Lamidi OluwaSeun of is a top Nigeria online scammer don't fall for him

How to Know online scammers and avoid them

December ATM-BVN trick Don't be a victim

Difference between scamming spamming and phishing

Despite all of the above posts which i have written, i still have the guts to fall for a cheap foolish online scammer in fact i deserve more than 10 strokes of hot lashes. But it's unfortunate you are not here to punish me so am a free man indeed.

It all started few weeks ago when a friend asked me to get him Google AdSense , So i have to make some search for one and God so kind i met a good friend of mine to be the owner of the AdSense.( I was happy because i thought am save in his hands as a friend but i never knew he is just an ordinary poor scammers who is looking for money to buy Xmas wears for his girlfriend or rather girlfriends lol.

I negotiated with the thief whose identify will be fully revealed as we continue ,and we concluded on 8k (8,thousand naira for a verified US AdSense ) because my friend who needed this stuff was curious i have to make payment immediately as the guy has already paid to my account.

After payment the thief refused to give me the details so i pleaded and he gave me one detail. I immediately sent it to my friend and he logged in and discovered the AdSense associated with the email is already banned so he called back on me.and i have to meet my friend who sold the AdSense to me because i was just acting as a middle man

Some days has gone and he never seize laying one complain or the other after about two days of too much disturb from the other friend who want to buy the AdSense i have to forward is 8k back to him from my own account because he was already labelling me a scammer and i have promised myself never to do anything that will destroy my online reputation i will rather pay any price to remain trusted online that was why i paid him back with immediate effect to avoid blackmailing.

So i faced the scammer call him on phone several times but he snubbed me text messages he never replied Facebook chats he is dumb so i immediately realized i have been scammed. I sent him some cool memorial messages and before i know it he removed me (wink) my disturbs are to much

But before he removed me i have promised to make sure i let over 20,000 persons or more Nigerians and foreigners know about him. According to record he is even a criminal in real life when i try make some research from those who knows him. He has kept a very awful record of criminal acts not only online but offline as well.and you know such person have nothing good to give you .

He not only scam Nigerians but he also scam foreigners in the name of BTC, webdesign , AdSense, PayPal funds and the rest.( according to record). so if you are from outside country reading this post you are also concerned don't say you are not concerned yes you are!!! Having known how he scammed me let me now show you the criminal identity.

Lamidi Oluwaseun IS the criminal and the online fraudstar

His name is- Lamidi Oluwaseun He claimed to be living in Abuja and he is the owner of the bellow websites


Whatsapp Number and Phone number and other contact details are listed bellow

  • Contact: 2348104212524
  • E-mail:
  • Whatsapp-2348104212524
  • 2Go- Opeyemi10606
  • Twitter -
  • Facebook Profile-
  • Facebook page-
I won't leave any stone unrolled bellow is Lamidi Oluwaseuns Sky Bank details which he sent to me on facebook lamidi skybank details

But don't be foolled if he comes up with other details he remains the same Bellow are parts of our chats on facebook messangerAfter having paid lamidi-oluwaseun


I have already paid the price (though am not Jesus) so the only thing you will do no is to make sure you share this post effectively . Don't say because you are not from Nigeria or you can't be a victim so you won't share never.

The next victim might be your uncle, your cousin, Your dad or mum your friends brothers and sisters ,course nates and class mates your teachers and lecturers or any body. but did you know that sharing this post can save some souls out there? don't let others be a victim of what i have just passed through. Note even if he has done a deal with you before without scamming you don't go for another deal he is thickish the first deal is small that's why he didn't scam. But this time around you have known him so protect yourself and others by sharing this post to your Facebook , twitter ,instagram and other social medias

Before i exit this page i must not forget to tell you he offers exam runs on one of his sites which are fake don't buy any thing or make any deal with Lamidi Oluwaseun he is a criminal and an online scammer but if you are the stubborn fly then you can go ahead.

Am promoting this post on Facebook !! you can also contribute if you love your country and if you want to protect them from scammers. More research are on board we shall bring to book any online scammer here !!! My last warning is Add Lamidi Oluwaseun to your black list

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  1. Make una help me tell am say nah thunder go dirvirgn am (laffs)

    kennedy why u cum fall 4 him nah.

  2. Bro nah because the guy nah trusted friend not knowing he is just a green snake under green grass but please help me all of you reading this post let us all put an end this thief online career of not he will still scam many others !!

    Share this post if you have a blog you can post it on your blog you are very free thanks

  3. Same reason I don't like this Adsense buying & selling, I prefer to apply. I just hope something is Done. Goodluck

  4. Oscar i have bring him to book sha. Hope you know me no online entrepreneur or fellow blogger scam me and go scot free i will make i end your online career in less than two months and you will be no were to be found online.

    If you scam me you made a wrong choice am just too bad lol don't worry you all will hear from me

  5. am promising to blackmail him on my site

    EARN UP TO $10,000 EVERY WEEK.