you must blog you must learn how to write but if you don't then I will advice you keep off blogging for the now. There are many ways to learn writing online.. blog writing is the most easiest writing you can think of it is not like the essay or letter writing in your school. I have some articles to help you in writing blog posts

How to write a long tail blog posts for better optimisation

Solution when all my writing inspirations are gone

How to write a viral blog post

How To avoid copy and paste

there are methods copy and paste and this to to go against the above reasons why you copy and paste

If you can avoid the reason why you copy and paste you will definitely learn to write your own articles

Having learnt from the above let us highlight some effects of copy and paste in blogging

Effects of copy and paste in blogging

©AdSense Hate it- You may say who cares but you will know later when other ads frustrate your life. but the worst part of it is that when before you realize you should have become a copy and paste victim you have already published 200 articles or more. now tell me what will you do with the articles to make Google accept you? will you delete all , draft all and write new ones,or start a new blog?

They say make hay while the sun shines . it is better you begins to correct the trash now than to wait for it to mature beyond correction

©Google Hate it- Don't tell me you don't get organic traffic when all your posts are copy and paste because i won't respond to that.

Google sees every where , he is the god of the internet the omnipresence of the web so don't cheat on yourself in the name of cheating on Google. just like you can't cheat on God so you can't cheat on Google.

©Your readers Hate it- lol i was reading a copy and paste articke one day the author was a male but the original writer is a female so the copy cat didn't even care to read the post.

inside the post the girl was referring to herself which made me know she is a girl but looking at the author he was a boy i quickly realized it was not only copy and paste but the foolish copy and paste.

Did you think your readers will love such nonsense and come back for your blog? !! big lies.

©You may loose your site- If the original owner sees the article he or she might decide to Use Google DMCA or you and this might cause you your whole site.

You may be charged to court for copy and paste. just imagine you go to jail because of digital stealing (i don't know what English to qualify such stealing by tricks)

©It is unreligious- I was thinking about this aspect on a faithful day damn it really makes me almost go mad. If in your church , mosque or what even religion you belong that stealing is a sin. and here online we say copy and paste is stealing don't you know you are not keeping the commandments if you are a victim of copy and paste.

You are only stealing by tricks that's the difference but you will be judged accordingly just like a popular musician" every man has the right to decide his own destiny but in the judgment day there's no partiality so you are on your own!,!,

You can make it with copy and paste

Don't even go back to read the above headline again you just red it well. you can make it with copy and paste. what is make it?

Make it in blogging is the ability for your blog to return income at the end if the day or months.Let me tell you one secrete you may not know!! most of the Nigerians entertainment bloggers you see today who are making better income from their entertainment blogs are not really good writers but good in copy and paste

The only things you need to make it as a copy and paste blogger are! approved AdSense account , entertainment blog and your bank account #period

You can create a unique blog after getting Google AdSense you move the AdSense to your copy and paste entertainment blog. this is because entertainment blogs get huge traffic compare to other blogging niches

If you mean business you can even but Google AdSense if you think no time to do a unique blog that can get AdSense approval.

You can publish more than 20posts in a day if you are smart like me share the on Facebook with catchy headlines and see what will happen to your AdSense earning in the next one month but don't forget to insert you ads in the middle of your posts .

The only people or niche that can easily make it with copy and paste is the entertainment blogger with Google AdSense. .

you have learnt alot about copy and paste, why people copy and paste , how to make it with copy and paste and how to avoid copy and paste please tell us how the above article have helped you and what contribution have you got in our comment section bellow

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