The five elements of blogging

Starting a new blog is as easy as ABC all you need is a computer or compatible internet enabled mobile phone, a little knowledge of html and you are done. there are many free blogging platform so paying for a hosting plan is not necessary as a beginner .Many blogs are created daily on the internet but what makes the difference is the strategy each blogger uses. crafting a new blog is easy but becoming successful needs work done.

Among the plenitude of bloggers the once who grow weary are more to the once who achieve success because very few are were able to work while the rest need money at the initial stage!.

Before you start any blog let me simply highlight five things that most be put into consideration before success can be achieved as a blogger.

Selecting a blog Niche

Blogging niche is simply the area of your focus when blogging it is advisable you DONT be a jack of all trade which is a master to non when bogging focus on a single niche and you are likely to achieve success since your audience will gain more focus on what you offer rather than blogging on multi-niche.

There are many blogging niches out there e.g entertainment, tech,news,and many more all you have to do is choose the area you are specialised and start blogging.

Selecting the wrong niche is like diverting your course from studying law to being a mathematician it is obvious you might not have the chances of doing well since that is not your supposed field.

Don't start blogging in business because your friend made it on that niche. choose a niche you are perfect on. If you are good at business do likewise but if you are good in entertainment better still you can blog on entertainment or if you are good at fashion you are good to go since success is inevitable in any blogging niche like i have stated in one of my quote number-5

Become a social median

Social medial has been the main source if my traffic and it is advisable to use it effectively. create Facebook group and page for your blog and start sharing relevant contents for more.

With social media you will be able to reach a large group of people of various rases.

Search engine optimization

Search engine is one of the most crucial thing you must not hesitate to put as first priority as a blogging when talking of traffic. the whole required optimisation strategies has been written about just makes searches learn about seo and apply what you have learnt to your blog. let the world hear your voice through search engine.

A website without seo is silent and dumb when you the blog's author speaks through your writing only but few will hear you but when kindled by seo the multitude hears your voice.

The only cost for a good seo is work according to its directory.

Building quality contents

If you have learnt to blog without writing then you haven't learnt about I said in one of my recent posts blogging is simply writing.

it is certain that every blogger should be a good writer if you can't write it will be advisable you don't venture blogging CU's success will be far from you. and you might stop halve way when the frustration of stealing other people's content reveal itself.

==>solutions when all my writing inspirations are gone

writing is speaking and since you can speak you can write. tell your audience everything from your own points of view and not the way i view it.with this you will gain more trust and become great online!..

Make a friendly blog

A friendly blog enhance your visitors to stay on your blog but when you have w woeful blog design visitors are scared away...

avoid too many colours and blink blink blogs. too many images and graphics on when pages only delay the loading time and this annoy your site visitors

easy navigation is a better option for getting more page view on your blog so never hesitate adding a quick and easy navigation to your blog.

Add necessary widgets such as the related post widget, featured post widget and other necessary widgets you could think to reduce your bounce rate and increase your page views.

Align your blog post and make them readable. get my template here and other free blogging services for more professional looking blog design.

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Unmask and identitfy shortened urls and links without clicking on them.

The presence of url shortener introduce more fraudulent acts to the internet since even deadly URLs are hidden under with url shortners. Today I will show you simple way you can identify a shortened link and know the real source of the URL.

How to identify the real source of shortened URLs without clicking on them

Visit and in the text box insert paste the shortened URL link and click on Extract

==> the result will display showing you the real source of the link.

I believe you can now identify if it is a spamming link such as Facebook phishing sites masked with URL shortner.Good read!! stay scam free!!!

How i Design original and quality images for blogpost on mobile phones

Its been a long time i wanted to write about this post on how to create original images from your mobile phone ;but because of so much commitment to writing other articles and social engagement for the now i was unable to compile this post.

But to God be the glory today I have come up with a resolution to online image stealing!!!. I never meant to make animadversion on the fact that you stole images online to your blog because almost 89% of bloggers are victims in which i was formally one.

Every day you keep reading about SEO from every angle of the internet since it become the order of the day to all webmasters both pro and pro aspirants. You are now fully aware of the consequences attached to copyright images but the problem is how will you design beautify images that will fit your blog post. and since you find no solution you rely still on the act of copying images since you would love your blog readers to see pretty images attached to your post.

Maybe you have loved to get rid of this act but how will you when you don't have PC to design images this become a red flag and a set back from emerging the right action. i won't bridge too far on this right up rather let's discuss how i do creat my images so you can learn from it and start using your mobile phone to craft and design images.

Download and install the android App PicsArt.apk from play store or you can download it via any website of your choice. Click Here

Now i visited a site were I wanted to get the image from Hubspot generator

I don't want to want to copy the image on the header so i snap shot the image right at the page

I open the snap shot image via the picsArt I installed on my phone and clicked on tools at the bottom of the app under the image and i selected crop the first option

So i cropped the image by removing the opera icon, and all the unnecessary properties. and leaving it to the original or any fitting size.

from the bottom menu of the app selected add photo and picked a plain image from my Gallery and draged it to the image.And I used the plain sheet image to mask their site names..i.e I used it to cover their site logo Hubspot

and added another image in the top were they have the logo before and now my small image is covering there logo.

I clicked again on ADD text to and I wrote my site name,selected a better font, and assigned a good looking color black and dragged it to my image.

Now in the Place of the plain sheet I placed my site name their..

Add text again to further add my site name to the bottom right hand side.

Now i clicked on save which is the Arrow -like icon at the top right hand side of the app

I saved my original image with a name fitting my blog post headline and saved it to my files .

I open my gallery and selected picsArt to see the image and behold it was splendid just like i wanted it to be.....Now my image is ready for use.

Here are other samples of images i designed with this method you can see more when you roam about my blog.

Note you can go online and collect any image with this methods and modify it to your taste using picsArt.

Hopefully PicsArt will turn your images around and make you start building quality images for free on your mobile phone. When you open picsArt you will discover more amazing features.

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