How to check wither your website improving or diminishing

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===> 17 Sure ways to increase your blog traffic.

Every blogger be it a pro blogger or even a non-pro blogger have the same aim of achieving success on the long run, but to some bloggers, the opposite becomes the outcome when they ostracised the necessities of blogging and sail through their own pathway which eventually led to what I called blogdead.

To connive to fact that you don't know what to do as a blogger or you haven't learnt what you already know such as using noffollow in your links and adding alternative to your images for SEO optimisation will only impeach your blogging success and live you no good result.

There is always a need to track your success as a new blogger or even a pro you know he who have a million is looking for 2million since our wants are unlimited so also it is applied to blogging.

A successful blogger delve even deeper to achieve a higher success since blogging success have no limit to which it goes. The new bloggers work harder to get more success also…so the race continues.

Let us talk about the main things which indicates wither your blog is growing popular and attaining more fame or stagnant or diminishing in value. some of the major things that will make you know the role your blog is playing on the internet are :-

===>A decrease or increase in Alexa rank.

When I began blogging I was told that Alexa rank shows how popular your site is,so I went about adding my site with the Alexa rank tracking after some few weeks my Alexa began to display in millions. I was happy because I have I very high rank since I knew nothing about how it works.but indeed Alexa never works like i think it to be.

How Alexa rank works?

If you have Alexa rank of millions and your friends Alexa rank thousands that means your friends blog is more famous and visited than yours.

Alexa rank counts like our school result. the number one in result is more likely to be appreciate than the number two and so on. Alexa rank counts from higher to lower numbers.

How to check your sites Alexa rank online

To check your Alexa rank online simply visits the online Alexa rank checker

online alexa rank checker

put in your site link in the provided space and verify the numbers and click on check. your rank will immediately display to your view.

===>How to add Alexa rank to my blog site

Having known this,all you have to do is work towards reducing your alexa ranking count. but note when your Alexa rank began to increase that shows your blog is not in any way successful but rather reducing in value so work to make your rank reduce.

How to reduce your Alexa rank

one of the major factor that make your Alexa rank decrease rampantly is the time your visitors spend on your blog and how often they visit the even when you are getting very few visitors for now,you can still reduce your rank by simply engaging them on your blog and keeping them retarded and detained to read more of your posts.

===>Decrease in bounce rate of your blog

be it new or old blog when your bounce rate increases that means your readers are run away readers. they read and bounce away. a low bounce rate is better to a higher one just like the Alexa rank count so also bounce rate does.

if your site's bounce rate reads between 30-40% just pinch your self on your cheek because that shows your readers love your blog and they navigate round your blog…and if your bounce rate ranges between 40-50% then it pretty OK but above this you have a lot of work to do which is reducing your bounce rate.

How to Reduce your sites Bounce rate.

I have already written about this in one of my blog post ===>What is bounce rate? and how to reduce bounce rate

If you follow this tutorial your bounce rate will definitely reduce I used the same methods and now my bounce rate is ranging from 30-40% and I know you love my articles this is one of the evidence....

How to increase your bounce rate

I know you won't love doing this great harm to your blog since you are working to make a blog that fetch you income like I do. but if you still want to do it just go the opposite way of how to reduce your bounce rate

How to check your sites bounce rate

To check your bounce rate you have to register yout site with Google analytics after confirming your site you can then view and track your bounce rate

===>2 -Easy methods to add your blogger site to Google analytics

===>Daily weekly or monthly page views

one of the best way to know wither your site is doing good is when your daily page view begins to increase.

How to increase your page view

√ to increase your page view you need to make your visitors love your articles by writing quality contents instead of quantity.

√Another way to increase your sites page view is to link together your site . and also make easy navigation. for your site. optimize your posts and images and make them SEO friendly. tell us more in our comment section.

Other minor factors that shows your blog is growing successful are :-
  • Comment increase
  • more likes and share
  • your blog is mention and referred by users.
  • Returning visitors and new visitors increase

Waoo, now that you have learnt about how to know if your site is going successful or unsuccessful.hope you will put them into practice and it will be my pleasure to see your blog grow more successful and famous in the internet. I still remains Kennedy Prosper

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How to add about authors profile page under a your blog post

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The about author page is just a simple description about the author of a particular post added to either the top or bottom of every blog post. this about authors page varies in description since all the bloggers have different motives and view.

about authors page

in default blogspot has made the about author page located at the footer but in customisation we do put this about author under our blog post via template editing..

===>. How to edit Bloggers template using android mobile phone

But today am going to teach you how you can add the about authors page to every single post your create. this will also be nice type if you have a guest post you can easily add about aurthors page of the guest to the post using this manual method.(mm) I called this about authors page for kids template "because it is unfixed and can be played and toyed with since it is movable"

===>Adding about authors page will only enhance the race of trust building in the blogging field and it will also make your site visitors get in touch with you easily since the about authors page usually contain either Facebook page or other contact details! through which users can get in touch with you.

How to Create About authors page under every bogpost.

simply copy bellow code and paste it in the position you want the about aurthor to appear when creating a new blog post.....You can simply add it under your blogpost this will give your site a better design.


about Kennedy prosper

From the above code you can change the image source

The authors description to your own description. Kennedy Prosper is a Nigerian blogger,a bricklayer and a farming passionate about helping other and finding solutions

You can also increase or decrease the image height[90]. and image width [85]

or you can live it this way if you have the same face and view with me and I know that cannot be possible CU's my mother never told me I was born a twin((((lol.

Note== this code is not only for blogspot users but for both wapka, WordPress,Mywapblog, and many others hosts that supports HTML codes.

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