Frequently asked questions by new bloggers and answes

Ques1.===How can I make transactions online in Nigeria without credit card(ATM)?

years past online transactions seems very tedious except for those who have active credit card.but now you can send make transaction with the help of Zoranga from one account to another with just few clicks...with Zoranga you can also save online ,recharge online and transfer from your Zoranga account to another Zoranga account or from your Zoranga to any Nigeria bank account....Zoranga has solve the problem of modern online transaction.

Ques2===>Can I start Affiliating my new website? Many webmasters are still in the state of dilemma wither to add affiliates on there new website or not to till they grow enough traffic. the answer to this question is---it's a choice that must be made by you.adding affiliates to your new site is neither a taboo to any search engine no to your site visitors unless if not properly implemented.if you already have affiliate ready you can add it even to a day old website

My own Opinion=== it is better to earn little than to wait till when your traffic finally grows!!! Earn ,awaiting your traffic for they say a bird at hand worth ten thousand in the bush.

Ques3===which affiliate site should I use as a Nigerian? There are many affiliate sites and many are scam while few are legit. bellow are some affiliate sites you can use for your site.

===> Konga ===>Commission junction ===>Jumia ===>Bidvertiserand many more---

Ques4=== What domain name should I choose for my site? Choosing a domain name is as simple as ABC but must be of common sense when choosing a domain name.

You can't be running entertainment blog and be naming your site techross,blogtric,myhealth,wealthyhome etc rather you should be thinking of a domain name similar to the nich you are blogging on.

Mylyricals is named because it a site of just lyrics and mp3.

Choosing a domain should be of bellow characters!

**it must be short and easy to memorise

**it must be pointing to your blogging nich in one way or the other.

**it must not contain much hyphens e.g

Ques5===with which host should I purchase my domain I have written some review about a reliable hosting site in nigeria they provide the needed service I think you will love Domainking

Ques6=== What is I DONT use my real name on my blog authour is it wrong? it is absolutely wrong to use a fake name not only on your blog but online in general---blogging is building a community and the community needs to know who you are .and that's why you wrote the about me page on your blog!.

Ques7===How do I get visitors to my blog? This is the greatest among all because a community is not complete when people are not in it so also your blogging downfall is inevitable if you don't get visitors to your blog. there are many figured ways to get visitors to your blog. and among all adding your site to Google search engine is the best!

you can also implement my traffic trick and DONT forget to comment on other blogs and use your social-Medias effectively!.

Ques8===When should I update my blog? As a blogger it's either you are a full time blogger or a per-time blogger and you will either blog for fun or for updating your blog depends on the category you belongs if you blog for fun then you have every reason to update your blog anytime you like but if the otherwise is the case then you will need to work hard at least update your blog with 3-4 post weekly or even more....

Ques9=== Is there new contents? many bloggers think blogging is just randomly posting what other has done before thinking there are no new contents...the answer is there are new contents which no one has ever written about on the internet....they can only be gotten through your personal view about something and not the way othera view it. to write what anyone has never writen before you must be the type that will write from your own perspective and experience about how you do this things. Ques10===What should be the length of my contents? when writing an article on your blog it is expected no to be less than 500words a good article is recommended to 1-2k words this type of content normally do well on google and other search engines unlike others!.

Conclusion===> always remember that social media has a great impact therefore must be used wisely it is the alternative to Google.......and dont forget that - Blogging is like a coconut,untill the two outer shells are pulled out no venture


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Convert your Blog posts into pdf files Online using

What is pdf file?

PDF files are especially useful for documents such as magazine articles, product brochures, or flyers in which you want to preserve the original graphic appearance online. A PDF file contains one or more page images, each of which you can zoom in on or out from. You can page forward and backward.

Once you've downloaded the Reader, it will start automatically whenever you want to look at a PDF file. and a pdf can not display on ordinary phone unless you have a pdf reader such as Adobe acrobat

why we need this online tools!! pdfmyurl

====> Allows you to turn your blogpost into pdf and with this tool your blog readers can read your post offline and in there convinience time.

====> is unpaid and easy to use. .i.e no technical knowledge is required to use this tools.

How to use PDFMYURL

like the above screenshot copy the url of the page you want to turn into a pdf file

Now go to and paste it in the required field and click on SAVE AS PDF

Immediately your download will start after download you can open your page in a pdf format!!! good read.


Add search box to your bloggers side bar

Hi everyone! Today's blogging tip is how to search a blog for a particular post or topic and how to add a search box to your side bar.

We've all been remember seeing a great post on a blog, a tutorial or a recipe, but can't find it anywhere. Well, there's hope!

The Search Box...

Every Blogger blog has a navibar at the top of the blog. There are lots of helpful things in the naviVariable name="content.padding.horizontal" description="Content Horizontal Padding" type="length" default="10px" min="0" max="100px"/ bar, but the best is the search box in the upper left corner

Just type in anything you'd like to find and all the posts with those words in it will appear.

In this example, I typed in brownies in that upper left box...

Then the post on "How To Cut Brownies The Easy Way" popped up!!

Even the post where I described an ice flavor that had brownies in it was there too!!

Another great tool or gadget is the "Search Box" you can add to the side bar of your blog.

Red arrow is pointing to it on my blog in the picture below.

To add this "Search Box", just go to your dashboard and click LAYOUT.


Scroll until you see the "Search Box" and add it. Drag and drop to the desired spot on your side bar.

It's so easy to find anything on blogs with the Label Gadget, Archives and now the Search bars.

Have fun searching through all your favorite blogs!!

How to manually add images to your blogspot and WordPress posts without uploading them

I know by now you should have learnt of me...I am only concern about curing your headaches and nothing more.I have written uncountable articles and tutorials both here and also atwealthyhome and I will keep writing until I finish solving your problems.

I get pestered by phone calls and email messages all days by onlines friends asking how to add image to there wp or blogger site.

There are two methode I figured out on how to add images to your WordPress and Blogger site. And with this methods even a newbie can get his flying images on any post as desired.

First Method====

How to add images to blogger site using uploading style.

This method allows you to upload images to your blog directly from your phone/PC or via other sources such as using URL or in importing images from your site.

To get started with this prosses, Simply log into your Bloggers dashboard And click on CREAT NEW POST. a new page will open which.see shot bellow.

Now as explained in the above image click on that icon immediately after link. after that a page will pop-put displaying several ways in which you can upload..choose were you want to upload from and allow your image to load the click on ADD SELECTED when upload is completed. and a new page will show asking you to choose how you want the image ..I.e do you want your image Big,small,large, extra large, center etc…

you can do the alignment if necessary or live it original and just click on OK and the image code will appear in the position you leave your cusour.

when you undate your post you can fond the image in your post and at the possition you place it.

Note== the above is only applicable to blogspot.

Method two===

posting images on blogspot and wordpress without uploading.

this method allows you to add images to both WordPress and Blogger sites even when you don't upload them. All you have to do is go to your WordPress or blogger dashboard and click on the creat new post option. To add image you will have to copy the image URL from any site of your choice after that replace the image URL in the bellow code with that of your image URL you are done......

Explanations let assume this is your image url----

When you place it in the img source code it will look like

… In case you apply this method on blogger and when trying to Publishyour post you find out some unusual errors in red color about your image.

,Just ignore it and click on Dismiss and the err will wipe out then Publish again and thats all.

Good luck.

Note=== this tutorial is applicable to both WordPress and Blogspot sites.

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How to set random post with thumbnails via blogger platform.

How does Blogger random post Works.

Blogger has this wonderful feature which any blogger is advisable to use because of the great functions possessed by this feature named Random post

Like the name implies it push out all your site updates at random where the code is installed. I.e From your first post to the last one will be displayed randomly.

when the page is reloaded the topic changes and new one appear for readers......

The random post is also SEO sensitive

it allows users to get in touch with other old posts in your blog without even. navigating.

it is an alternative to Related post

How to set Random Post For Blogger site.

This tutorial has been well and properly inscribed for easy understanding. make sure all step are orderly follow to get work done.

Step1==Login into your blogger Dashboard

Click on Layout...

After opening click on add Gadgetat Any possiton you want the Random post to appear ,after that a new page will display as shown bellow!!

Step2==Now click on HTML/JavaScript and a new page will appear asking for a code, now put this bellow code in the space and save.

The var rdp_numposts=5; in the code means that number of post that will be listed out is five and you can change it to any many as you want but it must not exceed the total numbers of posts on your blog.

The var rdp_snippet_length=110; in the above code means a short description of 110 characters will appear under the title. but if you DONT want any discription you can clear it from the code .once cleared only the headline will show....that's how I did my you can check it at my site footer.

You can also edit the style of the code but I advice you don't if you don't know much about can live it as default by me.

Hope you get the tutor but if you don't kindly comment bellow. and don't forget to share post with your friends

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