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Saturday, 2 July 2016

How to check wither your website improving or diminishing

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===> 17 Sure ways to increase your blog traffic.

Every blogger be it a pro blogger or even a non-pro blogger have the same aim of achieving success on the long run, but to some bloggers, the opposite becomes the outcome when they ostracised the necessities of blogging and sail through their own pathway which eventually led to what I called blogdead.

To connive to fact that you don't know what to do as a blogger or you haven't learnt what you already know such as using noffollow in your links and adding alternative to your images for SEO optimisation will only impeach your blogging success and live you no good result.

There is always a need to track your success as a new blogger or even a pro blogger.like you know he who have a million is looking for 2million since our wants are unlimited so also it is applied to blogging.

A successful blogger delve even deeper to achieve a higher success since blogging success have no limit to which it goes. The new bloggers work harder to get more success also…so the race continues.

Let us talk about the main things which indicates wither your blog is growing popular and attaining more fame or stagnant or diminishing in value. some of the major things that will make you know the role your blog is playing on the internet are :-

===>A decrease or increase in Alexa rank.

When I began blogging I was told that Alexa rank shows how popular your site is,so I went about adding my site with the Alexa rank tracking after some few weeks my Alexa began to display in millions. I was happy because I have I very high rank since I knew nothing about how it works.but indeed Alexa never works like i think it to be.

How Alexa rank works?

If you have Alexa rank of millions and your friends Alexa rank thousands that means your friends blog is more famous and visited than yours.

Alexa rank counts like our school result. the number one in result is more likely to be appreciate than the number two and so on. Alexa rank counts from higher to lower numbers.

How to check your sites Alexa rank online

To check your Alexa rank online simply visits the online Alexa rank checker

online alexa rank checker

put in your site link in the provided space and verify the numbers and click on check. your rank will immediately display to your view.

===>How to add Alexa rank to my blog site

Having known this,all you have to do is work towards reducing your alexa ranking count. but note when your Alexa rank began to increase that shows your blog is not in any way successful but rather reducing in value so work to make your rank reduce.

How to reduce your Alexa rank

one of the major factor that make your Alexa rank decrease rampantly is the time your visitors spend on your blog and how often they visit the blog.so even when you are getting very few visitors for now,you can still reduce your rank by simply engaging them on your blog and keeping them retarded and detained to read more of your posts.

===>Decrease in bounce rate of your blog

be it new or old blog when your bounce rate increases that means your readers are run away readers. they read and bounce away. a low bounce rate is better to a higher one just like the Alexa rank count so also bounce rate does.

if your site's bounce rate reads between 30-40% just pinch your self on your cheek because that shows your readers love your blog and they navigate round your blog…and if your bounce rate ranges between 40-50% then it pretty OK but above this you have a lot of work to do which is reducing your bounce rate.

How to Reduce your sites Bounce rate.

I have already written about this in one of my blog post ===>What is bounce rate? and how to reduce bounce rate

If you follow this tutorial your bounce rate will definitely reduce I used the same methods and now my bounce rate is ranging from 30-40% and I know you love my articles this is one of the evidence....

How to increase your bounce rate

I know you won't love doing this great harm to your blog since you are working to make a blog that fetch you income like I do. but if you still want to do it just go the opposite way of how to reduce your bounce rate

How to check your sites bounce rate

To check your bounce rate you have to register yout site with Google analytics after confirming your site you can then view and track your bounce rate

===>2 -Easy methods to add your blogger site to Google analytics

===>Daily weekly or monthly page views

one of the best way to know wither your site is doing good is when your daily page view begins to increase.

How to increase your page view

√ to increase your page view you need to make your visitors love your articles by writing quality contents instead of quantity.

√Another way to increase your sites page view is to link together your site . and also make easy navigation. for your site. optimize your posts and images and make them SEO friendly. tell us more in our comment section.

Other minor factors that shows your blog is growing successful are :-
  • Comment increase
  • more likes and share
  • your blog is mention and referred by users.
  • Returning visitors and new visitors increase

Waoo, now that you have learnt about how to know if your site is going successful or unsuccessful.hope you will put them into practice and it will be my pleasure to see your blog grow more successful and famous in the internet. I still remains Kennedy Prosper

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How to add about authors profile page under a your blog post

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The about author page is just a simple description about the author of a particular post added to either the top or bottom of every blog post. this about authors page varies in description since all the bloggers have different motives and view.

about authors page

in default blogspot has made the about author page located at the footer but in customisation we do put this about author under our blog post via template editing..

===>. How to edit Bloggers template using android mobile phone

But today am going to teach you how you can add the about authors page to every single post your create. this will also be nice type if you have a guest post you can easily add about aurthors page of the guest to the post using this manual method.(mm) I called this about authors page for kids template "because it is unfixed and can be played and toyed with since it is movable"

===>Adding about authors page will only enhance the race of trust building in the blogging field and it will also make your site visitors get in touch with you easily since the about authors page usually contain either Facebook page or other contact details! through which users can get in touch with you.

How to Create About authors page under every bogpost.

simply copy bellow code and paste it in the position you want the about aurthor to appear when creating a new blog post.....You can simply add it under your blogpost this will give your site a better design.


about Kennedy prosper

From the above code you can change the image source https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ABrPiVOPJ_Q/V1Lwr9S2K1I/AAAAAAAAAPs/2L9igpk4x78mAcgeoK2fDd__3OrETmWHQCLcB/s320/kennedy%2Bprosper.jpg

The authors description to your own description. Kennedy Prosper is a Nigerian blogger,a bricklayer and a farming passionate about helping other and finding solutions

You can also increase or decrease the image height[90]. and image width [85]

or you can live it this way if you have the same face and view with me and I know that cannot be possible CU's my mother never told me I was born a twin((((lol.

Note== this code is not only for blogspot users but for both wapka, WordPress,Mywapblog, and many others hosts that supports HTML codes.

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Friday, 1 July 2016

How to manually add share code to every single post you publish

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Adding the share button to your website is one of the most important thing worthy of note by every blogger.The share button on your site allows your site visitors to be engaged and also promote your blog post by sharing your articles with there lovely ones.

share code for boggers

Maybe you may have been looking forward to add share button to your site but you have a problem editing your template then you don't need to worry this share code is Non fixed share HTML share code which can be added even outside your template.You can only add this to your template if you won't like to be adding it to every single post you update.

Without time waste let discuss how you can add this share code to your website so as to enable users start using the share feature from your site.

This Html share script consist of:*** Facebook HTML share code, twitter HTML share code,Google+html share code,LinkedIn html share code and many other share in HTML format.

This html share code can be placed anywhere in your site be it pages or post and it can also be added to any position unlike other share buttons which are fixed to your template. this is a mobile share code because it is movable. You don't need to Edit your template first.

this time around you can add it to every post you publish isn't it awesome?. Looking at the top of this post you will see the share button well lined and it is even site fitting apart from even suiting your visitors.

HOW TO add share button to your blogspot site?

To add this share button to your website simply copy bellow share code and include it in any position you want it to appear in your post.

This is an automatic share code so you DONT need to change any thing except if you want to bodify it.

To make it look nice on your website you can either add it to your post header or bottom of your post .Since this code is HTML enabled it has the tendency of working on other hosts such as wapka,WordPress and any HTML enabled host. ....

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I have created my website what is the next step-part2

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Blogging is like a business venture each trip you make there are always track to follow and every track you follow there are strategies to implement."After creating a blog what's is the next step" this has been a question by many newbies which requires a quicker answer before they run at loss !!!

I have written on what you can do in the Part1 of this tutorial and now let go more advance on what you need to do now that your blog is ready.

I must confess I was a victim of this act which is after creating a site I began to publish posts and focus on visitors. what a blog killing act.!? If a new visitor gets to your website for the first time there are things he considers before pitching to your updates. some of this things are:-

==>Are you professional? if yes where is your domain name, Whoo your site design Sucks,I can't find your site in Google search engine,even your site don't have about and contact page. these are but few things a new visitor put in consideration.

Since we have discussed lots of them in the part one of this tutorial we are going to key on bellow:-
  • Write About me and contact me page
  • Create two or more posts
  • submit your site to search console
  • Submit your site to Google analytics
  • Create a Facebook page or group for your blog
  • Set up a mail list for your blog
  • And finally start blogging

===>Write about me and contact page

Writing about me and contact page on a blog is done by many bloggers because they wants to please ADSENSE in order to get approved. but beyond that fake imagination and act it helps your visitors to know your aim on the internet and also know about you as a human.

You can not be a ghost blogger because the internet policies is against that and you may be painted a spammer since you are anonymous. I know writing about me page will never be a problem CU's you knows your aim better than I do.

===>Create two or more post

I never said copy two or more post but create and to create is far different from copy.Because you are a new blogger will never make you not to write your own post,and this is why before you must venture into blogging take your time to choose a niche and and do a lot of research on the niche you chose to blog on so as to write as though you are an expert in the field.

===> Wordcounter.net-A free online tool for a better blog post write- up

===> How to Become a good English orator in a jiffy and write a killer blog post.

when writing write as though you are an expert.don't show up in your write up that you are a beginner.

===> alternative method to write blog post with ease

===>Submit Your site to search engines.

This is only a beginning to SEO journey. never think submitting your site and sitemap is enough to get the work done but it is just a procedure which must be followed to meet with other procedures. It is just like if you don't do one the door to the other will not open.

When you play games in your phone sometimes they are grouped into levels e.g level1,level2 and so on.... and until you finish the first level you cannot play the second level so also it is applied to web design if you can't submit your site to search engines no matter the Anchor text,and image optimization you do if will still not work out.

So also if you submit your site to search console and you leave the rest work such as image optimisation, anchor text,applying nofollow and any other you can never get it done like the other man who made all work and applied every single Seo trick with no stone unturned.

===>Submit your site to Google analytics

Analytics is adding no value to your site neither does it have any diminishing effect on your blog.

Google analytics is only to help you track your site visitors and know were they are coming from so you can have a key focus.If you run AdSense on your blog and your site analytics report shows that your visitors are mainly from USA. then you will have to focus's on USA loving articles because this will earn you more clicks from USA which is a high CPC country!.

analysing your site will be of great help to you if you must care about your site visitors as a blogger.

===>Create a Facebook page and group!.

Facebook is one of the best social media as of this era and it constitute users of assorted racism. so if you need a good traffic Facebook must be part of the source!.since millions of users uses Facebook.

===>Set up a mailist for your blog

Your website is not too young to start doing what you have to do. the more early you start the more advantageous it will be on your blog.So start a mailist today and start gathering your audience and building a community at large!. There are many mailist services on the internet both free and paid but I recommend you use YMLP-The Best Free 2016 mailist service for bloggers

I think we are done but before you start blogging DONT forget to

===>Buy your domain name

maybe you just started a blog on blogspot platform or any other platform with a free domain. The truth is it is no crime starting with a free domain but you have to do yourself good buy securing a domain name for your website.

Why Should I buy a domain as a beginner?

Let put aside the uncountable reasons why you need a domain and let discuss this!:-You don't want to buy a domain name but you want a better SEO have you forgotten that no matter how you try you can never rank better than a paid domain? As a beginner especially if you are using blogger,in blogspot platform I learnt you can't park more thank one domain name except for the case of redirection.

If you start with a free domain e.g .ga .tk etc when linking your pages you may go about linking all pages of your blog with the free domain..I called that Error 419 lol because by the time you will buy a domain name if at all you found occupancy in the NET you will have to unpark that free domain and happily park your paid domain.But the question is "what about the whole linking you made with the free domain how will you go about them.?" √ Now they become a broken link on your site and you know Google will never take it likely with broken links.

so the best option that will be left for you, is to start looking around your site and start changing the whole linking and you have made with the free domian. i believe that will be a tedious job.

It will be better you stay in your permanent abode than stay in a rent because very soon the landlord will strike.

===> What is bounce rate? and how to reduce your site's Bounce Rate!!

Free domain is not good but I will advice if you are still using free domain maybe because you are unable to purchase one yet.then don't start linking your sites with a free domain, rather use the default domain which is Yoursite.blogspot.com

Apart from the above disadvantages of using a free domain for start up…If you use a free domain you chase away the shallow minded visitors.

when you post a link on Facebook the shallow minded visitors do consider your link before clicking e.g you posted "how to make money with Affiliates marketing" They will check the domain behind the post and conclution will be "if this guy makes money he aut to have a paid domain they will look to you as a roll model and they may likely quite your site.

===>Start blogging

Hahaha I have unveil the ticket and now you can start blogging all the way . but be careful and always try to apply any available means to get real traffic. Dont be lazy to write for writing is your duty as blogger.

don't think you will make it overnight A whole year is not enough to achieve that your big aim.So fasten your beg.gird your breast plate put on your ion shoes and let the work begin and as you start live no stone unrolled.

Sometimes blogging is tedious but the difficulties are only challenges to success. and thats why I wrote Blogging is like a coconut and until the two outer shells are pulled out no venture. .

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Check Your Bank account status online- Valid or invalid

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Few days ago a friend of mine was complaining how he made transaction to the wrong person and after which he pleaded to refound the money but I guess you know we Nigerians wella we DONT dull our style.

the person in question to whom he fell this victim refuse the offer of refounding any money and even denied the sum of 20,OOO naira was not sent to his account.

My friend was left with no option but to let it be.

===> Zoranga is a Nigerian mobile money service that converts airtime to cash.

===> How to check your First Bank account balance on your mobile phone!

Although this was not because he did not verify the account wither active or invalid but because he did not verify the ownership -.)so just lay this short story so you can be aware in your next transaction.

Maybe for quite some years now you have abandoned your account and now you are back but you still have some doubt like "will this my bank account still be available" You DONT have to go along way to that all you have to do is visits the link bellow

Check your bank status

put your account number in the required field,Slect your bank name from the dropdown menu then hit on VERIFY

You will see either valid account or invalid account report beneath the website.

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Thursday, 30 June 2016

First On NET-How to share blocked links on Facebook.

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There are millions of websites on the internet and as the day goes by competition increases.You think you are a better writer yet great and best writers emerge daily. It is absolutely obvious you can write at lent when it comes to writing but I still Asure men are here now on the internet who are ready to write even thousands of words in a single post just to beat you hands down.lolz what a competing era.

SEO becomes the order of the day since competition increases daily.webmaster here and there struggling for traffic.

===> How to brows Facebook,Twitter etc PC version on your Mobile!.

Out of the millions of websites each time a search is made the whole websites in relationship to the search made begins to struggle at googles feet. this one says let me come first the other says no I have the required keywords by Google and they other says what about the images and anchor text.it becomes the survival of the fittest to come first in Google search engine.

I hear webmasters imaginations "What will be the alternative" since Google turns us down. I bet you there will be no other way round better than google though there are many ways. And among the many ways Social medias like Facebook has been of great help to me and other webmaster but the problem within you and Facebook is "your link is considered a spam and therefore blocked".

===> whatsapp-Write with bold,itallic and strike through

And you know quite well a blocked link can't be share on facebook. if you face this problem. and at the same time Google turns you down then you are out of blogging because Facebook and Google should be the major traffic source of every bloggers as studied by me.

There have been a whole lots of tutorial on how to share blocked links on Facebook but it is certain that non of them works.some say Shrink the link while other say something else but all are fake and unreal.

Today am going to teach you how you can SHARE blocked link on Facebook without any err message.this tutorial is first on net…am writing this to help bloggers CU's I hear their cry out there complaining about blocked links and I have bring an end to this(((Smiles))).

This √Tutorial is divided into two parts for a better comprehension which are:-
  • Sharing a direct domain
  • And sharing A non-direct domain


How to Share Direct blocked links on Facebook

Any domain name without internal page or sub pages is what I called direct link e.g kingsweb.com.ng,Facebook.com wapka.com,gmail.com,loadedcity.net etc are all direct link.

for clarification an example of non-direct link is www.gmail.com/register ..it is a non direct domain because it comprise of subpage when you look at the url

Generally wapka.com as a direct link is one of the Facebook blocked links.Now let assume you want to share wapka.com on Facebook all you have to do is go to Google.com and type the domain name in the search box as bellow.

After loading, a new page will appear with your result. From the Google search result wapka.com or wapka.mobi will always be at the top since you type the domain directly. So choose what you want to share from the search result and copy the URL.

From the screen shot I clicked on what I want to share which is the first result and then I copied the url .
Your URL will be like this===> http://www.google.com.ng/search?q=wapka.com&client=ms-opera-mini-android&channel=new&gws_rd=cr&ei=sr51V-68DcHijwPfmaEY

Now you can go to any were on Facebook and paste this link and when anyone click on it they will be redirected straight wapka.com.You can make this link more cachy by using Url shorter such as bit.ly and others!. after shortening the link you can share with your friends.


How to share a non-direct blocked links on Facebook

This indirect links might be a post or page link from your site or other websites and you may want to share on Facebook ...all you have to do is:-

visits the site you want to share this article from e.g www.kingsweb.com.ng.

just copy the headline of the post to your clipboard. I.e the headline of the post you want to share and search it from Google.com

unlike the other first tutorial were you will type the site name directly. In this case were you will search the headline other search result from other sites may likely appear instead of the one from your desired site so we gat a trick for that.

Take for instance your website is kingsweb.com.ng and you want to share the post from your website titled "" How to post text links and banners on Nairaland forum"" all you have do is copy that headline and this time around you have to make a per-site search I.e a search within your site so as to let your result show up instead of struggling with other search results.

Just go to Google And do your search this way!!!! ! How to post text links and banners on Nairaland forum.site:kingsweb.com.ng because you made it a per-site search the result for only your site will appear.

You can now copy the URL of the post and share on every angle of Facebook without been blocked . always remember to shorten the URL so as to make it more real and cachy to readers!.....This link won't a include description,so you can add short description to your link .

hope this searves you well please comment bellow it may help us in our next update. and DONT forget we are the king among all web and that's why we give you the best!.

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100+ abbreviated words for facebook,whatsapp and twitter chat.

Sometimes and some days when typing chat messages it looks somehow too retarding typing words in full. We just gat to make them short and quick with the use of abbreviated words.

Though not all English words can be abbreviated yet millions of English words fits abbreviation.

Today am going to list out over 100 most commonly used English abbreviated words you can use in chart messengers such as whatsapp,Twitter,Facebook,Eskimo,Badoo etc.

===> whatsapp-Write with bold,itallic and strike through

===> How to brows Facebook,Twitter etc PC version on your Mobile!.


==>1. ASAP: I really like this Facebook abbreviation. The next time you read this, keep in mind that it means “As Soon As Possible” and not something else you might have thought about.


==>2. AAMOF: As a matter of fact.

==>3. ADN: Any Day Now. It took me some time to realize what it meant.

==>4. AKA: Also Known As.

==>5. ATM: Nope, this doesn’t stand for the “ATM” machine. It means; at this moment.

==>6. BBL: Be Back Later. A good way and fast way to tell people that you will be back soon.

==>7. BC: Be Cool. I have used this one many times.

==>8. BM: Bite Me. Yes, this might be handy under the correct circumstances. So, it is good that you know about it.

==>9. BTW: By the Way.

==>10. BRB: Be right back!

==>11. BBQ:Better be quick.

==>12. BOT: Back on Topic. Took me some time to realize it wasn’t short for robot.

==>13. CFY: Calling For You.

==>14. CTS: Changing the Subject.

==>15. CU: It means the same as it sounds, See You!

==>16. CUL: See you Later.

==>17. DIY: Do it yourself.

==>18. DND: The most useful Facebook chat code for: Do not Disturb . ==>19. EOS: End of Story.

==>20. F2F: Face to Face.


==>1. FAQ: Many of you might already know about this one, Frequently asked questions.

==>2. FB: My personal favorite. It means “ Facebook”.

==>3. FOS: Freedom of Speech.

==>4. FYEO: A very special kind of abbreviation which means, For your eyes only.

==>5. FYI: For your information. Again, many of us know about this one.

==>6. G2B: Going to Bed.

==>7. GAL: Get a Life.

==>8. GR8: Great.

==>9. GtG: Got to Go.

==>10. HAND: Have a Nice Day.

==>11. IC: As same as it sounds, stands for; I See.

==>12. IDC: I don’t care.

==>13. IMO: In my opinion.

==>14. IMHO : In my humble opinion

==>15. IS: I’m sorry.

==>16. JAM: Just a minute.

==>17. JIC: Just in Case.

==>18. L8R: Later.

==>19. LAM: Leave a message.

==>20. LMA: Leave me alone.


==>1. LMHO: Laughing my Head off.

==>2. LMK: Let me know.

==>3. LOL: Laugh out loud.

==>4. Msg: Message.

==>5. NP: No problem.

==>6. OMG: Oh my God. If you ask me, I find this Facebook abbreviation very useful.

==>7. PM: Private Message. I though it meant the ‘PM’ in time for very long.

==>8. Q4U: Question for you.

==>9. r8 : Right

==>10. S2R: Send to Receive.

==>11. TCO: Taken Care of.

==>12. TMI: Too much information.

==>13. TxT: Text.

==>14. W8AM: Wait a minute.

==>15. WTF: What the fuck

==>16. WTH : What the heck

==>17. SOS : Someone on shoulder

==>18. LNG: Long

==>20. 5N :fine


==>1.SYS: See you soon

==>2.TYT: Take your time

==>3.NAJ: Need a jacket

==>4KMP: Keep me posted

==>5.KYP: Keep you posted

==>6.CYL: Call you later

==>7.B4 - Before

==>8.b/c, bc - Because

==>9.BRB - Be Right Back

==>10.BTW - By The Way

==>11.DM- Direct message, a private message or “direct message” to a person you follow.

==>12.EM or EML - Email

==>13.Fab - Fabulous

==>14.FB- Facebook

==>15.HT - Hat Tip, or "Heard Through" instead of a classic "RT"

==>16.HTH - Here to Help or "Happy" To Help

==>17.IC - I See

==>18.IDC- I don't care

==>19.IDK- I don’t know

==>20.IM - Instant Message


==>1.JK or J/K - Just Kidding (or for UK people, Joking)

==>2.L8- Late

==>3.LI - LinkedIn

==>4.LMAO - Laughing My A** Off

==>5.LMK - Let Me Know

==>6.LOL - Laughing Out Loud-- not “lots of love” like my mother thinks it is .

==>7.MT - Modified Tweet

==>8.NSFW- Not Safe For Work

==>9.OH - Overheard

==>10.OMG - Oh My God

==>11.OMW - On My Way

==>12.ORLY- Oh Really?!!

==>13.ROFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing

==>14.@reply : a Twitter update (a tweet) that is directed to another user within their tweet.

==>15.RT- ReTweet

==>16.SMH- Shaking My Head

==>17.Thx or Tx - Thanks

==>18.TMI - Too Much Information Trend - A topic "Trending" or "popular" right now on Twitter

==>19.TTYL- Talk To You Later

==>20.TTYS - Talk To You Soon

==>21.TY- Thank You

==>22.YT- YouTube


! ! !

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Top Websites to Download free E-books of different categories

The eBook also know as digital book has done a lot in this present generation where the world is turning Tech-itself.

Now the world at lard has grown in Tech and higher understanding I have to follow the style....which is Downloading all my files on my phone in PDF formats and read in my convince time.

Because of how useful PDF files are you can even turn web pages to PDF and download them to your phone for easy and offline reading.

Click Here

There are numerous websites were you can download free and paid ebooks online. Among the many websites let discuss top 6 websites were you can download both paid and free PDF files online and this websites cares for PDF of assorted categories such as Study,business, travel,HOW tos and many more unlisted categories.

===> Create PDF files with your mobile phone

: ===> How to upload and share PDF files for free :

===> Read and write over 100 languages without learning them

Top Six websites to Download free E-books

==>Freetechbooks Are you concerned about tech related issues in eBook format for free you can get learning materials ,textbooks and more from freetechbooks

===>Freecomputerbooks Allows you to download computer related eBooks for free. you can Learn Codding design and many computer skills with freecomputerbooks for Free.

===> SmarshWords is a great websites with the collection of wonderful ebooks from famous writers and novelist thought it consist of huge amount of paid ebooks but the free ones are highly enjoyable.You can even place your work with them!.

===> GetFreeEbooks it comprises of novels and other great literature books which you can download in any selected format of your choice

===> EBooklobby here you can select categories of your choice from over 10-15 Loaded categories such as food,travel,internet/computer,books,Sport and many more.

===>Bookyards here in bookyard you can search your desired book using the search box above the website.

You can search for books by : - Authors
- Categories
- Book Title By either entering: - The first letter of the last name, - The first letter of the category , - Part of the name or title , - Part of the author ' s screen name

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Monday, 27 June 2016

How to write a Long tail blog post for a better optimazation

What is Long tail Blog post!.

A long tail blog post is always long in descriptions and write up.this type of post is appealed to SEO.long tail blog post when counted by words must not be less than 500words.

Writing a long tail blog post will bring more light to your post because you have all chances of explaining with examples and case studies. this posts are SEO friendly because the more you write the more keywords you gather to your post. and the more points you make.

As a blogger one of the strategies I spoke about if you want grow ahead your competitors is "write long tail post if they write short tail"

writing a long tail post is something you must learn.As a beginer writer simetimes you pick a topic to write about before you could hit 300words you are already done with all your best!…with this post you will be able to improve your writing skills! and hit long tail instead of short tails in your blog write-up.

Figure out a Topic

The writing of every blog post must always be about something which is usually needed by the audience and must be of good headline so as to attract the visitors.To write a better blog post choose a better topic in correspondence to what you want to write about.

before you choose a topic for your blog post always imagine the mindset of your readers or those who will get you via search engines. for instance you want to write about how you can be a good freelance writer.

You can make you headline attractive such as" Become a good freelance writer " or What it takes to become a good freelance writer. or How to become a freelance writer these headlines covers your whole topic body.

===> How to Become a good English orator

===>alternative method to write blog post with ease

===> Updated-How to edit Bloggers template using android mobile phone

Research about the topic

After you might have figured out your topic and it headline make a research using either Google,bing, yahoo or other search engines such as quora.

If you have experts about the topic close to you then you can make a face to face research by bringing the experts to share what they got with you..

Compile Info's about the topic

After You have done your research bhy now you must have gathered a whole lot of information about the topic.Compile the whole Info's I.e note them down to your own understanding.

Draw a sketch(LAYOUT)

Now from all the information compiled you have to write a sketch.

writing a sketch has become the main issue while you can't always write to meet with the maximum words required by Google rather your post are always short tails.even when the posts have the chances of been long tails.

Making a better sketch of any post require a little or wide knowledge about the topic but not been novice.

Always Use questions in breaking your post this will enable you write more and more since you will be the answer to your questions.

e.g if you want to write about the headline titled "how to become a successful Affiliate marketer"DONT just start with the body OK key to the post this will only make you write short tail posts.

Rather go this way

==>What is affiliate marketing?

==>Who is an affiliate marketer ?

==> How does affiliate marketing works Etc

Now after subheading your post the next step is:-flow around the topic

Flow around the topic**

You can even tell some stories about your past experience as an affiliate marketer and how you were able to cope or even a story of your friend as a affiliate marketer. all this stories will make your post long tailed and they also add value to your blog posts cus it gives readers more insight to visiting your blog since people love learning from other people stories.

draw readers attention back to the topic

Don't be carried away by your stories, always breakdown your story so as to bring back readers attention to what your stories are all about. e.g You can use terms like "Back to discussion " to draw back readers attention and then you can continue your main post.

write your what's in your sketch[layout]

Before you go into the body of your post always write your description about the topic you want to write about.

You can do this with some catchy stories about yourself and the topic or about other. Answer the questions in your Layout one after the other and finally this will make a whole and complete blog post.you may not only use question as your subheading but it is more easy to write in details when you use it in a questionable form.When writing,write as a expert do not show up as a novice in your writing.

===> How to Publish posts on your blogspot sites Using Opera-Mini Browser

===> Wordcounter.net-A free online tool for a better blog post write- up

With the research made write additional I.e do more than they do combine a different knowledge and make your post superb and differ in quality and quantity.

Write A conclusion

The conclusion of a post is counted as a post I.e it can also be crawled by google. not only that,a catchy conclusion will always make your readers comment and participate in your blog.

Review and edit your write.up-

If what you write cannot appeal you then it will never appeal others.

so check if you have errs, correct your typing and grammar errs .you can write with Quick meno because it underlines every wrongly spelt word in red as you type. After a edit you can then publish your post to the public view.

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Check Your Nigeria National ID card enrolment status online

The National id card is a plastic like matteria which every Nigerian indigene of above 16years is expected to own.

The ID card contain the (NIN) national identification number and your passport photograph which shows you are a real country born.

Apart from identification it has been made compulsory because of it numerous functions such as :-

==>travel (international passport

==>application & acquisition)

==>opening personal bank accounts

==>getting your driver’s license

==>obtaining your Permanent Voters’ Card

==>participating in the National Health Insurance Scheme ==>payment of your taxes

==>transactions related to your

==>contributory pension scheme

==>access to welfare and other relevant services from the Nigerian

==>Government transactions with social security implications

==>land transactions subject to the Land Use Act

In case you enrolled for the national I'd card, The national identity management commission has created a simple way for everyone who participated in the enrollment to get his/her permanent or plastic ID card using a unique portal to check if it is ready for dispatch.

bellow is how you can check your card status.

©Visit a government approved site free from scam!@ https://touch.nimc.gov.ng/

©Scroll down the page and click on Proceed

©From the next page fill in the required form you

first name ,your last name then in place of the ID number put the first Six digits of your card number.

© Click on CHECK NOW and the result page will pop out showing whether it is available or showing a non availability message as bellow.

If you haven't enrol before you can follow bellow steps to enroll for the National ID card

How to enroll for National ID CARD

Step1===> Go to any enrolment center close to you.

Step2===>Request the registration form and filled your demographic Info's properly

Step3===>Submit the form for verification

Step4===> You will be required of a headshot photograph, fingerprint and signature capture.

Step5===>Your document will be scanned after which you will be allotted two slips:- TheTransaction slip and NIN slip indicating Complete registration!.

Note: -Enrolling more than once is unaccepted and no payment is involved.

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

How to Publish posts on your blogspot sites Using Opera-Mini Browser

I will teach you how to post on your blogspot site today using Opera-Mini.

we all know that opera is not a surported browser especially for webmasters CU's it cannot access many sites such as the search console and even the analytics website and also it cannot access blogspot.

Posting on blogspot required the use of high ranked browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and this browsers are surported only on android OS thereby restricting non android operating system users such as java users from accessing Blogspot and all the rest since opera is the only browser they have.

Advantages of Posting on blogspot sites with Opera!.

They say opera is a low grade browser! Yes I agreed but it is sometimes

===>faster than other browsers and it minimize network I.e it can use a very little available network to load pages.

===>Opera is easy to use compare to other browsers because it navigation is clear and easy

Disadvantages of using Opera to Post on blogspot!.

Few days ago when I discovered this tutorial I also learnt that the label aspect and permalink is exempted when using opera to publish posts!.


Login into your blogger.com using your opera-Mini and you will be taken to err page as usual.Just ignore the page and exit or go back.

Now click on bellow link From your opera-Mini


After clicking a new page where you can publish your post will appear as bellow!

From here you can write your post and publish as you normally do In other browsers!

Take note---if you have more than one site in your blogspot account there will be a dropdown menu Top right hand side of the browser were you can select the site you want to publish your post.

If you click on this drop down menu you can then select the site you want to publish your post before hitting on publish

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How to attach Youtube video to your Blogspot Posts

Many bloggers find it difficult adding YouTube videos to there post and even the ones who knows how to do it go the hard way round.

Today am going to teach you how you can add YouTube video(s) to your Blogspot site with ease.right from your mobile or any internet enabled gadget.

===>How to design and customize your blogspot ERR 404 page

===>How to add follow me on twitter to your blogspot site

===>How to edit your blogspot template with your android Mobile

How to Add YouTube videos to your blogspot site.

To get started you must get the video id which is located in the address bar when you view the video on YouTube...

How to get YouTube video id?

Let assume you visited YouTube.com and searched for Olamide.

You will see various videos of Olamide as bellow!. Simply click on the video you want the ID.

From the above shot I clicked on the first Video titled " Olamide Full Performance At 2016 Ghana Meets Naija Concert" after clicking a new page will open showing you Watch video or Share video. see bellow shot!.

Now copy out the URL or you can just view it from your address bar

the URL will look like this!...


From the above URL the ID is the TeJ0MbI5TQI&itct Thats is what you need to in this tutorial.

NOTE===> every YouTube video ID is located right after V in the video URL.

After getting the video ID to add this video to your blogspot Posts and pages copy bellow code and paste it were you want the video to appear.

From the code Replace VIDEO ID with the YouTube video id you want to attach to your post.

You can view DEMO of how your video will appear in your post!. after publishing.

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