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Saturday, 16 July 2016

The five elements of blogging

Starting a new blog is as easy as ABC all you need is a computer or compatible internet enabled mobile phone, a little knowledge of html and you are done. there are many free blogging platform so paying for a hosting plan is not necessary as a beginner .Many blogs are created daily on the internet but what makes the difference is the strategy each blogger uses. crafting a new blog is easy but becoming successful needs work done.

Among the plenitude of bloggers the once who grow weary are more to the once who achieve success because very few are were able to work while the rest need money at the initial stage!.

Before you start any blog let me simply highlight five things that most be put into consideration before success can be achieved as a blogger.

Selecting a blog Niche

Blogging niche is simply the area of your focus when blogging it is advisable you DONT be a jack of all trade which is a master to non when bogging focus on a single niche and you are likely to achieve success since your audience will gain more focus on what you offer rather than blogging on multi-niche.

There are many blogging niches out there e.g entertainment, tech,news,and many more all you have to do is choose the area you are specialised and start blogging.

Selecting the wrong niche is like diverting your course from studying law to being a mathematician it is obvious you might not have the chances of doing well since that is not your supposed field.

Don't start blogging in business because your friend made it on that niche. choose a niche you are perfect on. If you are good at business do likewise but if you are good in entertainment better still you can blog on entertainment or if you are good at fashion you are good to go since success is inevitable in any blogging niche like i have stated in one of my quote number-5

Become a social median

Social medial has been the main source if my traffic and it is advisable to use it effectively. create Facebook group and page for your blog and start sharing relevant contents for more.

With social media you will be able to reach a large group of people of various rases.

Search engine optimization

Search engine is one of the most crucial thing you must not hesitate to put as first priority as a blogging when talking of traffic. the whole required optimisation strategies has been written about just makes searches learn about seo and apply what you have learnt to your blog. let the world hear your voice through search engine.

A website without seo is silent and dumb when you the blog's author speaks through your writing only but few will hear you but when kindled by seo the multitude hears your voice.

The only cost for a good seo is work according to its directory.

Building quality contents

If you have learnt to blog without writing then you haven't learnt about blogging....like I said in one of my recent posts blogging is simply writing.

it is certain that every blogger should be a good writer if you can't write it will be advisable you don't venture blogging CU's success will be far from you. and you might stop halve way when the frustration of stealing other people's content reveal itself.

==>solutions when all my writing inspirations are gone

writing is speaking and since you can speak you can write. tell your audience everything from your own points of view and not the way i view it.with this you will gain more trust and become great online!..

Make a friendly blog

A friendly blog enhance your visitors to stay on your blog but when you have w woeful blog design visitors are scared away...

avoid too many colours and blink blink blogs. too many images and graphics on when pages only delay the loading time and this annoy your site visitors

easy navigation is a better option for getting more page view on your blog so never hesitate adding a quick and easy navigation to your blog.

Add necessary widgets such as the related post widget, featured post widget and other necessary widgets you could think to reduce your bounce rate and increase your page views.

Align your blog post and make them readable. get my template here and other free blogging services for more professional looking blog design.

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Unmask and identitfy shortened urls and links without clicking on them.

The presence of url shortener introduce more fraudulent acts to the internet since even deadly URLs are hidden under with url shortners. Today I will show you simple way you can identify a shortened link and know the real source of the URL.

How to identify the real source of shortened URLs without clicking on them

Visit http://untiny.me/ and in the text box insert paste the shortened URL link and click on Extract

==> the result will display showing you the real source of the link.

I believe you can now identify if it is a spamming link such as Facebook phishing sites masked with URL shortner.Good read!! stay scam free!!!
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How i Design original and quality images for blogpost on mobile phones

Its been a long time i wanted to write about this post on how to create original images from your mobile phone ;but because of so much commitment to writing other articles and social engagement for the now i was unable to compile this post.

But to God be the glory today I have come up with a resolution to online image stealing!!!. I never meant to make animadversion on the fact that you stole images online to your blog because almost 89% of bloggers are victims in which i was formally one.

Every day you keep reading about SEO from every angle of the internet since it become the order of the day to all webmasters both pro and pro aspirants. You are now fully aware of the consequences attached to copyright images but the problem is how will you design beautify images that will fit your blog post. and since you find no solution you rely still on the act of copying images since you would love your blog readers to see pretty images attached to your post.

Maybe you have loved to get rid of this act but how will you when you don't have PC to design images this become a red flag and a set back from emerging the right action. i won't bridge too far on this right up rather let's discuss how i do creat my images so you can learn from it and start using your mobile phone to craft and design images.

Download and install the android App PicsArt.apk from play store or you can download it via any website of your choice. Click Here

Now i visited a site were I wanted to get the image from Hubspot generator

I don't want to want to copy the image on the header so i snap shot the image right at the page

I open the snap shot image via the picsArt I installed on my phone and clicked on tools at the bottom of the app under the image and i selected crop the first option

So i cropped the image by removing the opera icon, and all the unnecessary properties. and leaving it to the original or any fitting size.

from the bottom menu of the app selected add photo and picked a plain image from my Gallery and draged it to the image.And I used the plain sheet image to mask their site names..i.e I used it to cover their site logo Hubspot

and added another image in the top were they have the logo before and now my small image is covering there logo.

I clicked again on ADD text to and I wrote my site name,selected a better font, and assigned a good looking color black and dragged it to my image.

Now in the Place of the plain sheet I placed my site name their..

Add text again to further add my site name to the bottom right hand side.

Now i clicked on save which is the Arrow -like icon at the top right hand side of the app

I saved my original image with a name fitting my blog post headline and saved it to my files .

I open my gallery and selected picsArt to see the image and behold it was splendid just like i wanted it to be.....Now my image is ready for use.

Here are other samples of images i designed with this method you can see more when you roam about my blog.

Note you can go online and collect any image with this methods and modify it to your taste using picsArt.

Hopefully PicsArt will turn your images around and make you start building quality images for free on your mobile phone. When you open picsArt you will discover more amazing features.

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how to permanently delete or restore deleted Blogspot site

In a case where you incidentally deleted your blogspot site the host has made a provision for restoring deleted sites since the new upgrade made in blogspot long ago.

With this feature your deleted blogger site will be fully restored without loosing any single data from your blog. though this feature is common to all bloggers since it is clearly stated on blogspot dashboard.

But for blogspot newbies who DONT know about this feature in case you become entrant in such censorious event you can follow my bellow guidelines to get rid.

How to restore deleted blogspot site

==>Simply login your blogspot dashboard

==>From the left hand side of the dashboard where you have all the list of your created blogs you will see the numbers deleted blogs and the numbers of active blogs retore deleted blogspot blogs

==> Just click on deleted blogs and you will see the blog with UNDELETE at the right hand side

==> click on undelete this blog and your blog will be restored. Note:- deleted blogs can only be restored within interval of 90days

How to permanently Delete A blogspot site

it will not be advisable to delete your blog since there is provision to hide it from users view and also Search engine from seeing your blog.

Removing or deleting your Blogger blog will also delete all of your blog data, including your existing blog posts. This means that your blog visitors won't be able to view your blog anymore, and that posts and pages associated with Blogger will be removed from your blog until restoration is made.but if you still want your blog deleted you can follow bellow steps.

==>backup and restore your blogspot site for future purpose

Login your admin dashboard from the list of your already created sites select the blog you want to delete and click on settings and click in other delete blogspot site

On the right side is the Blog tools section. To proceed with the deletion then click on the Delete blog link. You will be shown an option to backup your files and data's before deleting. you can download a copy of your site or hit on delete bottom you are done!.....

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Friday, 15 July 2016

How to permanently delete a facebook fan page.

Deleting your Facebook page is not like deleting files on computer where you have the Bin and can get back your deleted files. A deleted Facebook page can not be restored.

Before deleting your Facebook page you must think twice and have a solid reason you will not regret deleting the page since you know how tedious it culould be adding Facebook friends to pages and getting likes on pages.

How to permanently delete Facebook page

Login your Facebook account and navigate to Pages

Select the page you want to delete from the list.

from your Facebook fan page, click on Edit Pageand a new page will pop out.

from the new pop out page Click on Manage Permissions

On the bottom, click on Permanently delete [Page Name]

Click Delete and your page will be gone forever after confirming your delete .

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how to backup your blogspot site pending future incidence

Blogspot been a free blogging platform have limitations to which every blogspot users can go and this is why it is advisable to check on blogspot privacy policy on regular basis in case of any sudden change which may affect your blog.

Blogspot knowing that your blog is at risk since you may likely violate their policies have set up backing up and restoration system for any blogger site.

This blogspot backup and restore helps you to gain back all the lost messages,comments,and blog post if your blog get deleted or tempered with. with this method you can save your file in XML format on your mobile or computer for feature use.you can even upload them on Docdrive and other online files saving platforms to enable you get access to your template,design and blog contents anywhere any time.

Blogspot backup and restore

To back up your blog for feature purpose simply follow the backup and restore procedures bellow....note that this backup is done on regular basis maybe weekly or monthly pending in how often you update your blog.

==>Login your blogger dashboard and click on settings

==>Select other from the given options

==>Under blog tools click on export blog

==> download and save to your computer or mobile smart phones

Now you have backed up your blog if any incidence transpires you can import your blog and get back your datas,!.

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tutorial continues-building wapka forum part2

Am much busy on writing and doing other things outside online but my conscience of satisfying wapka newbies won't let me be so tutorial must be continued on how to create wapka site!! having discuss much about this today we are going to Learn

==>How to create wapka structured forum

==>How to design wapka our forum

==> how to add new post to wapka forum

==>How to display our wapka forum on our wapka site homepage

Before we embark on this we have to do the wapka forum settings which must be done for every professional wapka site since am here to teach you how to become a wapka guru and not just how to create wapka sites. and if you are new here you can start our tutorials from day one and you can also join the wapka masters forum if you have learnt about wapka before now

Wapka forum settings and guilds for beginers

==>Open your phone browser as we normally do login your wapka admin mode and Click on edit site button under your wapka site or simply use the wapka drop menu

==>Select Global settings and you will see Forum among the list, click on it and a new page will open.

==> From the page set your forum according to what you see on my screenshots below and save your settings

Hope You are done with your settings if yes continue bellow but if no then you have to fix that before you continue but for me I will continue because i have fixed mine"""" having done with the settings we move further on creating our first forum!!!

How to create wapka structured Forum

I will advice you create all your forums on one page you can create a parent page and create all your forums under it so as to get easy access when needed

==>Navigate to edit site under your wapka site where you want the forum to appear.

==>.click On FORUM Which Apears To Be Number 8 On The List After Then A New Page Will Open Showing You Something Of This Nature!!!

==>Now in the place of forum name write your forum name e.g FREE BROWSING,football updates,Business gist,tutorial zone or whatever name you want to give to your forums

==>click on forum type, then select structured forum and not simple forum we are only creating structured forum for now when we are in need of simple forum we will talk on that.

==>After that set the rest infos which i believe you can do own your own. then click on submit botton. your forum with the name you gave to it will apear. i.e you have created a new forum now preview your newly created forum you will see The forum ID located at the bottom part of the site write down the forum id somewere CU's we shall be in need of it on our toturial

see the shot bellow with its forum ID as 112238063

your own forum id may be different from mine! but you must note down the id which is located at the right hand side at the botom of the forum as seen on the above shot.

You have created your first forum now and have done the main settings.and in case you didn't do the initial forum design settings we talked about in our previous tutorial kindly do it here for a better forum design.

How to Add post to your wapka forum

You have just created your forum and you want some updates to appear on that particular forum all you have to do is click on new theme at the top of your newly created structured forum and you will see a new page

write your headline Which is theme name and your post in text section then SUBMIT after creating your post it will appear on your forum…

Let us design our homepage with just a little forum update code so as to enable users have a glance on what we just posted on our forum.see shot of how it will look

How to make your wapka post appear on your homepage

To create this on your homepage simply Go back to your homepage which is site-0 .

==> Click on edit site and Select WML/HTML inside the box that will appear paste bellow code and save.

But before you paste the code check inside the code and change all my forum IDs .i.e any were you see 111981032 inside the code change it to the forum ID of the forum you created in the first place. And SAVE.

Wapka code to display your updates

Now after saving you can now go back to your forum and create new Themes and they will appear on the homepage of your site.

You can Create other forums and repeat this same process to display them also. So now go and start creating more forums collect there IDs and repeat this process on them to start building your forum site....DONT forget to create new topic under the forums you have just created to make them appear on any page you put the above code......

I think I will call it a day for now my EBA and egusi soup is ready and I gat to eat something we shall meet again in the next episode......

Don't forget you can request any kind of tutorials on wapka by sending us Mail kennedyprosper18@gmail.com
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Top free headlines and lucrative blogpost topic generators

You are too confuse about what should be your next blog post and you are thinking all the lucrative headlines have been chosen by some folks. Blog topic and headline generator helps you generate lucrative blog headlines in relationship to your desired phrase or keywords .

Content writing-blogging

Blog topic generator is an online tool for bloggers and writers both online and offline to get better headlines for what the next topic should be about. it is unlimited I.e each day new headlines come up as new phrases and keywords are inserted to the online topic generators! with this online tools you can get more inspirations on writing killing blog post for readers and for SEO.

There are many online tools for generating blog post headlines. today having known the uses of blog headline generators, am briefly going to show you most commonly and easy to use headline generators which you can use for free.

==>Contentrow I so much love this blog headline generator and I made it first on my list here!..content trow will change the way you think about every idea and bring more lights to your proposed blog post and headline by generating over 20 great headlines for every single search.

Contentrow is easy to use and can be used on any phone browser!

==>Hubspot all you have to do is fill in nonun one-three and search for related topics to choose.

==>Buzzsumo this headline generator enables you to insert phrases relating your headline inside a search box and after search it push out search result with blog topics you may love to write about and this blog topic have chances of ranking high on Google since they make the headlines see friendly.

==>Contentforest Find successful content by topic and domain to curate content which has performed well in a particular niche (e.g. topic ideas for beauty and fashion blogs or blog ideas for e-commerce, b2b and small businesses)

Run analytics to identify which social networks are best for you target market and which topics or headlines your audience cares about

Discover what your competitors are up to and what titles are working well for them Use the trending section to explore popular topics in your industry and to come up with fresh content ideas Generate examples of great content that got attention online to feed your content research and ideation process Develop a content marketing strategy with content that a large number of people will share

==>Potent This too is also compatible for opera mini users it helps generate long tail lucrative keywords post for every search made your headline appears at the top. according to this online post generator they started that you should follow bellow steps to get a better headline.

==> Don't capitalize keywords (except proper nouns)

==>Use the singular version of your keyword

==>Revise the result to create your own fantastic (grammatically correct) headline

and the above could also be applied to other online tools for generating blog topics.

Conclusion:- kindly tell us more topic generators you know about and which among your tested do you love most??????

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Thursday, 14 July 2016

how to creat facebook group without a name!

I don't know why you have to create a Facebook group without a name perhaps you want to amaze your friends or you just want to be a Facebook anonymous. but for any reason it might be I will teach you how to do it.

I learnt to create Facebook group for one reason and that is educational reason since I love doing amazing things on the internet.

How to create a Facebook Group without a name

==>Login your Facebook as usual click on the group area and select add group

==>Select create new group and you will see a light box where you can put your group name

==>Now copy bellow empty box and paste it in the name field

after that continue with the rest steps and after the whole creation steps you can start operating on your Facebook group without a name. hope you will amaze your friends now that you have learnt how to creat a blank facebook group.

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