Understanding Wapka forum and page linking_make users find contents for every click

I have taught something similar to Creating wapka categories and adding contents under the categories but just of recent a good friend of mine requested the tutorial so i have come up again to write it in a more comprehensive way. perhaps this will help many users who are yet to understand wapka to its fullness

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When i newly started wapka ,the greatest Challenge i have then was making users click on my links and finding the contents according to the headline of the link e.g when they click on music , video ,games it will take them to the desired page.

You see !!! one thing about wapka is that wapka deals with pages and IDs please take note of that statement. and you may ask

What is wapka Pages ?

The area where you upload your contents in wapka is the wapka page ad without the page there is no way you can add items such as the about us, contact us and other valuable items because such are added under the wapka pages

What is Wapka IDs

In wapka every single page you create , you will be given a new ID for the page e.g i just created my wapka site so i went to my admin mode and click on pages then i crested new page which i named About us That page automatically becomes page one which is the ID because it is the first page you have created in your wapka site.

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As soon as you create another page e.g Naija music the ID becomes 2 and so on. In wapka there is no limit of pages you can create. you can create as many pages as you want.

The wapka forum also goes with ID. when you go to your wapka site and clicked on forum then you created a new forum e.g football gist ,when you open the forum you will see the forum ID under it e.g 11223547 the more the forum you create you keep getting various ID for each forum and in wapka you can create as many forum as possible

Before You think of making your contents appear and be clickable in your wapka site you must have to create the pages or the forums where you want to link users to....so let us create one forum and one page then let us link it and get to other essential duties on board instead of time waste.### I hate repetition and unnecessary questions that's why i take hours in writing one tutorial so please read carefully..

How to create Wapka pages and know your page ID

Login to your wapka admin mode as usual and click on edit site button and selected New page which is the first option as seen above how to create pages in wapka

After click on new page a new Windows opened where i wrote my page name and so the required page settings then i submitted it.. .

My page appeared on my homepage according to the name i have given to it and when I clicked on the page it was empty because i haven't added items and under it i saw the page ID as 1meaning it is the first page i have created

Now i have successful know my page ID for All music Loaded which is the page and my ID for this page is 1 note yours too because yours and mine might be differ in a case where you already have other pages on your site.

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How to create Wapka Forum

Login to your wapka admin mode as usual and click on edit site button and selected forum from the given options not pages this time. how to create pages in wapka

Now a new page showed up prompting me to put my page name so i did and do all the other settings then i submitted. But don't forget to to your forum type as structured forum not simple forum...you can see that in the second step.

Now when i submit the forum it appeared so i clicked on it and under the forum i saw the ID as 112998764

I have successfully created a new page with the ID as 1 and a new forum with the ID as 112998764 now i want it to be in a clickable way so that when users click on it then it will direct them to the page and forum i have created ( i called it wapka already created pages and forum linking )

How to link pages in wapka

<a href="http://wealthyhome.wapka.mobi/site_0.xhtml">Visit My Web</a>

If you place this short hyper text link code in your wapka through HTML/wml it will give you a clickable link which will direct you to page 0 when users click on the linkVisit my web that's how to link your pages in wapka.

You can change the 0 to any site ID and you can also. change the hypertext to fit with the page you want to link your users to e.g music,video, etc.

How to link Wapka Forums

<a href="http://wealthyhome.wapka.mobi/forum2_112362526.xhtml">News forum</a>

If you put the above in your wapka HTML/wml section it will form a link with the titleNews Forum and when users click on it they will be redirected to the above forum ID 112362526 so you will have to create forums name them accordingly and use there forum IDs to link them any were you want them in your site

Learn how to add content to your pages

I won't just end my write up this way without giving you a pro menu code to place in your wapka site for easy navigation

The above code will give you something of this nature

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From the code just change your required forum IDs and pages to yours change the texts to fit the IDs you are changing and where you see my site name change it to your own. You can read about it here

Put the code in your HTML/wml area of your wapka site.I think we call it a day for now but note questions and answers is allowed in case you find any difficulty!!!!!

Please don't forget we offer wapka building codes here apart from given you wapka tutorials and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail- Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com remember this tutorial was also requested by a friend so request yours and get them!!!

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