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Thursday, 4 August 2016

What is Cvv2 and how to find your credit card Cvv2 number

I was happy I wanted to renew my domain or buy a new one rather so I logged in my C-panel at any hosting website because I just got my master or credit card.

After choosing the domain I wanted and checked out the next thing was to fill in my ATM Card details which I did but the Problem I encountered was The Cvv2 area I don't know were to get it.
Online payment and transactions

The above illustration has been the order of the day for many online newbies this is not only apply to purchasing a domain name but also purchasing other stuffs online and making payments.

Every Master card ready for online use comprises of The Cvv2 three digits pin which is usually located at the back on the card.

In case you still don't know the meaning of Cvv2 it is termed Card verification Value 2 which is use to verify your ownership when making online payment and transactions.Don't find it too hard to locate this pin see bellow screenshots.

You see the bellow if the paper new the card is not yet scratched what is Cvv2 number

but perhaps you scratch the paper you will see other numbers but you will only take the three last ones as your cvv2 (card verification Value2)

hope with this tutorial you can now make a successful transaction online without any hassle in searching for your Cvv2. I think you can now locate your Cvv2 3digt pins anywhere. next tutorial

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How to open a PayPal Account In Nigeria

Years back Paypal never accept Nigeria in the list of the approved PayPal countries and this really was a great problem Nigerians were facing since PayPal is the core method of easy online transaction.
Online payment and transactions

But in 2014 Nigeria was an approved country by PayPal this implies that any Nigeria citizen who harbour in Nigeria can now open a PayPal account without any struggle or long verification process.

Recently I discussed how you can Add PayPal donate button to your website. and there is no way you can do this unless you have a PayPal account and this is what really prompted me to writing this topic on how to create PayPal account

How to Create a PayPal Account In Nigeria

From your mobile or computer visit http://paypal.com/ng Look at the top of your browser and select the Sign up button

Click On open account And select personal ACC instead of business unless you have a reason before you can take business the business option. open PayPal Nigeria

Fill in the form correctly and agree the terms and policies in case you are asked for verification you can put the code you see in the required field to continue.

After that add your credit Card Details to attach your PayPal to your bank account and you are all done.....isn't that so easy hope you can now start the process to get it done. next tutorial

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Bluehost Domain Custom email address configuration set up

Don't be surprise to see most online enterprises and sale pages using custom email address like Buy@slaetede.com, contact@kingsweb.com, kennedy@kingsweb.com.ng and so on all of the above are examples of custom mails.

The custom email address will make every business organisation more professional and exceptional to when using email such as kennedyprosper18@gmail.com, mylyricals@yahoo.com, etc

every webhost e.g goddady, domainking and other hosters have a provision to which customers who purchase domain or hosting can easily create a custom mail, but today am going to discuss how you can set up custom mail address using Bluehost.

How to Set Custom Domain on Bluehost.

LOGIN your bluehost account C-Panel. in case you forget your cpanel password you can also use the forgotten password option to retrieve your details. configure bluehost custom email

After successful Login Look at the top of the page and click on Email Tab create custom email on bluehost

from the next page Click on create an email account button

Fill in your details accordingly and submit your form...choose unlimited mail to secure unlimited space for your mail server. create custom email

After creating your account you can now go back to your bluehost login page and select the Webmail login option to login your details

Now your account is ready for use and you can now start managing your account. next tutorial

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Nairatrace.com- More than Just A Business Blog

Have you been looking for a business blog , where to get enlightened with business updates and keep your business moving and flourishishing by just reading business tips? If yes then Nairatrace is the Answer.

Nairatrace is a Nigeria blog with ages and reliable entrepreneurship and business updates .

like the name implies Nairatrace discuss in details things that can negatively influence your naira growth and add more figures to your business earnings.

. This wonderful blog is designed by A Nigerian passionate and niche blogger Mr Abdulmalik Amodu with the aim of sharing his business ideas to all Nigerians and those abroad. And this is why he not only cover local business ideas and updates but both international updates to enable reach the non Nigerians in Advance.

Nairatrace.com also help its members via social medias such as whatsapp messenger and Facebook.

You can get in touch with Nairatrace

In addition Nairatrace also satisfy its members by offering them chances of writing guest post. that equaly means you too can share your business ideas on Nairatrace isn't that awesome?hmm i think i have been part of this nairatrace developement were i wrote a post titled Solutions to too many business alternatives on your mind

They also offer advertising spaces for their members to help them broading the audience reach of their members business

am off to Nairatrace You can also join me to read latest Nairatrace updates Via it Blog...Nairatrace.com

Note the website is designed to fit both. mobile and PC users so you can now start following Nairatrace...

hopefully the change will emerge in the journey of becoming Entrepreneur and Nairatrace will always yield Good result. next tutorial

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How to receive your AdSense earning direct to your local Bank Account.

In 2014 when I started using AdSense on one of my first wapka site, my earning was going due to payout then but still I don't know how to go about the cash out I never knew you can receive your money to any local bank account even if it is Nigeria or Abroad.

Send money, receive money and turn Airtime to Cash using Zoranga

So I went further to explore the net to make sure I cash out my fund as when due CU's am in need of cash so how will I be looking at my Google AdSense earning without any action...

God so kind adsence have a provision for you to receive your money into your local bank account without any trouble or two ways out.Many people today are still afraid of AdSense because they think the payment method to be very complicated so they rather prefer using other Ads on their blogs which offers easy cash out method.

Online shopping and thefts

This tutorial will help you on how you can set your local bank saving account to your Google AdSense for direct payment . If you are living in India or Nigeria or other unlisted countries all you have to do is Open a bank account with any of your desired bank in your country and After successful registered Ask the bank for their Swift Code which is 8-digit in numbers it will be given to you for free....

Now after getting the BANK Swift Code Login your AdSense Account

And select the settings Icons at the right hand side in your AdSense Dashboard

From the drop menu click on Payment and select Add new Form of payment and select the Radio button for direct transfer into your account and click on Continue

Now a new form will appear just fill the form as bellow if you are using Nigeria GTB bank account but if not then fill in your details.

Bellow are Some Nigeria Banks And their Swift Codes

  • The Nigeria Gtb swift code remains GTBINGLA
  • For keystone Your swift Code is PLNINGLA
  • Swift Code for Union Bank Nigeria UBNINGLA
  • First Bank Nigeria swift Code FBNINGLA
  • Eco Bank Nigeria Swift Code ECOCNGLA

You can find more international and local Bank swift Codes @The-SwiftCodes

After filling your Bank name your account number, Your Swift Code and other details

Leave the intermediary bank details and check on the next box as shown bellow

After that hit on the save button to save your settings you are all done.!!!

Note that if you receive $100 in a month without placing a hold , you will automatically receive the earning direct to your bank account as filled above. next tutorial

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Building wapka forum categories and Navigations (A-Z)

Send money, receive money and turn Airtime to Cash using Zoranga

In bloggers we normally use the name labels but in wapka this label are termed category and in general they are known as navigation in the blogging sphere. And this navigation enables your site users to find their needs since they are named according to embedded contents in them.

A website without category will not only be rejected by Google AdSense it will also toughen your users experience. The reason you must put navigation buttons on your site is because the navigation give your site users Easy access and it reduce your bounce rate and increase your pageviews.

In one of my previous tutorials I wrote about how you can add profesional looking drop menu navigation to blogger but today am going to reach the wapkans in advance

Maybe you have it in mind in doing likewise in your wapka site but you don't know how to do it, then today just consider it done.

Before I proceed to the tutorial it may interest you to know that in wapka there are assorted navigation styles. the first one is the drop menu navigation , the Hyper text navigation and the image or thumbnail navigation

Examples of wapka Navigation Codes designs

a good example of The drop menu navigation is what i have at the bottom of this site when you click in it , it will drop out all the labels or categories you have listed in the. bellow is the shot of how it will drop out for you to select

A good example of The hypertext Navigation is what you can see in my wapka site www.360naij.ga.

For the image or thumbnail navigation I also have that in my wapka site you can see the shot bellow

Having known all this let us proceed on how to design it to your wapka site and make them look nice just like the above shots pls pay attention and be smart.

Let us start from the drop menu navigation setup for your wapka site. this navigation is fit for your header (-1) or your wapka footer(-2 ) since this will Make is accessible by almost all your site visitors so I will suggest we put it in our header.

I should have used image tutorial but I think the explanation is too simple to understand we only use image for complicated tutorials.

But anyway because of the unsmart ones I will still use image for this tutorial for easy understanding.

There are two methods to which you can add items to your wapka site the first method is what I have discussed here but I received Info's that the method is complicated so I have to change the other way round to show you the second method....both of them will always yield the same result.

How To add Wapka Navigation Codes to your site

Login your wapka Admin Mode and click on edit site

Now after clicking the edit site a new window will appear showing you all the elements options for building your site....now from this options scroll and selectAdd autocontent from the options

a new menu will appear from the top of this page you will see Top items(header) and bottom items(footer).

Just select the Top items (header) and a new page will appear . from this page click on Edit site and select WML /HTMl option and Inside the text box put the bellow codes.

For the drop menu navigation put this code------> in your header section as explained above

Now from the above code just change my links and texts to yours and replace the Site IDs with yours.

Now for the hypertext navigation paste bellow code----> in your header section as explained above

In the above code replace the forum IDs to your own ids e.g If your Forum ID for football forum is 1187333 you can just replace it with any forum ID in the above code and change the name to football updates or whatever. ... repeat the same process till you finish changing all the whole IDs to your own different forums.

For the wapka Image cagetory navigation you can use bellow code.-->

Online shopping and thefts

Note this one is not fit for your header, so you can put it in any other page in your site but not In your header section this time around.

In the above code edit it with your own site info and paste the code in your site via Wml/html If you encounter any difficulty never hesitate to comment bellow. next tutorial

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Monday, 1 August 2016

Unimaginable ways through which ATM cards are stolen and precaution measures.

Your debit card popularly known as the ATM card can be stolen in many ways and when this happens it could be devastating since it mean a lot to you.

How to get promotional codes to buy cheap stuffs online

I visited Eco bank on a faithful day when I was trying to resolve some issues relating to my bank account. A woman was at the customer cares center nagging bitterly that she received alerts on several occasions that her money was withdrawn via ATM were as her card is still with her.so how could that be.

Online shopping and thefts

The agent was trying to let this woman understand there are others ways through which Debit cards can be stolen but the woman was pissed off and never seem to understand.

Having heard about the statement that there are many ways to steal ATM card I became too curious to know even when the woman in question was unconcern all she cares was that the bank should refund the money lol.

I called on the agents attention to explain to me how This may have happened and what could have been the cause so as to enable me know how to protect mine and also to see what to write about in my blog. In my own summary bellow are what the agent who acted as customer care listed.

send money, receive money and turn Airtime to Cash using zoranga

Cpanel Logins

This is common to webmaster who normally make some purchases online such as domain names and hosting plan.

In some of this databases your information are stored and retrievable so if someone could get hold of your login details they can get your credit card numbers very easily and your billing address.

The only way you can avoid this is to keep your login security very safe and make sure whenever you are login to such important cpanels it shouldn't be on friends phones or computers but even when you want to login with someone's phone don't save your passwords to the browsers and clear your history when you are done.

Phishing Targets

phishing is just a way through which hackers get users login by making some similar sites to what you think. e.g a Facebook phishing site is only design like Facebook to make you think it is Facebook and when you login your details the owner of the phishing page will get the details direct to there own database or email without your knowledge.

These same hackers can set up fake online stores where your credit card details are required to make purchase and when you try put your details they are gone.

To avoid this phishing method, don't login your details from any website and make sure you only use your credit cards on well known and trusted online stores.

Physical stealing

All of the above mentioned methods could be termed Digital stealing CU's you will never have any idea about it and it is not physical. but in this physical theft it is the normal stealing you know about maybe by pocket pickers or any other theft method.

Check Union Bank account ballance on Mobile phone

You do take your brother or some other folk along with you to the bank and maybe you trusted them or you think they are small but it might be too unfortunate that these people steal your card in your absence and because they know your password they can use them and drop it back for you or even get hold of it.

To avoid this physical theft method of loosing your debit Card it will be advisable your four digit pin is known only to you and don't keep your card carelessly.

The skimming Device

With this device they can capture your ATM Card data's including your login PIN and with this they can. create another copy with the exact look with that of your Credit card . they will go to other banks and withdraw your money confidently.

All of the above are what the agent listed and having listened to her I found out that all her points were accurate .and she finally made a conclusion which trill me most she says""""""Be wise for we are in the technology Era were the impossibilities are made possible.""""

One of the question I never seize to ask was that " how can the un-technical ones make use of these Card .

She further answered ::√Even even the non pros and gurus can easily chop off all the many in your credit card when they get hold of the card details .

They can login online stores and make purchases with your card details while they goods will be delivered to them you will be the one to pay.

And to those who have learned hacking and are gurus and pros they can simply build a other fake card under their own terrain which they will be using at any time to withdraw your fund.

Precaution:- If you find yourself in the same shoes of this woman instead of waiting to receive the second alert just go straight to the bank and change your Card PIN or cancel that card for another one.

My Conclusion If you are a webmaster and you have helped someone to buy a domain with your credit card make sure you cancel auto renewal from the database.

Have you ever experienced any of the above what was the action you took or what additional point do you think any of the above thefts could be resolve??? please comments bellow we love and cherish your comments. next tutorial

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How to add random quotes of the day to wapka site

I love quotes CU's they are words or wisdom and encouragements and I always share with my fans whatever will add value to their visits on my website.
blogging and blog writing

If you are of this category then you will find this wapka random quote code very useful.

The random quotes display the quotes randomly on every refresh made either on the same page or on other pages. to make this random quote more active and working ,you can put it in your header or footer section where it will be visible to all users.

add random banners ,text links to blogspot site

The random quote is not only to entertain visitors but it is also SEO friendly since the quotes have keyword embedded into them.

To add this random quote to your wapka site simply Login your admin mode …and click on edit site ,

Select HTMl/wml and put the bellow java script.

Note inside the above code you can customise it by changing the title to what ever you desire. you can also bound the code with tags such as bold, italic and other tags. next tutorial

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How to legally deal with those who steal your site contents

Today been the first day of the month of august I have wandered round my thoughts on what to render to say happy new months to all my dedicated fans but I think I found something tangible , something you may not know or something you may have heard of but don't know how to do.

blogging and blog writing

Today am going to show you how you can deal with those who steal your sites contents in updating their own blog.

Could you imagine someone from no angle just stumbled upon your website and having found your contents useful began to copy all to the extent some will even want to copy your signature or your name and about author together with the post lol.

How to identify and remove stolen contents from your blog

This acts is common especially among the new webmaster and they do it mostly out of ignorance. but the fact that they are not aware of the consequences involved in such act will never stop Google from penalising your site

I wrote in one of my post why you should buy a domain name before you lunch your new blog here lies one of the advantage of it. If you are using a free domain and you spend your time and deprive yourself sleepless night in writing blog posts, someone might just come and copy your fresh contents and start excelling with it on Google since the person have a paid domain and you a free domain.

Those who do copy and paste will harm your site in the sense that when your site contents are copied to another website registered on Google, it will become a duplicate content and google hate it. so both the person who copied the contents and the original author of the content will pay for such act when Google Come to notice.

Having know the effect of Duplicate contents on your website I know you won't allow someone to steal your contents and put you in danger of Google panda after all the tough time you have spent in writing the posts.

Google been aware of what that can cause you also set up a provision to check duplicate contents and also correct them or deal with those who steal your contents legally

I will strictly advice before you go into this tutorial you must be someone who write original articles and not copy and paste victim, like they say Cesar's wife should be above suspicion .

How to deal with those who steal your blog posts

What is Digital Millennium Copyright Act( DMCA)? This is a law set up in 1998 by the president of America Bill Clinton to help check and protect digital material and to protect copywriter owners and consumers. having known that this is a legal method of protecting your digital materials we are going to talk about how you can use it in relationship to your website-->

All you have to do is just fill a form and submit the form to Google and after review the content will be romoved from Google but if the website is a Google site e.g blogspot site it might result the person loosing the entire website.

Before then you have to first of all identify the stolen contents before you give your report you can copy some line of your posts to Google to see if other articles will appear with the same text from there you can trace the page which duplicated your contents or you can use copyscape to trace your replicate contents after seeing the contents you can then report.

Bellow are the report links

Visit and fill the Blogger DMCA Complaint Form If you are using blogger platform.

And if you are using WordPress platform you can Fill yours here

If you are using other platforms such as mywapblog,wapka,wapego, nazuka etc you can fill yours here

If your contents on LinkedIn is stolen you can Fill the form here

Now for those who are using blogspot platform bellow is the Guidelines to fill your form

Fill in your first name and last name

Your company name which is your website name

your contact mail which will enable them get back to you with a reply.

choose your region and fill all the other necessary contact info form correctly

After filling the whole contact information's scroll down to Your copyrighted work Info.

In the first box titled Where We Can See an Authorized Example Of The Work ?: put the URL of the original content from your blog

Now proceed to the next text box titled Identify and Describe The Copyrighted Work" and write an attractive and descriptive message to show that you are the original owner and how you discovered it duplicate on the internet.

Proceed further to the titled are Location Of The Allegedly Infringing Material:" in this area you have to fill out the URL of the duplicate content I.e the url were you found your content to be duplicated.

after filling that proceed further to Filling next titled area Sworn Statements and Signature: from this page mark or the two provided check boxes and in the date area fill in the current date * I.e the date you are submitting the form

In the next step scroll and submit the form by Hitting on the submit button below the form

After which you will receive an email telling you that they will get back to you when your application is fully reviewed.

After some days they will clear the content from Google search engine and you can now receive back your stolen traffic. if it is google site they have every right to also delete the website entirely

Note that for some contents which might have been rewritten might be hard for Google to handle and in some cases they may not heed to your request..that is only when the stolen contents are rewritten in another form. next tutorial

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