How to add search box to your blogger site without editing your template!.

A website without Search-Box is like been dumb. let your search box speak for your readers!. let your search. box answer your blog readers query!.

The search box allows your readers to find what they want! it craws through all your blog post in-relationship to individuals search!...√ The search box is a per blog search engine,because it crawls and gather information from your blog as the search result.

Many bloggers especially the newbies sorts for ways to add search box to there site but because it requires template editing they become stranded. maybe they DONT have PC or because they don't know how to edit there template. at the footer of my blog you can see my search box it was added with this same tutorial!. See shot bellow!.

How to add search box to your footer

like shown in the above screenshot the search box can be added in any position of your blogger site footer


visit your bloggers dashboard

* Click on layout and scroll down to the footer widget which is at the extreme end!

* Edit the footer widget and paste the bellow code!.



===> replace my site name with your own can also change the text SEARCH BY KEYWORDS in the code to your desired text.

You can also increase or decrease the size and maxlength.
  • size="10%"
  • maxlength="2048

Apart from placing this code under the footer widget you can also use it in any other HTML surported areas on your site.

Hope the tutorial solves your problem?!

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How to Upload and share PDF files for free using DOCdroid.

PDF file sharing is one of the ways in which you.can get traffic to your site...when people download it they can also share your PDF files with there friends offline. and because you will attach your site link to the PDF you must always get some clicks from there. PDF files also rank in Google I.e you can also get visitors from search engines with your PDF ranking!.

not quite long I wrote about how you can create PDF files with your mobile phone and after creating this PDF if you can't share with the audience to download definitely your work is in vain!.

There are many online websites both pro and free that allows you to upload and share PDF files online. among all I will teach you how to use docdroid because it is what I make use of and it is also reliable and free!.

u>Docdroid allows you to Upload your documents in any format such as PDF, DOCX, DOC, ODT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, ODS, PPT, PPTX, ODP, TXT and more! and also share the documents on any website for free!.follow bellow steps to get started.

How to get started with DOCDROID!.

step1====>You can visits to register


or simply Register by clicking on this link


after registeration login here

Now Select the file you want to upload from your gallery and it will start uploading!


after uploading you will see a new page as bellow.

Click on share and select any of the listed social media to share your files!.

How to get the direct download URL of my documents

You may need to get the URL of your documents in order to share this file on other websites aside the listed ones on the share page.

Simply login your docdroid account and click on your profile icon at the top of the page and you will see a drop down menu!.

From the menu click on Documents and all the uploaded documents will on the document in which you want to share or use the direct download link online.

After loading the review of the document,you will see 3 icons on that page click on the download icon as shown in the bellow image and copy the URL before Downloading starts.

You can use URL shorter to make the URL short and look more professional before sharing on any website of your choice websites.

Note:-Opera mini Browser is not advisable for this tutorial rather use other browsers for proper display and page show-up.

I know you will always share my tutorials your friends because you are not selfish!. lol.

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How to creat pdf files with your mobile phone.

How to make PDF files with your mobile phone!

Your search on how to create PDF files online will no doubt in many occasions take you to pages were you will be ask to purchase softwares and so on but because you can't afford it or because you DONT have a pc you became frausttrated and unfulfilled. blogger need pdf individuals need it and even cooperate societies and organisation do need it.

Can I creat PDF files with my phone ?

The answer is yes .Online tech today has bridge a very large gap between individuals and assorted societies and will no doubt continue to grow more advanced. you can now make good looking and professional PDF files right from your mobile phone(any type) for free and faster than any method!.

In my Previous tutorial I wrote about the meaning of PDF files and how you can convert your blog post into PDF files using but today am going to talk about more other great tools in which you can use to create your PDF files with your mobile phone for free!!! this plafforms are listed bellow!.


==> Kitpdf is a free web-based tool kit to convert pdf files to or from different formats. It can do online conversions from web pages to pdf, from pdf to text, from pdf to mobi, from pdf to epub.

among the multiple function we will talk about:

Create PDF files Using kitpdf

to creat your PDF file simply visit and a new page will appear as show bellow!.

simply put the URL of the page you want to turn into PDF and Click on Turn to PDF

after that a new page will appear on that page you can download your file instantly and open as a PDF format.


==> Printfriendly

Create PDF files Using Printfriendly

simply visit

in the provided space put the webpage URL e.g you want to turn into PDF and hit on print preview(PP) a new page will appear with the preview of your PDF file.

At the top of the page click on the PDF icon box and it will take you to download page here you can now download your work........

Recommendation:==>Among the above mentioned platforms, I recommended you use the printfriendly because it make your PDF more professional by removing your site header and footer.

And in addition it also allow preview before download!.

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How to get people to know about your new blog-website

Having created a new website is not enough for the need to let people know about the website and read your articles lest your work be invain.! in my my post were I wrote about what to do immediately after creating a site CLICK HERE

I only pointed out the necessary settings and set up requires but in this case you have created your site and you want people to know about the new site.

I will show you how you can spread the news about your new website and get visitors to know your new blog! but before then your site must posses certain deportments such as ===>

===>Having a good and nice looking Blog design

===>Publish at least 15-20 posts

===>DONT overload your pages with images and graphics

===>Let your contents be the solution founder!.

===>Write your contact and about us page

now having gone through the above processes,bellow is how you can let people know about your newly created blog!.

MOUTH- mouth advert

tell your close friends and relations that you have a new website! and tell them to also let there friends on 2go,Facebook,twitter etc know about the new website.

Submit to search

Submiting your site to search engines like bing and Google is the first thing you should do after having passed through all the web creation process in the first stage.

How to submit and verify your WordPress site at google search console. CLICK HERE

How to submit your blogger site to google search console. CLICK HERE

2-Easy methods to add your blogger site to Google analytics CLICK HERE

This will enable visitors know your website through search.never underestimate the power of SEO

Make use of social medias

The social media has been of great impact to my site-in term of traffic generation. use assorted media such as facebook ,yahoo ,LinkedIn,twitter and many more.

for Facebook create pages and group for your new website invite friends and and share your site link.

Comment on other blogs:

Visite blogs of various type in relationship to your niche,read posts carefully and comment on blogs with your site link...this will help others know about your site

Link on other blogs

Tell other who are in the same niche or opposite niche to link to your blog it will allow new visitors know your blog through the link placed on there site!.

Use my traffic generation strategy!

I have written about a working traffic. trick working fine if only put into consideration!. My 2016 working traffic trick newsletter and SEO alternative for every bloggerRead post!

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How to check your First Bank account balance on your mobile phone!

Sometimes it looks boring going from your house down to the bank just because you want to check your account balance!

Online technology today has made banking and transactions very easy unlike before when you must have to the bank before any attempt to your account as an account holder!.

concerning online payments and transaction I wrote about Zoranga an online platform. that allows you save online and also transfer money to your local bank account from your online saving made with MTN recharge card

Today am going to show you how you can check your FIRST BANK Acc balance, statement of account and last transaction details with just few steps from your mobile phone via this case no internet connection is involved!

Advantages of this platform

  • ===>No internet connection is involved
  • ===> it has no limit to which your request can be granted
  • ===>it is completely mobile and can be done any were and any time.
  • ===>It is secured and convenient (scam free).


To get started you will simply send your request to the banking official number.08076664444

Bellow is how you can send your requests!.

>>>>For Balance Enquiry BAL#ACCT-NO E.g. BAL#1234567890

>>>> Last 5 TransactionsLAST5#ACCT-NO E.g.LAST5#1179666665

>>>>Account Statement (Last 6 Months) STMT#ACCT NO E.g. STMT#1234567890

to Specify the number Of Months STMT#ACCT NO#N E.g. STMT#1234567890#1 Same for 2,3,4 etc. Months

2-Easy methods to add your blogger site to Google analytics

What is google analytics?

Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization ( SEO ) and marketing purposes. The service is available to anyone with a Google account.every website needs this tool to enable easy tracking of site traffic in other to know areas of concentration .

Today am going to briefly teach you how you can add google analytics to your blogger site and get your traffic stats!!! follow the any of the bellow methods and get it done


1. simply visit the Google analytics site and login with your gmail account after loading a new page will pop-out

SEE ALSO: Updated-How to edit Bloggers template using android mobile phone ..

Top 5 Things Every Wapmaster Love Most In The Blogging Sphere !

How to creat a wordpress site from scratch using Brownhost naijafreehost.

2. from the new page click on ADD NEW WEBSITE

3. Select Add a Profile for a New Domain.

4. Enter your domain name I.e the URL of your site!

5. Select your country and time zone. Click on Finish. 6. after that Google analytics will provide you with an HTML code. 7. Highlight the code block and copy it to your clipboard

Now login your Bloggerdashboard


Click on Template and edit your template and paste the analytics code copied initially into your headtag in your template just before the body end-tag .I.e just before in your template. Click on save for the case you DONT have PC you can edit your blogger template with your mobile! CLICK HERE


In this method you DONT need to copy the HTML code all you need is to get your analytics id which is given to every registered members to get this id simply follow bellow stpes

1. login in to your Analytics account .

2. Select the Admin tab.

3. Select an account from the

dropdown in the ACCOUNT column.

4. Select a property from the dropdown in the PROPERTY column.

5. Under PROPERTY , click Tracking Info and you will see the code in this form AU-217755

In other way just login your account and in the overview dashboard of your list you will see the code infront of the site as bellow----

Now copy this code and login your blogger dashboard click on settings and click on others scroll down you will see the analytics space place the code there and save your settings!!! You are done.

To check your analytics work done result

visit the Google analytics website login with the same email you used to register your analytics and view your stats right away from the pop up page

You can also Download the Google analytics.apk app for easy access to your analytics account.

Note ===>it may take few hours before they begin to gather your informations to display on your analytics stat

after the whole process your site can now be tracked properly!!! DONT forget to share with your friends...and DONT be selfish to read alone.

Hope your find this post useful.????

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Upgraded mobile friendly test tool-search console!.

Online tools for mobile friendly test just lunched!.

what is mobile friendly site?

a mobile friendly site is the site which has the ability of displaying in a better correspondence to any phone type such as iphones, iPad,iPods and other mobile operating systems!.

Characteristics of a mobile friendly site.

a mobile friendly site must be the type of site which:- # has quick lading time, # has easy navigation , #fast and easy scroll

mobile friendly sites are also recommended by Google when it comes to analytics and google reviews!.

Mobile friendly test tool!

this online tools is googly made and scam- free connected from your search console. it helps to know if your site is mobile friendly or not

.The updated tool provides room to continue to improve on its functionality, and over time, it's expected to replace the previous Mobile Friendly Test. Additionally, of course this tool also works well on your smartphone, if you need to double-check something there! We'd like to invite you to take it for a spin, try your website and other sites that you're curious about! Let us know how you like it -

to get started follow this link type your website name and get instant review about your website friendship with mobile.!!!

if your blogspot site is not mobile friendly we found a solution http:// here---

but if otherwise be the case we say congratulations! just click on

3 website niches not suitable for AdSense!

As a consultant for online advertising I not only help a lot of websites to grow their revenue, but also learn a lot about how different topics, text types, page structures and traffic sources perform in terms of ad revenue.

There are some types of websites that are not struggling with AdSense because of a bad setup or bad management, but mostly because their topic and visitors are just not good to make serious money.

Even though I like to help everyone, I learned that I have to decline some requests for ad reviews from such websites in order to avoid frustration on both ends.

I have picked 3 types of websites that I regularly see to fail when it comes to generating income with AdSense. Let me first give you a background about the metrics that matter most for a healthy AdSense account before going into details about the types of pages that are just hard to make money with.

AdSense key metrics Even though there are different bid types with AdSense, cost per click (cpc) is still the largest one. With cpc a publisher like you earns money if a users clicks on an ad.

Once you understand the key metrics of AdSense you will also see why the page types I mention below are low performers by nature.

CTR Since you earn on a click basis your visitors must be willing to click on an ad. This behavior is measured in click-through-rate (ctr). Why should a user click on an ad? Beside accidental clicks, the ad might promises a solution to his problem.

CPC Your income also depends on click prices. Those are roughly defined by the competition of advertisers on your website.

An advertiser often wants to sell something. The higher the price of his product or service and the higher the probability that a visitor from your site is going to perform the action on the advertiser website, the more he is willing to invest and the higher your income will be.

RPM To compare websites with a different amount of traffic, ctr and cpc, income performance is often measured in return-per-mile (rpm), which is the income it generates per 1000 page impressions. It is also often referenced as cost-per-mile (cpm).

Websites that fail The following list of website types with low AdSense potential is neither final nor is the fate of such a site inevitable. You might run a project in these areas successfully for various reasons, but if you are new to online advertising then I would advise against choosing one of these topics.

1. News sites Before I started to help other publishers to generate more income from ads, I didn’t imagine how many news sites there are out there. I am not talking about the online version of a printed newspapers, but pages who publish any kind of news without a background in journalism.

Most consulting requests I receive are actually from such news sites and so far I only accepted very few of them. This is mainly because I want to spare both of us the disappointment, especially when I am confident that there is no potential in the first place.

Why are news sites not working well with AdSense? Why are people visiting a news sites? What is their problem? In which mood are they? Who is a person that comes to a news site and reads an article about an accident on the highway, the latest Oscar winners and funny Super Bowl commercials? What is the problem you solved for this visitor and how much would he or she spend on it to be solved? This is the question that advertisers are asking themselves and you should too! The more likely that someone would spend money for something you help him solve, the more likely that there is an ad he clicks on.

This not only applies to news sites. You might have caught up on it, but just to be clear. The problem many news sites suffer from is a lack of focus.

AdSense is easy to implement, but the rules of advertising still apply. If you can’t sell ads to someone directly than it is also hard to monetize your site with AdSense.

The solution: focus The problems that news sites have can’t always be solved, but there are some suggestions I can give you to at least try to turn around the wheel. Most news sites have many categories they update, but I bet that only very few of them really drive traffic, engage visitors and generate ad revenue.

Identify these categories and focus on them. Cut the others off. You already lost money on them, why to lose more? The same can be applied to content types. Maybe visitors (and Google search) only really like your features, local stories, or image galleries. Identify your strengths and cut off the weaknesses.

Final question: when did you last read about a newspaper that successfully transferred its printed version to online by just using display advertisement for monetization?

2. Monetizing a hobby This is something I can talk about from 6-years of experience. After playing a game of Scrabble with very bad letters, I started a website where one could simply enter his letters and see which words can be build with them. started out of fun. I was playing around with dictionaries and databases back then anyway and it was a good way to apply my knowledge in a public way.

Starting this site out of compassion and interest was totally legitimate. I didn’t intent to monetize it and it was just a hobby – something that I did and invest time in without expecting to get any monetary return. I was lucky. Due to constant updates, articles and a larger target group than expected, the site has millions of page impressions per month today. However, the rpm is very low and will probably stay at a low level due to the following reasons.

For me, word-grabber isn’t a hobby anymore, because placing ads on a site makes it a commercial site, even when there is very little income generated.

For my visitors word games are still a hobby though. Compared to news sites word-grabber has a clear focus on word games and people interested in them. It also engages users and most of them come back.. Even though the site solves problems, the solutions are not worth money to the users and therefore to advertisers.

Beside word games, the visitors are as diverse as potential buyers and there is no product with higher value related to word games.

My own experience shows it, hobby websites can only monetize if they solve problems that people spend money on. You already know that word games like Scrabble or crosswords aren’t such hobbies.

Here are some examples where this could work:.

 traveling,  hunting pets (we like to take care of them, right?) In general, hobbies where people need to buy either expensive equipment or purchase something regularly can monetize really well with AdSense.

This list can be incredibly long. Bottom line: if your hobby site doesn’t monetize well, but you do it as a hobby anyway then you should not waste your time and nerves for a few dollars from AdSense and rather remove them from your site for good.

3. Non-English Sites I was forced to close the comments on some of my articles because they were flooded with the question why the commenters sites don’t monetize well.

Most of these comments linked to sites with non-English content and I hope I can answer their questions with this article now, because it is almost the same to everyone.

I also run a couple of German sites myself and also helped out European clients a lot, so I know first hand about differences between the ad performance based on location and language.

Even though there are countries and topics where non-English content outperforms similar English pages, the potential of English site is in average much higher.

This is due to the fact that the market for online advertisement is very well developed in English speaking countries.

With the US, Canada, UK and Australia it is also a large one with developed countries and high GDPs. However, just translating your content might not do the trick. You would still need a large enough audience that is actually interested in your topics.

If your site’s topic is local then a translation into English might only limit your current target group more.

You should also consider that location is important too. Many advertisers limit their budget to a specific geo location.

I have seen this on a website with high traffic from English speaking countries including Nigeria. The traffic from Nigeria or India was very large, but the rpm was just a fraction of the developed countries.

If you are running a site in your mother language that is not English and your AdSense income from it is lower than an English site would have, you might still be happy with the generated revenue, because your costs of living might be smaller too.

However, my rates are the same and I completely understand if you can’t afford my reviews. I still hope that I can be of help with my articles HERE

Conclusion Even if you don’t run a site with one of the topics mentioned then you might have taken something out of this article.

First, you know how important it is to think about why people would spend money to advertise on your website. AdSense is just the logistics, but you are still selling your site to advertisers that want to sell something to your visitors.

Second, I have seen pages succeed in any of these fields and understanding why is a key question for them. For most of them it is just a large amount of traffic that compensates the low rpms.

They normally needed many years to reach this point. Few of them have a special ingredient that they are not even aware of. I have seen such pages lose a lot of their performance when they made larger updates to their layout, ad setup, or user experience.

For someone who is new to online advertisement I would strongly recommend to check his idea against the key point in this article to see if it has a performance.

Choosing the wrong approach will cost you tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid time or unused potential. This is me speaking from my own experience again.

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How to add Add Alexa rank to your blogspot site!

Alexa rank is just a company whose responsibility is tracking sites rank and ranking them both globally and geographically.

Alexa rank is always of good deal to our websites.I have come to notice that some site's visitors do put your rank. into consideration because they feel having a better rank make you unique and a better info am going to teach you how you can add Alexa rank to your blogspot site.

How to add Alexa rank to your blogspot site!

Copy the Alexa widget script bellow and change to your site URL
  • Log in to your blogger dashboard.
  • Choose you blog and browse to layout Tab.
  • Click on Add a gadget and click on HTML/Javascript.
  • Paste the code that was copied from Alexa website and save the settings.
  • That's it you are done now you can find the Alexa traffic widget on your website.
Note the widget does not support https

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