How to check alexa rank of any website in the universe

The Alexa helps to calculate your rank based on traffic received in three months on Installing the alexa toolbar on your site.

With Alexa ranking you can know how well your site is doing globally or Geographically. apart from the traffic check Alexa also provide additional information's about every website under there care such as the Keywords the website is ranking for, the traffic source, the sites linking counts, the bounce rate, daily pageviews and many more.

Most visited websites in Nigeria and their Alexa rank

how long does it take alexa to start displaying my site result?

Though Alexa may not be accurate in calculation but even with that it is important to every website in some certain ways such as bellow

->Alexa is used for competition in the blogging world

->it offers informative informations about your blog.

->it is considered by your site visitors

->a low alexa rank will enhance your sale since some online marketers and advertisers do put it to consideration.

-> a lower Alexa rank will oppose Google page rank

One of the reason why Alexa may not be accurate is because it calculate the stats of any blog on interval of three months on installing the Alexa too bar. but within this months there are people who still receive good traffic and yet without Alexa and as such there stats wouldn't be calculated.

in addition Alexa only crawl and give info about top level domains it don't give stats on sub-domains.

Having known all the above let me show you how you can check Alexa rank of any website in the www(world wide web)

Checking Alexa is a simple thing but many people still don't know it so i have to do some inscription about this CU's this is what am known for "finding solutions".

How to check Alexa Rank of any website

Simply visit the bellow URL but inside the URL change the site name to any website in which you want to know the rank and reload to see the result.

You can change the Facebook to any site name so long it is registered on the internet Alexa will take its rank. next tutorial.

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How to install analytics on WordPress full tutorial with pictures

Google analytics like the name implies is just an innovation which allows you to track your sites stats.

Whenever a new website is created, one thing that comes our mind is how many page view we are able to get in a day and where is the traffic coming from to enable us know the areas of our concentration, which is the main function of analytics by Google.

Google analytics allows any website from any platform such as wapka, WordPress, mywapblog and Blogspot which is a Google host.

With Google analytics you can track daily,weekly,and monthly page view of your website, you can also know the traffic source, the most visited country, users behaviour, languages geographical area, you can also Check your sites bounce rate with many more features.

In one of my tutorials I talked about how to Install Google analytics on blogger site but today am going to discuss how you can configure Google analytics for your WordPress site.

How to stop analytics from tracking your own page views

How to Open Analytics Account

Login your gmail account via the google analytics website set analytics for WordPress

You will be redirected to another page were you can sign up your analytics account

From the next page you will be asked to select the app or website option..simply click and select website since you want to set it to your website and not app.

How to check wither your website is improving or diminishing

fill in the required forms such as your website name, website URL,category, Timezone etc and submit the form by Clicking on Get tracking ID. and you will be prompted to a new page. from here accept the terms and services.

The next page will show you your analytics code which you will embed on your website.

Get people to know about your new website

Copy the code to your clipboard and open new tab from your browser.

How to Set Analytics for your WordPress

Now login your WordPress dashboard and and paste the code in your theme's under header.php right after the begin tag -body-

If You are using Genesis Theme

Login your WordPress dashboard and select the genesis option from the left hand side now click on Genesis settings as shown bellow.

Scroll down to the header and footer script section and paste your analytics code in your header script then save your settings you are done

If you are using Hermes theme

if you are using the Hermes theme you can use the bellow oftions to install your analytics.

login your WordPress Dashboard and select HermesThemes now click on Theme Options page and select the Miscellaneous tab,] add your Google Analytics code there and save your settings

How to check if your analytics is Properly Installed

Login your analytics account and click on the admin tab from your analytic dashboard

select the account list option and click on the name of your website your choose initially . now click on web property and select tracking info.

From here select tracking code

If your site is receiving traffic you will see the status as bellow

But if otherwise be the case then you have to wait for some hours like 12-24 hours and if you still can't find the result then go back and make sure your analytics is properly installed. after the whole process if you can't still see the result then I guess you may need analytics help

Quick Analytics Check help

To check the most visited posts on your blog select ==>Behavior- > Site Content -> All Pages

To check your analytics monthly pageviews kindly login your analytics account select your website and right from the overview Dashboard you will see your stats.

To check the website that drives your most traffic select =>Acquisition -> All Traffic- > Referrals

To check the social media that drives the most traffic click on Acquisition -> Social ->Network Referrals

To check your top exit page select => Behavior -> Site Content -> Exit Pages next tutorial.

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How to permanently delete your twitter account

Maybe you are tired of the every tweet or the 140 characters or maybe you don't like twitter as a social media and you wanted to delete your account from the internet so as to clear your data from the net then this tutorial is for you.

How to delete your twitter account

how to Access twitter Pc view on mobile

Login your twitter account from your desktop

Click in the Settings option you can access your settings by clicking on your profile picture it the right top conner of your twitter.

After the settings option is opened kindly select Request achieve option

The request achieve option enable you to get all the tweet right from the first day you joined twitter in a document form which will be sent to your email.but in case you don't need it you can skip this achieve option.

Bellow the achieve you will see Account deactivation click on it to delete your account.

In the next page accept there terms and services to proceed. Now verify your password and click on the Deactivate Account button…

Now your account will be successfully deleted and disappear but even with that your tweets will still be visible on search engines and people can still read your posts.

Your account will stay on the net in 30 days after 30 days if you login your twitter account then you have retrieved it from deleting.

but if you want it to go permanently then don't login in the interval of 30days. you can access officail twitter page for more help… next tutorial.

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