Now that i have created my Blogger site,what is the next step-PART1


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Setting up a blogger site is the most easiest thing any blogger could do. Even a complete newbie can set up a blogger site by simply clicking on and following the gradual process thereof.

But there are things far beyond setting up a blogger site.I was making research online far back 2013 when I started blogging I found out that blogspot is a free web design platform so I clinged on it but what amaze was was that I was a a complete newbie who knows nothing about web design" how come is it I was able to create a site at blogger-the answer goes like this it's because the creation was more easy than the implementation.

After login in to my dashboard my eyes poped out widely open for what I see was different from what I expected to see since that was my first time.Now what am trying to say is that every newbie can own a blogger site but not every newbie can implement bloggers trick at the initial stage of blogging.this leads us to this headline in which you are reading now.

Things to do when you just set up a new blogger site.

Step1:-Do the required set-up via blogger's dashboard under Settings

You can't just start posting new updates on your blog when you haven't done the required settings it is absolutely non professional act. in that case am going to teach you step by step procedures for a better blogger set up .

Before you could think of doing other things immediately after landing on your blogger dashboard

Click on Settings and it will pop out a menu click on Basic and a new page will appear at the right hand side.

There you will see





when you scroll further you will see

~Https redirect and so on

We are going to treat few of them for now

Now edit the Title and write the title of your blog then save settings The title is what users see at the top of there browser when they click on your my blog you can see my title immediately after the image on my header.

Go to description:- discribe what your site is all about e.g a mobile site for downloads,tech-updates,blogging tutorials and online income tutorial zone

The description is simply telling search engine what your site is all about. to help you rank well in google you must describe your site.

Now navigate to Https redirect and set it as YES

this enable google to recognise your site in a better way because google respect https than http so when you set it as yes your blog will be acessed via after that save your settings .

still under settings Click on Search preferencesand scroll to the bottom end you will see

custom robots txt ?

and custom robots header tag ?

Edit the first one and enable custom robots txt... Then in the check box where you will be asked to put your robots txt code add the bellow code

NOTE===Remove my sites name in the above code and replace it with yours

Now EDIT custom robots header tag enable it and mark the checkbox as shown in the bellow image.

after proper marking the checkboxes you can then save.

Step2:-Set your template for a better user's view!

As a professing professional blogger who is aspiring great hight in the blogging field you wount be using the default template.The default template is restricted from many features thereby using it will also restrict you these features. so you have to customise your template for SEO friendly and also make it awesome for pc and mobile view. if you wouldnt like to go all this mile i can help you with this site template and design. Click here

Go to your dashboard and click onTemplate

it will appear as show bellow click the settings icon under mobile template you can see it on my scree shot i circled it with black.

After displaying

Mark the first check box as shown in the image bellow.Yes, show mobile template on mobile devices

and save settings.

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How to creat a wordpress site from scratch using .

step3:- Manage the tracking of your own pageview

Managing your own pageview will enable blogger not to count your pageview in there stat.

just think of it that when working on your site you click it as many as possible when you want to check your stat you will be happy haven gotten a better pageview forgotten half of the clicks comes from to regulate this follow bellow steps

Now go back to your dashboard and click on stats after loading at the right top of the page you will see your daily,weekly,monthly page views for your site. under it you will see a blue link Manage the tracking of your own pageview click on the link and mark the checkbox that will display in the next page..

Step4:- posts,comments and sharing set up

simply go to settings and click on

posts,comments and sharing after opening scroll down and do your settings as required and loved by you.

From here i will draw the the part2 of this post we will go more advance so don't miss it you can subscribe bellow.

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5 Inspirational Quotes by Kennedy prosper to all bloggers

IF you are a blogger and you find yourself in one challange or the other, never bother yourself "for every smoke there is a fire behind it" since your challanges have roots there will always be a way to uproot them.

these quote is written and composed by me to help the weak bloggers spring up. No matter the challanges you are facing as a blogger today dont be lazy to implement any thing you think can help your blog growth. always walk extra ordinary miles to stand out among your fellow Bloggers .

if your fellow bloggers write short tail article work hard to beat them hands down by writing long tail and interesting articles.

if they do mail marketting work hard to creat video marketting and share online to grow a better audience.try any available strategy to stand out

never relent and never get tired for the end of the struggle in your blogging world is fast approaching. keep moving even when the road is narrow and filled with torns.

5 Inspiring Quotes by Kennedy prosper to all bloggers.

first saying---We (bloggers)are in the court of law and And justice must surely prevail for their is no bribery and corruption in the rought of google search engine.

Second saying---The only way to be innocent of the charges laid against you by google and its agents is to implement all googles policies and live no stone unrolled.

third saying---Blogging is like a coconut until the two outer shells are pulled out no venture.

fourth Saying----I was chased away by the challenges of blogging, I was chastised by barrister Google for I was guilty of all the charges laid against me.....

===I was found guilty of copying other people's contents

===I was found guilty of using images which are bouded by copyright law in my blog posts.

===I tried to rob Google AdSense with my illegal and copyrighted Items but unfortunately i was caught in the act.

but thank God I was given a second chance by Google this time around I would work like never before.

~I will spend all my quite time writing original contents

~I will design my own images no matter the cost

~and to say it all I will implement all necessary and required policy to get me rolling on google .

~I will never never get tired until I break through the double shells of the coconut and achieve my aim which is success.

Fifth saying---I want to be a celebrity but I wasn't fortunate to be.

I want my name all over te internet but how will I go about it.

But today here am I,very big and rich online via blogging even more than a celeberity after all my struggle I made it.Blogging brings more light to the saying "You can not build a hut sitting under the shade"

Note=== Like i always say incase you forget " Blogging is not a get rich overnight platform"

i rest my case.what do think and what is your opinion for young blogger....????? free online tool for a better blog post write-up

knowing the number of words or characters in a document can be important.

For example, if the author of a blog is required to write a minimum or maximum amount of words for an article online or paper, this word counting tools can help them know if their article meets these requirements.

Site owners, novelist, students and other business associates needs wordcounter in as much as they have some write-up to present.

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How to creat a wordpress site from scratch using .

Today am going to talk about worldcounter in detail i.e discussing functions and how to use it as the best and reliable word counting tools for counting words online and even offline with the use of there app.

Wordcounter do not only count words but also have have other additional features in which they display as there result such as:-




N/A Reading Level 

Reading Time 

Speaking Time

Word counter aslo has the function of turning all your write up to upper-case or lower-case with just a single click.

Wordcounter is free of charge unlike other webtools which render paid services.

They also help to check the keyword density in each write-up and above all they check your spellings to make sure you secure a better article.

How to use wordcounter??

wordcounter is easy to use just visite WORDCOUNTER.NETthe homepage will display asking you to put the text you want to analys just paste or write your text in the textbox and and hit on GO BASIC at top to see the word and character count but too see further result click on GO ADVANCED and all results will display in full.

Apart from the above Wordcounter also have varieties of other useful tools which are helpful to webmasters such as bellow:-

More webcounter tools

The word per page

The calculator is able to provide a more accurate conversion by taking into account more specific information.

For example, you can choose from a different variety of common fonts to generate an estimate:

  • Arial
  • Calibri
  • Comic Sans MS
  • Courier Times New Roman
  • Verdana

You can then choose your preferred spacing from the following options:

===>Single spaced

===> 1.5 spaced

===>Double spaced

Finally, you can choose your preferred font size: 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14. To get started with this toolClick Here

Website word Count====

There may be certain times when instead of wanting to know the word count of your own writing, you'd like to know a website's word count.

That is, you'd like to know the word count for a website without having to actually count all the words on the page by hand. Website Word Count is a tool which will do exactly that for you. It's a website word counter created specifically so you can find out the number of words on any page on the Internet.

All you need to know is the URL of a web page, place it into the tool, and you can find out exactly how many words are on that page by hitting the "count" button. The tool will count the words on the website's page and instantly provide that number to you.

Even better, this website word counter will also provide you with a list of the keywords used on the page you request. Click Here

Alphabetize List====

It's never fun to think about all the work it's going to take when you have a long list you need to alphabetize. The good news is you can now alphabetize your list (in a variety of ways) in just a few seconds with the WordCounter Alphabetize Tool.

Step 1: Choose the type of list you have: a new line for each list item, a comma in between each list item or a space between each list item.

Step 2: Input your list into the text area.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate button on the left side for the type of alphabetizing function you want to have performed on your list.

That's all there is to it. You will have your list alphabetized within seconds saving your time and headaches. Below are some of the tool's feature options that are available: Click Here

Character Count====

Character Counter is a 100% free online character count calculator that's simple to use. Sometimes users prefer simplicity over all of the detailed writing information Word Counter provides, and this is exactly what this tool offers. It displays character count and word count which is often the only information a person needs to know about their writing. Best of all, you receive the needed information at a lightning fast speed.

To find out the word and character count of your writing, simply copy and paste text into the tool or write directly into the text area. Once done, the free online tool will display both counts for the text that's been inserted. This can be useful in many instances, but it can be especially helpful when you are writing for something that has a character minimum or limit. Click Here

Editor Counter====

Many people assume good writing is found when you write. The truth is for most writers, good writing appears when you edit. You know you have become serious about your writing when you're proud of the number of words you're able to reduce from your rough drafts when editing.

To help you see how well you've been editing, we wanted to create a counter which encourages writers to reduce their word count through editing, and the result is the Edit Counter. Click Here

Random word Generator====

The Random Word Generator is a tool to help you create a list of random words. There are many reasons one might be interested in doing this, and you're likely here because you're interested in creating a random word list. This tool can help you do exactly that.

The tool is easy to use. All you need to do is choose the number of words you want to create (the default is five, but you can input any number you'd like) and the type of words you want.

You can choose from all words, verbs only, nouns only or adjective only depending on which best meets your needs. Once done, you simply press the "Generate Random Words" button and a list of words will appear. You can use this list or you canscan them and choose the ones you want to keep by clicking on them. This will place them in the "Your Word List" area and you can build a new list that meets your needs. Below you'll find some of the common ways this tool can be used. Click Here

Capitalize Sentences====

I don't know if you're like me, but I have a habit of not capitalizing the first words in sentences when I'm writing. It's not on purpose, but there always seems to be one or two sentences where I miss the "shift" key and the first letter in the first word of a new sentence remains small. If you find that you often fail to capitalize sentences correctly when you type, it would be nice to have a tool that would check your work..

There is nothing worse than accidentally forgetting to capitalize the first word of a sentence in an important letter or correspondence you need to send out. Or when you have an essay due when grammar and punctuation count. It looks unprofessional. Leaving the first word of a sentence small isn't the first impression of your writing you want to make. It's for that reason we have created this auto capitalization tool. Click Here

Headline Capitalization.====

headline checker to make sure your title and headlines are properly written. That's exactly what Headline Capitalization does. It's a free tool to make sure what you capitalize online for publications like blogs and news articles, or for academic papers, is correct. This headline checker should help you to correctly format all your titles in the future. It's important to accurately capitalize titles and headlines for articles and papers. Headline Capitalization is a free headline checker that correctly capitalizes titles for all your writing. Click Here

You can view and access the above tools by Clicking here

Did Wordcounter have an Apk app?

Yes they have an apk app this app is wonderfully made for easy comprehension after download and install you dont need data connection to run this app it is an offline tool. you can access word counting tool easily by downloading there app@-

Having known how to use wordcounter you are not expected to carry out this practical using other people's articles like you nomarlly do Copy and paste victim.

If you must make a proper use of this tool and you havnle not learnt to write your own blog post you can get it done by reading my post on:-

of it unless you must have known How to write blog posts with ease

How to Become a good English orator in a jiffy and write a killer blog post.

Note== i suggest you use other browsers to carry out this tutor rathan using opera-mini browser

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YMLP-The Best Free 2016 mailist service for bloggers

What is Mailist in the bloggingsphere?

Mailist simply means the collection of your site visitors E-mail contact details in order to inform them when new activities are Propagated on your blog.

For instance you may have visited many websites were you are asked to drop your email for there new updates,or some webmasters do use the "email collection strategy " in which you will be asked to drop your email before you can pass on to a particular street of event on there blog.

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How to creat a wordpress site from scratch using .

What do many still say about the use of mailist.

It is obvious that gigantic amount of webmasters today have grown a huge traffric on there blog via mailist and they stand on the ground of saying Mailist is neccessary!. for every blogger

Also Many webmasters today has underated the power of mailist saying it's an old pattern trick and since these modern era blogging mailist has seized to actualise it real effect on blogging.Even some strong bone bloggers are still crammed with doubt about adding mailist platform to there blog.

If you are a victim of such category who refused the addition of mailist on there blog no matter how huge amount of traffic you have generated i must say you still need to correct this err immediately after reading this post.

kennedy prosper's own view about mailist

Mailist has indeed speed up my site traffic and engagement with my site visitors.When i was blogging without mailist i was like gathering and scattering i.e i do go to facebook and other traffic source pouring all effort to meet all traffic strategies and get more readers,and after getting them i still give them a big chance to go without comming back.and i know you wount be a victim of that since your daily prayer point sounds like 'God give me organic and inorganic traffic ' lol.

Why you need mailist for your new or old blog

there are numerous reasons why you need to add mailist to your blog.among the numerous,we are going to highlight the essentials.

#Easy to use Today there has arise many mailist platforms suitable for mobile use. and many of this platforms render free services like the bone of our discussion today.

# Better sale gateway internet marketers has confirmed indeed that the use of email marketting tends to be the best since you can reach a large willing audience with just some few clicks right away!. with mailist affiliate marketers cling the climax in sales in income generation.

#Retain audience with mailist you get access to mails of those who are still interested in reading your post so even when they go you can still get intouch with them since they have been retained on your mailist.

#Easy share of ideas You can easily reach you blog readers with your new ideas in an inscription.

#tracking your traffic and audience. with mailist you can see how many visitors who clicked on your blog link and other infos.

having mentioned the above, let us now talk about


The best free mailist service of 2016 if you have been searching for a better and reliable free mailist service in nigeria and abroad use YMLP

YourMailingListProvider(ymlp) gives you a full range of features, many of which you would only expect from services costing five to ten times (or more) as much.

~ Our reviewers loved the fact that this since provides code to enable you to place a sign up form on your website.

~ It is also very easy to import any contact list you may have already.

~There are templates to choose form or you may create an email using the simple editor.

~Upload your own HTML designs, or use the available WYSIWYG editor.

~Send out emails in either text or HTML format.

~We loved the ability to create multiple auto responders.

~As your business expands this helps tremendously with list control and segmentation.

~Schedule delivery of messages ahead of time.

~Integration is also possible.

~ Connect with the Google Analytical program and you can track a variety of data, including the ability to set up AB split tests.

How to get started with Ymlp

login to YourMailingListProvider click on creat free account as shown bellow

sign up with a valid email address

confirm your registeration. after confirmation you can now login via Login now

On your dashboard you can manage you account the first thing is to creat a form and place the code on your site. and start gathering your mailist. goodluck. Dont forget to enter your email bellow to get our next post directly pn your email-address .

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How to hide files and folders in your andriod phone without the use of any App.

This is one of the Easiest tutorials on Android.

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How to creat a wordpress site from scratch using .

If you have private folders / documents on your smartphone and you want to hide them , here’s how to go about it.

How to Hide Folders on Android Open your app drawer and locate your default file manager.

Select the folder you want to hide. Click on it for few seconds and select “Rename”

Just add . I.e dot at the begining of the folder’s name and save it.

How to Hide Files on Android Follow the same procedure but this time , add . (dot) at the begining of the file name you want to hide.

] How to View Hidden Files Open your file manager , click on the left button on your phone , click on Show Hidden Files.

A List of hidden files will show and you can access anyone you wish.

Hope this helps.

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I can help you set-up a website like this for free.

Am Kennedy prosper by name the owner of this great blog

because of the great passion I have for beginner bloggers I decided to set up this helping platform in which I will devolt my time to help every blogger who needs help:-

Bellow are some of the ways I can help you!

  • I can help you create a gmail account
  • I can help you register and install a WordPress site at any free host.
  • I can help you create a professional looking logo for your site
  • I can help you submit and verify your bloggers,WordPress or wapka site to Google search console
  • I can help you Register and park a free domain @ you wapka and blogger site.
  • I can help you set Google analytics to your wapka and blogger site to enable easy tracking of your traffic.
  • I can also help you set up a free mailing list to your blog!
  • I can help you open a zoranga account to enable easy online transaction and converting your airtime into cash.

If you need any of the above help you can contact me

And above all

I can help you set a blogger site all for free using bloggers default template and doing all necessary settings.

But if you need it to be exactly like this site I can help you Upload my template with just a token of #500 lol it far too small for the cost of this wonderful template but I want to help fellow bloggers....that token is just the money to subscribe on my PC in other to keep the work flowing and nothing else.I never asked for a huge amount.

Why you need this sites template and design

apart from been SEO friendly template and also responsive design to both PC and mobile view it comprises of amazing features such as:-

==> Features a home page with "auto" read more,and post thumbnail

==> Features numbered posts navigation

==> Can easily be changed to feature left and right sidebars with post area in the center

==> Can easily change width of sidebars, post area etc via Blogger Template designer

==> Can easily change template color via Blogger template designer

==> Works perfectly with Template designer custom css functionality

==> Custom mobile view looks awesome

==> Can easily display ad banners, related posts etc on mobile view

==> Can displays ads almost anywhere in the template; above logo, below logo, inside posts etc

How Will I pay for this template and design?

I have made the payment methods very easy since the money is just for subscription you can pay via
MTN recharge card.
send it to 09034058015 or via mail

or if you have a Zoranga account you can pay to this number 09034058015

or you can send the recharge card to me on Facebook Click here

After payment You contact me on the above email or phone number. or on Once I set it up on your blog, and you notice there are some features on my blog that are not on yours, I will fix that for you for FREE.

I will definitely keep record of the email address and blog URL you submit after purchase as they will be required for the FREE edits.

All Blogger tweaks and tips on this blog work perfectly with the template..

Blogging is like a coconut,untill the two outer shells are pulled out no venture

. Nigeria today without doubt is habouring a whole lot of bloggers,and amidst all, 70% are runaway bloggers, 20% are Online scammers and the remaining 10% are the real bloggers whom comes rain comes shine they stood firm to see the end of there activities in blogging field.

Blogging for money is the hardest and the most tedious job you could ever think of doing online if you are the impatience type.You can't just rush into blogging because you needed to pay your children's school fees or because you are financially broken for the moment neither will you venture blogging because you want to get rich overnight.

There have been so many posts online writen by the 20% of bloggers who are the online scammers with killing and taking hedlines such as How to make millions of dollars blogging overnight and so on. and such pages are normally sale pages where they make there hard earned income.

But let me ask if it's so easy as proclaimed, why are they still poor? It sounds so funny at times i do stumble on some sites online where they use sweet and splendid write-ups to mask there real acts displaying fake earnings,widrawal and transaction details just to convince reader to fall a victim,and to my greatest surprise they are still using free domain lol. and the question is you "are making millions of naira yet you cant buy a domain name for as low as 3,000naira".?fuck you.

Why are many nigerians a run in and run out bloggers?

Lack of patience:-like i said earlier blogging is never a place of get rich overnight but a home of gradual proccedures. and this is the reason i said its like a coconut and untill the two outer shells are pulled out you will never meet the inner part of it. and pulling this two shells is a matter of time...We are going to talk about these shells and what they mean in relationship to blogging.

The first outer shell implies the the first stage of blogging which are:-

  • finding a better host
  • a better and responsive design
  • purchasing a domain name
  • creating a maillist for your blog
  • Traffic source.
  • writing a killer blog post
  • and many more you may think of.

    Solutions to some of the above listed problems of blogging at initial stage.

    Finding a better host- i will only talk about free host here because as a beginer i recommend you start with a free host later you can migrate to a paid host or better still keep maintaining the host.

    HOST in webdesign is the place in which you can manage your site such as editing,deleting,updating,and many more functions....these functions varies from one host to another.

    Bellow is the list some free hosts compactible for a better start up in blogging. Blogger




    i have tested all of the above hosts and i must advice you start from blogger Cus its simple and cool unlike wapka.Now after choosing your host you cant just start blogging and that leads us to number2.#

    A better and responsive design:- after you might have registered a blogger site or any of the above hosts there is a need for a better design cus it gives your readers insight of visiting your enhance a better search result in google and other search engines. As you can see this sites template is well and properly customised for both mobile and pc view and SEO friendly.if you need a blogger site of this same design i can help you for free!CLICK HERE to get started

    Purchasing a domain name:- purchasing a domain name i will recommend you use domainking---

    Why You Should Choose DomainKing For Registering Your Domain Names

    Reliable & Affordable Web Hosting from DomainKing.NG
    There are a lot of reasons why DomainKing is the best domain registrar in Nigeria. But the main reason has to be their numerous free services with every domain & complete 24/7 support for domains. With every domain registered with DomainKing you will get more than ₦10,000 worth of free services including:

    1) Free DNS Management (Create, Manage DNS Records like A, CNAME, MX, TXT Records)

    2) Free Whois Privacy Protection with every domain for which all other providers in Nigeria are charging up to ₦1000-₦1200 ($5-$6). With this the whois information of your domain will be hidden from spammers & data miners who use whois details to spam people.

    3) 2 Free Email Accounts(Create brandable emails for your business like

    4) Free Domain Forwarding, Free Email Forwarding & lots more

    5) 24/7 Support DomainKing Support team is always available for you if you ever need any assistance.

    Ready to Register your domain name with DomainKing? You can Register Your domain Name here


    DomainKing accepts wide range of payment options including Online Bank transfer, Local Bank deposit in Nigeria, Voguepay (Interswitch/Debit Cards), Cash Envoy, many other international payment methods to make it easier for Businesses, Bloggers, Designers, Webmaster & Individuals in Nigeria, Rest of Africa to buy Domains, Web hosting & other online services.

    You can also read our post on How to set a free domain for your site

    Wrting a killer blog post:-

    To writing a blog post worthy of reading bellow are the steps to follow:-

    Come up with a topic idea figure out what topic you’ll be crafting your information product around. Of course, your chosen topic should center on the strongest need of the people within your target market.

    And for most niches, this need is obvious. However, you might have to choose between a general topic and a specific one. For example, if you’re targeting people who are looking to start their own small business, you can craft your info product on a general topic like, “How to Start a Successful Small Business in Nigeria” or a specific one like, “How to Start and Run a Snail Farming Business”.

    Similarly, if you’re targeting people who are desperate about traveling out of the country, you have the option of choosing between a general topic like, “How to Travel out of Nigeria Easily” or a specific one like, “How to Travel to Canada with Ease”.

    From personal and relayed experience, being specific is always better because it allows you to treat one topic in full detail, making your info product more valuable and authoritative.

    Craft your outline Your next step is to list the sections and topics to be covered in your information Your choice of topics will be based on the various pieces of information that those in your target market would need to achieve their goals.

    The easiest way to figure this out is to put yourself in the shoes of your target readers. So, for example, if you’re looking to write on how to travel to Canada, you’ll want to include pieces of information like the economic situation in Canada and the likelihood of getting a good job there, the parts of Canada where foreigners stand of making it big, business opportunities in Canada, requirements for Canadian visa, tips to getting a Canadian visa approval, rules and regulations for living and working in Canada, and so on.

    After creating your outline, review and rearrange it to ensure that the list follows a logical sequence.

    Do your research No matter how much you already know about the topic you’re crafting your info product on, you need to do some research to augment and update your knowledge, and to get your facts right.

    Only few things suck more than including wrong and misleading information in your write-up

    It goes without saying, but how much research you’ll need to do hinges on how much knowledge and experience you already have on the topic you’re crafting your product about.

    Research isn’t as difficult as you think. First, start with search engines like Google and reputable Q&A sites like Quora . In addition, approach an expert on the topic to get more information on areas you don’t know much about. Write and write and write Putting all your facts together in words is one of the most tedious stages of crafting an information product. But it just has to be done. So, once you’ve gotten all the information you need through your research, start typing right away. While doing this, follow your outline strictly and be sure to include all the necessary information required to make each chapter or section complete.

    While writing the content of your information product, it’s highly recommended that you adopt an interactive tone. That is, write as though you’re talking directly to the reader. This form of writing helps to write faster and maintain a smooth, logical flow. And it helps the reader to understand you better and more easily.

    In addition, resist the temptation to edit as you type because this will only slow you down. Just keep on writing from start to finish. There’ll be more than enough time to edit later. Edit your write-up Once you’re done with writing, edit all you’ve written so far. Cut out all grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and consistency errors in your writing. If you’re not so good with grammar rules, you can hire someone to do the editing for you. Your aim here is not to be perfect, but to eliminate all obvious and unpardonable mistakes. Subtle and covert ones are allowed.

    More importantly, ensure that all your sentences are clear enough to be understood by the reader. And be sure to remove all words that are difficult to understand or are likely to be misunderstood.

    The second outer shell implies the challanges faced by bloggers:-

    bellow are five challanges every begginer blogger may likely encounter'-

    1. Topic For Next Post :
    Why is this a problem ? Well believe me, most bloggers does not start Blogging because of passion. It’s because they find as the easiest way to generate income.

    And if one start blogging with the aim of money-making, they usually end up choosing the most-profitable niche for Blogging , on which they might not have any interest.

    So eventually, they find it hard to find topic for their blog post. I find a lot of such Bloggers who doesn’t have any interest in the topic they blog about and the phrase NEXT BLOG POST is usually a nightmare for them :P.

    2. Time To Concentrate On Blogging :

    Whether you blog for money or for passion, time doesn’t compromises for anyone. And you find it relatively hard to concentrate on your blog unless you have completely isolated yourself for blogging.

    Time is a major problem especially for students,employees etc. who have tiring works all day. And after all these chaos, they blog within the remaining time. So people who blog partially find Time a major problem unless on weekends or holidays !

    3. Income :

    As I said above, if you are blogging for money, then this problem should appear first. Every pro-bloggers says that you should only start to think about income at least after 6 months of blogging.

    But what we see is that as soon as their blog’s age reaches 1-2 months, many bloggers start to apply for AdSense and other platforms.

    And most often, they gets rejected by Adsense and quit blogging. If your main reason for blogging is money and you have no patience for earning them, then you’re not going to earn from blog at all ! And for others, who is not able to make a good amount from blogging. Just concentrate on your articles and readers, because they are the one that generates income for you.

    4. Competition :

    This is often faced by bloggers who race to increase their blog’s rankings. With the so-called blogosphere getting more and more populated every day, you need to work really hard to reach the extremes of blogging! Blogging needs passion, and moreover you need ideas. Ideas that can help you write,write and write more to gain readers and popularity. The best way to get popular is to choose your favorite niche [Of which you have idea] and start writing.

    5. Response :
    Here comes the main problem. By saying response, what I mean is 3 things




    Traffic is something that keeps your blog alive. If you are very much concerned about traffic, then it is recommended that you spend some months in researching for trends in blogging before you start your own blog.

    Also do keep in mind to update your blog with regular happenings in your niche. This way readers will feel your content fresher and useful and you’ll start having a flow of traffic 🙂

    Subscribers is something that reflects whether your blog’s becoming successful or no. The more a reader feels your content useful, the more is the chance that he/she would subscribe and refer your blog in the future too!

    Comments can be referred as the direct and immediate response for your articles by readers. Many say that WordPress blogs get more comments because of their CommentLuv feature.

    But I believe that content is the factor that makes a reader to comment.g These are the most common Blogging problems that most of us face. Of course, there are tons of other problems that gives us headache all the time. If you felt this article interesting, please share your views as comments below!

    Finally after breaking through the two shells of blogging you come to the last part which is "Your blog earning"and now you can reap what you laboured for....

    NOTE…Your income is determined by the amount of your seriousness on implementing the blogging strategies.

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