Top10 most visited websites in Nigeria and their alexa rank.

alexa global traffic rank is a measure of how a website is doing relative to all other sites on the web over the past 3 months.

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How to creat a wordpress site from scratch using .

The rank is calculated using a proprietary methodology that combines a site's estimated average of daily unique visitors and its estimated number of pageviews over the past 3 months. alexa provides a similar country- specific ranking, which is a measurement of how a website ranks in a particular country relative to other sites over the past month.

Advantages of alexa rank-

  • Count 100% Of Your Real Traffic
  • A More Accurate Alexa Rank
  • Better Analytics Reports
  • Monitor Your Site’s Performance
  • Publish Your Metrics to Boost Advertising Revenue

Bellow is the list of the top 10websites amd there alexa rank

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Zoranga is a Nigerian mobile money service that converts airtime to cash.

To day the world has grown wide in the areas of technology, and the rate of online crises also increased in term of online scamming and fraud.

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But in these midst of plenitude scammers there lies the legit and trustworthy fellows in which I have tested and confirmed.

We have come to a stage were we can now send and receive real money online via many platforms, but among all i will point out Zoranga the most trusted and mass functioned platform. in which :-

You can easily deposite money to your online account-Zoranga via recharge card

Save The Money online via "Zoranga" S-wallet

you can also transfer the money on your zoranga account to your main bank account

buy recharge card online with the money in your zoranga accont.

Transfer money from your Zoranga account to another zoranga account or to your bank account or use it to buy airtime online.

You can also receive money via zoranga from fellow zoranga members

The S-wallet feature of zoranga

S-wallet is a savings plan introduced by Zoranga that let's customers save money through their Zoranga account until the given maturity date. The tenure of an S-Wallet account can vary from 1, 3 or 6 months to a year and can be as high as 3 years. It's classified as a fixed deposit account.

On the date of maturity, you can withdraw your total deposit and your earned interest to your Zoranga account . Money in your Zoranga account can be sent directly to your bank account or can be cleared from an agent nearest to you.

Other features and benefits:-

You can close your S- wallet account before the maturity period. This is called Zoranga account.and you can transfer money from your Zoranga account to your S- wallet account. It's very simple after having registered with zoranga

How To get started with zoranga

To get started with zoranga visite zoranga visite zoranga registeration portal after registeration a new page will pop-out from that page click on zoranga logo at the top of the site you will be asked to fill some form such as your Email-mobile number-date of birth etc .

after filling submit your form and immediately the main page of zoranga will apear i this form -showing you the bellow in link form
  • Welcome back to Zoranga.

Now with the menu that will show like above menu you will be able to manage your account!!!

How to deposite into your Zoranga account using airtime methode

Click on deposite on your own zoranga account a new menu will pop-out listing the various methods through which you can deposite

,Click on WITH AIRTIME PIN a page will apear telling you to put your Recharge card pin and and the amount you want to deposite After right filling the short form click on deposite now and your acc will be credited.


only MTN recharge card is accepted for now @ZORANGA.

How to transfer money on your zoranga account!

to transfer click on TRANSFER MONEY from your menu then a new menu will apear as bellow:-
from this menu make your choice pending on who you want to transfer the money to and fill the form that will pop-out from the next page after submitting the money will be deducted from your account.

HOW to buy airtime using your zoranga account!.

Click on BUY AIRTIME from your account menu then a new page will apear telling you to change your pin with any four digit pin i.e if you have not done that before. after changing your pin you will be re-directed back to the main menu click again on BUY AIRTIME from the same menu and a new page will open asking you to fill in the
  • Amount you want to send
  • the recipient's phone number
  • and the four digit pin you just change

after filling the form click on Buy now and immediately the money will be deducted from your account and it will e credited to the recipient's number you filled on the form innitially!

You can also become Zoranga agent to earn more commissions£.

A Zoranga agent is an authorized independent retailer trained to provide Zoranga services to customers. A Zoranga agent is in direct contact with customers wherever they live and work. For this reason, the most successful Zoranga agents are likely to be people with existing businesses that are trusted in their communities and have a loyal customer base.

Role of a Zoranga agent

The role of a Zoranga Agent includes:
  • New customer registration
  • Providing Zoranga customers with help
  • Selling zorapin to Zoranga customers
  • Selling airtime
  • Performing transactions on behalf of the customer
  • Processing cash withdrawal requests

  • Benefits and earnings

    As a Zoranga agent you receive commissions, increased foot traffic to your existing business. In addition, your role as a Zoranga agent gives you a competitive advantage over other businesses who offer the same goods and services that you do, as your store will become more of a one-stop shop.

    Commission based earnings

    Zoranga agents receive a commission on every customer transaction they perform. For instance an agent earns 5% of all Zorapin sales. The more transactions carried out, the more money you will earn. This can result in a substantial new revenue stream.

    Qualifications and setup

    Every Zoranga agent must have an internet enabled device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) in order to conduct financial transactions on behalf of customers. Upon approval as a Zoranga agent, the prospective agent is expected to pay a one-time setup fee of ₦10,000.

    Additional, interested candidates must email a scanned copy of the following documents; ID or equivalent (Driver’s license, National Id card, Int’l passport), proof of Address (Utility bills e.g. PHCN) and a passport photograph

    Zoranga helpdesk for immediate support

    You can Contact Zoranga via email. All emails are replied within Mon-Sat 09:00- 18:00 GMT +1

    Email: Call or SMS: +2348067238359

alternative method to write blog post with ease

Many webmasters today have been facing difficulties when it comes to writing a blog post in several aoccations.

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How to creat a wordpress site from scratch using .

i remember when i was still a young wapmaster back in 2013 i sometime write a complete post after writing maybe about to publish my phone will just go off, as result of low battery or something entirely may transpire.

when i put the phone onn again all that i have been typing for a very long time will be no were to be found and i will be left with no option but to start typing againg!!!!!.

and i know many newbie and even gurux have been finding it difficult to resolve this issue of finish the typing or get ready to start again

i have come with a new tutorial to help you publish your post with ease and at any time any day..

with this tutorial even if your phone went off in the proccess of typing as soon as you put it on weather at that moment or even in a month time you will continue from where you stoped and not even a world will be loss!!!

This tutor is what is also use when i am writing a post and i have a very limited time i do write one post for 3-4 days when i have a limited time .

i do it bit by bit maybe when i come from work in the evening i do little writing before i go to bed and the next day with this trick i can continue from the same place till i get it done and finally copy the post to my blog and publis it.

what are the advantages of this trick?
  • --1.You do your typing offline with the use of an app.
  • --2 you will never spend a thime
  • can do your writing bit by bit based on the nature of your job.
  • --4 your text can be saved in htm format in your OS and many more to discover........

How do i get started now that i have get it all? To get started download and install this android app called WEBMASTER LITE.APK after that you can start using it NOTE:-no setting is needed

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How to Become a good English orator in a jiffy and write a killer blog post.

English is a widely used language in the whole universe and as such you must be an english orator.

Blogging today may never work smoothly if your blog posts are published in your mothers tongue, cus 80% of your blog readers may likely be good at english and not your own native language. apart from blogging it has other advantageous effects on you been good in english language,such as social media and public opinion issues.

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How to creat a wordpress site from scratch using .

am here again to teach you how to be a good Eng. Orator(skillful speaker) in term of grammertical expressions in less than one year,so as to be a good writer since you cannot write what yoi dont speak.

I attended a school were students hardly communicate in english language unless on rare basis,and as a result my english was very poor though am a skillful writer i was not a skillful speaker and you know well you can not write what you dont know, you only write the things you know!!. i was therefore left behind by my pals who attended the excellent performing category schools."

i become very pissed-off each time i find myself been abashed for the sake of english.

I decided not to only learn english but at the same time be an orator both in terms of grammer..

Now let asume you reading this post can speak english very well, but we are talking about the grammatical aspect.many of you can speak english but you are not good in the grammertical areas of english,and your english can never look mature untill that aspect is finally applied!

How to be good orator in grammertical aspects of english:-

The only way is by learning yes i know it, and you also know it. but there is a more easy way you can learn it instead of that method you are using now. When i was in jss1 i use to write vocabularies in a notebook so i can be going through them in my convenient time , and i know many of us still do what am talking about even till now. yes it's one of the best ways you can learn grammer because it helped me alot but one thing you must know, is the phone in your hand also make it more easier than other patern: Let me explain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when i was using the paper and pen method in jotting my vocabs i learnt at the speed of 55%. but earlier last year i decided to find myself a new methode which is the use of quickmemo on my android phone and mysafe on my java phone, and with this method i learnt at the speed of 75% i.e its a better option to use than paper and pen method. Then the combination of this two method of learning is what i use now and i learn @ speed 99.8% up to date.

What are the required materials for this learning???? Buy a hard cover notebook Buy a dedicated pen i.e only for vocabs. An english dictionary either on your phone or the paper type . but i prefare the paper type in this occation. and your handset (phone)download Quickmemo.apk or Notes.apk if you are using android and mysafe.jar if you are using java Complete tutorial on how to become an orator (skillful speaker) in English lang. 2016 alternative method in writing a blog post with ease!!. in my own hard cover i was able to gather over 5thousand grammers which are commonly used in our daily activites and self expressions..

Now in your own hard cover you need to start working if you are ready to learn. pick up your dictionary start looking for the most useful words you need jot them down...but i preffer you start opening the dictionary insearch for this words alphabetically i.e from A-Z so you wount miss out any one. As you are writing, you are only writing but not learning yet!! to start learning pick 5 words weekly from the hard cover. the five for the week should be joted on your quickmemo if you are using android and on your Mysafe if you are using java phone so that you can easily memorise it when you forget anyone you are joting it to your phone because you can easily pick your phone and get the daily word rather than going to your notebook again. your phone can be mobile i.e you carry it anywere with this method you can be good in grammer if you are dedicated to it.....learn five new words every week with your phone and these 5new words will be copied from your hard cover.

you JOT it this way week1
  • pal:- friend
  • adore:-to love
  • abood:-a place were you live
  • shun:- to avoid

Now through out the week1 you will only learn and concentrate on these five new-words you joted on your phone from your hardcover notebook .

NOTE:- do not look to the affairs of others new-words but the five on your quickmemo..for the week to eschew confusing yourself.

Additional Note:- Read books of all kind:- i have also learnt alot from reading assorted books,and i gained plenitude knowledge. if you must be a good and excellent orator you must learn from this form of reading!!! you can't be lazy about reading and yet you want to become an from websites and anywere you think you can derive needful comprehension which will not have a diminishing effect on you.

Listen to the radio and other information medias! You can easily learn through your radio, tv,handset and other information medias. as they speak,listen and learn the way they arrange and parkage their sentences then derive your knowledge from it

. Practice and dont be affraid to make mistakes....

dwell in the mist of those who can put you through! Be pationate about learning new ideas daily

with the above tips you are good to go!!!!! looking forward to see you in our next post. and dont forget to hit on like button or POST-REPLY before you exit this page.

My 2016 working traffic trick-newsletter and SEO alternative for every blogger

Hey readers we have come up with a new method through which you can easily reach the audience with your site link even without posting on any social media or spamming any site with your site link!

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How to creat a wordpress site from scratch using .

you might be wandering if it can ever be real but I asure you it 10 o on on3% real.the rapid change on this site counter is never from seo or any source but from the trick which is still under proper inscription before it will finally be published to the audience.

What's it all about?

this traffic generation strategy is one of the best and easiest way of generating huge traffic without spamming

here is how it works: I will show you how you can generate any amount of emails online....

you can generate them according to gender and from any selected country of your choice. e.g if you want only female Nigeria to know about your blog you can select the amount of female Nigerians you want and the amount of selected email will be generated....

Now after generating you will need to separate all the emails with comma and you know how tedious that could be....I.e supposing you generated 1,000 emails it won't be so easy to start separating them one after the other. as a result I will also teach you how you can seperate as many emails with just a single click.

And finally I will teach you how you will turn the generated emails into traffic.

People do email you with there site link attached to there messages and in Manny occasion where the information provided is necessary you click on there site link....maybe you subscribed to there newsletters that was y they were able to get your email but in this case people don't need to subscribe to your newsletter...

How i use this trick- and it works for me

I have been using this trick for more than a month since I discovered it,to make sure it a working trick before publishing it.

I do send more than 5000 mails daily or whenever I create a new topic on this blog and ever since I see the great change transpiring as a result of this working trick which suddenly turn around my blog traffic with ease.

each time I check my traffick I discovered that the action of these latest trick which I titled SEO ALTERNATIVEhas the greatest impact.

What are the requirements to complete this tutor?

You must not own a computer first before this can be done. all you need is any internet enabled gadget and you are "I think this guy is going to talk about newsletterwhich i already know about." But I tell you it is far different from what you gat there in your taught!

Now just imagine you reaching at least 5000 audience from any country of your choice in a day with a sweat and good well prepared topic or post from your site attaching your site link.

Tell me if only you can get 1000 hits on your site through this method."Will you ever say you don't have audience to read your post?" HOW TO GET STARTED

In this tutorial we are going to make use of some certain websites which are listed bellow. They have assorted functions but the combination of all brings the required result.

Here are steps to use the above listed websites

  • Now Register at least two different as a publisher and one as an advertiser at BIDVERTISER
  • after that Click Here and generate mails of your choice
  • After generating, CLICK HERE to seperate the generated-mails with comma

After the above steps you have to download webmasters lite.apk here as recommended by me.
install the webmasters lite. and paste the emails you seperated with comma at the webmasters lite. after installing and opening the installed file.Now save the email in html for at the webmasters lite. Reason for saving the mails at your webmasters lite. are:-
  • it helps you to retain the mails so as to message them any time you publish new post on your blog!.

  • Now that you have the emails seperated and saved what next.?

    Go back to bidvertiser and login your account and click Recommendat the top right hand side[RHS]. a new page will pop out asking you to send your message.

    :-How to compose your message to attract more readers!
    • Choose a better headline!
    • your message should contain short description of whats in your link
    • always remember to attach your working link to the short description in other to get the complete post from your blog
    after the Recommend page has opened, There you will find three boxes,fill in the required form but in place of email put the already seperated mails you saved via your webmasters lite. ^and Send your message.

    Immediately all the clients on the generated mail-list will get your then left for them to read there mail message and visite your site through the attached link.

    What are the challanges you may likely face in this process?

    • a blocked account at bidvertiser:-
    once the server notice you are sending too many messages at the same interval you may be considered a spammer thereby getting your account bloked…!,
    Solution Dont use one bidvertiser acc to send multiple messages at a time instead ,creat many accounts and send via them at random to avoid been blocked.

    Note:-Do not use opera to carry out this tutoria else it might not work for you.Use other browsers aside opera-mini browser. !!!!Goodluck!!!

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Updated-How to edit Bloggers template using android mobile phone

When i just started blogging on the platform "Blogger", i faced alot of difficulties expecially editing my template which was the most tedious part since i have no pc as a beginer blogger.

So i have no option but to make someone who have pc and is good at blogger my site admin so as to help in editing my template.

Though most of the time the work done is not satisfactory but "a begger have no choice "so i just have to let it be.

After a whole lot of research i come up with this working trick on

how to edit your template on your mobile android device

.i have come to help the beginers who are still facing difficulties in editing there template with mobile.

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Top 5 Things Every Wapmaster Love Most In The Blogging Sphere !

How to creat a wordpress site from scratch using .

follow bellow steps carefully and do it yourself[operation do it yourself]

  • Download 920 text editor.apk on your android device.
  • Step1 login your bloggers dasboard
  • Click on template and hit on Restore/backup at the right hand top of your bloggers dashboard
  • Hit on download template
  • after downloading open the downloaded file it will open via 920 text editor you downloaded in the above first step.
  • edit your template now and save in xml format after editing to your taste
  • now go back to your bloggers dashboard
  • Click on template and hit on Restore/backup at the right hand top of your bloggers dashboard
  • now Upload the xml file you saved from your SD card.

you are done with the tutor. see you in our next post

Top 5 Things Every Wapmaster Love Most In The Blogging Sphere !

every blogger/wapmaster who has bring up an effort to design a web/wapsite and also purchase a custom domain name have a vission, and even before and within the vission he/she is always happy and proud of his blog when he sees some characteristics such as listed bellow

SEE ALSO: Updated-How to edit Bloggers template using android mobile phone .."> How to creat a wordpress site from scratch using .

-Comment,share and like

I have been a wapmaster since 2013 and have designed many blogsites and wap/websites within this years, and with the experience i got over this years has shown that in every blog/website share,like or comment box is always included not just because the blog's author wants it but because it sweets every blogger to see his/her website having plenty of comments,likes or share by the visiting audience! it's an evidence of how well your site is doing weather low traffic site or huge traffic site.

-Request from audience!!

Naturally we are always proud of ourselfs when someone plead you to help him do something in a request form,eaither because you have or you can do the thing as needed by the person.

So also applied in the bogging world you as a site owner love it when you see your site visitors making request of what you are capable of doing! for some certain reasons:-

*it brings you closer to the audience *you become more superrior *you are refered to by the audience thereby helding you more fame! *Your knowledge will be widely spread(home and abroad i.e for the non-selfish ones.

-Huge numbers of registered users

For bloogers who have registeration portals in there web, they are always happy seeing the numbers of Registerd usersincrease dailly. This simply signifies people are visiting your site and they are concerned about it.

-Traffic increment

Your traffic your income, your traffic your post readers, your traffic your blog!.

a blog without traffic is like a barren woman.(they yield no fruit).your blogs traffic determine the income you earn from it because the more the traffic the more the add clicks. and no blogger will like to see his blogpost unviewed by visitors after causing him sleepless night to write the post. therefore its every bloggers pleasure to see a rampant change in his blog's traffic.

-income source

above all that i have make mention of,this is the most crucial and essential one .Every blogger love it when there blog is the income source! including you and i for some reasons

*you spend money to purchase a domain. *You spend your time writing blog posts to satisfy the readers. *You need money like i do. +In conclution every blogger love it expecially when there Traffic source is mostly from google.

4 most awesome blogging tips every blogger must implement.

You are your blogs/websites killer and enemy.

like we know in the phisical world-an enemy is someone who hates you and never want to see your success and this phisical enemy allways adopt some certain characters plus strategies to get you down.

With my years and experience in the race of wapmatering, i have noticed that a web/wapaster can be his own site killer at the same time running here and there for success for the same website!

You are now wandering how can one kill his own child raise him again and kill him back is there any sence in nonsence?.

if you cannot creat a blog for the vission of beeing successful in future, it's a better you creat non to avoid a lost effort.

After creating a blog there a certing principles guiding the success of that already created blog and this success can not be achieved unless the principles are met first.

Many bloggers today forgets the blogging principle and see they are searching for a vain success -you are only killing your blog with your bare hands! and you will see no change till the principles are properly and orderlly met. to cut short the story talk bellow are some certain principles every blogger must follow if you dont want to be your blog's killer-:

[1…Direct-Copy and paste can harm your blog negatively.

when i first started blogging i hate to see people say copy and paste is bad because i was an expert in the field of copy and paste. But latter on i began to understand what it means byCOPY AND PASTE.

i thought the meaning sounds like the pronounciation but not quite long in the race of webmastering i bagan to understand that that same thing can posses a different meaning from its pronounciation!.if there is no copy and paste webdesign become more tedious

.i.e every wapmaster do copy and paste poste from other site there is no doubt about it. if you say no to the point that every webmaster is a copy and paste victim let asume you run an entertainment blog and you went to a fellow entertainment blog like yours,there you saw an headline like

Olamide a popular 9ja musician is dead

you clicked on the headline and red the story after that you find out the story is true and you would like your site visitors get that same info:- now what will you do,will you say because you dont want to be a copy and paste victim therefore you wount post it on your blog?

or after reading will you start to furge a story that has no transpired in your presence? all this question are what i keep asking myself in other to convince my concience that copy and paste is good then like you are doing now....though every webmaster uses copy and paste, but yours still sound LOUDER than there,because you used what i called[u]


copy and paste while they uses the


copy and paste

Like the above names implies A DIRECT copy and paste is the type of copy and paste were both the headline,image and all post content is copied to your blog without the change of a single phrase,word or sentence.You are the killer of your blog when you uses this kind of copy and paste because it affect your


negatively in the sence that search engines are very sensive to catch such acts....

But INDIRECT copy and paste is the type other webmasters uses on there is the opposite of direct copy and paste. you copy re-write and publish!!

I know writing a new blog post is always a problem to you just because you think what you are about to write will not interest the audience because you know very little about what the audience needs most..but i tell you today you will learn how to do it with ease!!

How to write a new blog post with ease

having done with the different copy and past we have let now bring it up in a way it can help you in publishing a new post writing by you without any copywrite... let asume you want to write on the topic:-

How to wash your garment.

all you have to do is go to your and type the topic on the search box then on the top result read this topic from 3-4 different sites compare the similarities,understand the topic,re-phrase and re-write the topic as though you are an expert with the idea derived from the other sits never try to copy it directly if you do you can never cheat on google.But in the indirect way google will never comprehend it.

hopefully with this post you will find it easy to write your own blog post to avoid been the killer of your blog.

[2…You dont want to spend but you want to earn:-

having done with the first step i present the second crucial one which every newbie wapmaster was once a victim except from those who learnt earlier!.

Many web/wapmasters today just think it a race of rush and rush out but i tell you it a race of invest to earn or do not invest and do not they say he who uses a goat to set a trap who knows what he will catch?

so if you must earn from your blog you must invest on the blog!

[3…You post the unnecessary than the Necessary:-

As a webmaster you have to sorth out what is needed most by your site visitors rather than posting the unnecessary things:

when new visitors come in contact with your site in several occations and it happened that your site solved there problem believe me they will never hesitate checking out for new updates.

your site become the everything in there bookmark and saved pages they even go to the extent of telling others about your site, thereby making your site more popuar!

[4…You are a lazy type

web/wapmaster who are lazy earn a lazy result and everything about there blog becomes lazy,so also his site visitors becomes lazy in visiting his site because he is always lazy in satisfying the visitors with new updates.

a lazy wapmaster also find it difficult to inplement the blogging strategies thereby causing downfall of his blog!!

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