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Thursday, 11 August 2016

JUMIA KaYmu affiliate Refer to earn no purchase needed

Hahah I can't stop been happy about Kaymu affiliate program just dashing out cool cash to it customers. I believe before they realize and run out of cash i would have become a millionaire by then.

This should be the best affiliate program so far in the world and the internet a type of affiliate where you get paid for every referral wither they make purchase or not but provided they get approved account through you then you will get your commission.

How does Kaymu work

All you have to do is Sign up at Kaymu and after successful sign up you will wait for review and after reviewing your account if you are qualify them you are good to go and start earning

There are three method your kaymu income changes I.e three ways you get commission from Kaymu

  • You get 300naira for every Sign up via your affiliate link
  • 700 naira for any type of sale you make
  • And 500naira will be given to you after sign up..just like Domainkig affiliate
Kaymy pay when you account reaches 3,000naira

How To Join Kaymu Affiliate and get kaymu referral link for your blog

You can join this program directly from your mobile phone or PC click here to register

After signing up and having get approved kindly login your account and select " Promotion " > " Advanced Tools " > " Sign Up Subaffiliates and you will see the link

You can just copy the link and shorten it using tinyurl.com etc take note you cannot join without a website. next tutorial

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how to buy online using your ATM card

Today online and technology has made everything very easy and handy, you don't even need to carry cash along before making payments.

In our previous tutorial we talked about the Check book and Zoranga as a way of making payment online and offline but today we are going to discuss how you can Buy goods online both digital and physical goods using your Credit Card

Every Credit card is associated to a bank account and any time payment is made online with any credit card the account attached to the card is were the money will be withdrawn from.

Buy Online with Credit Card

Now visit any website in which you want to purchase your items from e.g Konga, jumia etc and select the item then click on proceed to check out button..

Note There might be other language to represent the above in some other websites but Whatever the proceed language may be substituted for just click on it to continue.

You might be asked to fill some forms but whether you are or not there is always an option to choose your payment type here you will select the Payment type as Credit Card Buy with your credit card online

After that fill in your billing information and continue to the next page

From the next windows you will be asked to put in your card details since you selected the Credit card in the payment option. Fill in carefully with your card number and other details including the Cvv2 number located at the back of your card.

Your card number is written boldly at the front side of the card.

After filling your card details you may be asked for Opt Number this will be a password issued by your bank per transaction for security reasons it will be sent directly to the phone number associated with your bank account.

Though this is not common to every bank but if your bank is one that give the Opt password then in the next page put the code that will be sent to your mobile nunber. and continue to the last page....

now you have successful make payment for a product it is left for the delivery process to take place.

Note that there are Various methods through which Card details can be stolenso beware of the site to use your Card...if they are not trusted please it will be wise you don't use your card details so be alert of fake and credit card phishing sites next tutorial

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How to withdraw Money Using the ATM machine.

It is not surprising hearing you say you don't know how to Withdraw with the ATM machine. The ATM is a machine which you must learn to use just like other machines so because you can't operate the ATM never mean you are an illiterate just like some folks think.

You can be brilliant and educated but without learning the machine you may find it difficult to use and this is why am going to show you step by step procedures to use the ATM machine in Withdrawing your cash.

Withdraw Using ATM

Now insert your Card into the machine With the side with label outside and the sim like edge in first as shown bellow

Select your language to enable the machine know what language you will be informed with.

From the button on the ATM machine kindly enter your Pin and don't let it be visible to people around since it is your security pin.

Now Select the transaction type from the listed options

From the option you will see many transaction options such as Withdraw Money, Deposit Money, Balance Enquiry, Bill Pay etc but because you want to withdraw you gat to select the withdrawal option

From the next page select if your account is savings or Current account

Now the machine will display some amount for you to select but if the amount you want to withdraw is not listed kindly type it into the machine using the number keys and click on enter button

In less than 60 seconds your money will be out provided you have the amount In your account

After that an option for receipt will appear you can yes it if you need a receipt for the withdrawal and don't forget to press the cancel button before leaving the machine. next tutorial

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How to recover deleted blogspot posts

Perhaps you are just roaming round your Admin mode when incidentally you hit the delete button on a post,label or page and you know that when you remove a label the whole blog posts under that particular label are all gone. but let say in this case you deleted a post
retrieve deleted blogspot post
This happen not because you are careless but it is a normal thing to all bloggers it is termed on of the mistakes we make.

Blogger been a wonderful host has almost every solution to certain problems and mistakes you may likely make in your admin mode.

There is option to delete your blog post, pages and labels though if you critically look at your admin mode you will find out that no option to retrieve blogspot deleted posts and labels but in this post am going to show you a very simple method to which you can retrieve your deleted posts, paged or label

Note there may be other methods but follow this one bellow to get fast and easy result.

How to recover blogspot deleted post

You may have noticed that sometimes after deleting your blog updates the update still rank in Google I.e Google takes 4-6 day or even more before getting rid of the deleted data.

In this case whenever you incidentally delete a post all you have to do is get it from Google and this is what am going to show you in this post.

Let say the title of the deleted post is how to search yourtube videos... all you have to do is open your browser and type in your site name and the post title in your google search box in this form.

How to search YouTube Videos site:http://kingsweb.com.ng

Note even when you can't remember the exact title you can use few keywords for the search it will still show you the post from your PC select the post you want to retrieve from the search result.

From cache version open the deleted post and right click and select view source

Now press ctrl+f and find postID it will look like this postID=59607212866878532010 just write it down somewere

Now go back to your admin dashboard on blogger and open the website associated to the post now click and open any published post and replace it ID with that of the deleted one and press Enter

Your post will display now copy the post and replublish it..note all comments likes or share are gone now it will appear as a new blog post.

Another method is using the feed burner if your site is associated with feed burner even after deleting the post you can still find it in your feed burner all you have to do is set your feed to display all post so you can copy it all and republish it.

You can also use the draft method to recover deleted blog post...login your admin mode and select draft from your overview you will find the post there all you have to do it republish it again.

The other methods apart from the first method is applicable to other host users such as mywapblog, wapka, wapego etc users. next tutorial

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How to brows Nairaland free of charge Using Airtel Network

Nairaland is a Nigeria Top 8 most popular website with Millions of page views daily. The truth is that nairaland traffic has been of great help to all Nigerians especially Webmasters. It has become one of the major traffic source of bloggers including me.

brows nairaland for free
Online payment and transactions

Perhaps you just created a blog post and after creating and posting you wanted to share on Nairaland and your mb got exhausted.

provided you are using Airtel Network you can still go on and continue with your sharing without any data charge.

You can turn your no data periods to reading news and updates from nairaland.

Airtel has been a very good network were most popular sites are partners to brows free without data in which nairaland is one among them.

Now to Brows Nairaland for free Click Brows Nairaland free on Airtel

If you are using Airtel the website will open even if you don't have a thine.

You can just bookmark the page so that when ever you don't have credit or data and you feel like browsing the latest news and updates or share some wonderful articles you can just access through your bookmarked or saved pages.

Hope this is Awesome please do good to tell your friends by sharing this link so that they also can enjoy this free benefit from Airtel.

Note this is not Airtel free Facebook where pictures are not allowed , with Nairland airtel free browsing you can browse both images and text. you have full access to the website just like when you are using Data. Normal data charges may be applied if you use other networks to access the above link. next tutorial

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Sunday, 7 August 2016

36 states in Nigeria with their Postal/Zip Codes

In one way or the other you may have come across zip or postal codes especially when filling online transaction forms. zip or postal codes -in Nigeria states

When I was an online newbie I can vividly recall that each time i am filling online form I do choose any six digit as my zip code since i don't know what to fill on the space and at most time they make the option compulsory.
Online payment and transactions

It is not advisable filling wrong Zip codes especially when purchasing stuffs online. if you do during the delivery there may occurs some location errors.

This zip code is not in anyway different from the postal code only that in Nigeria and other countries we use the postal code while US use the Zip code but all are the same.

The zip code which stands for "Zone improvement plan code " is used for mailing and delivery when you purchase stuffs online. In this post am going to show you The 36 states head offices zip code though every community and Local government have their ow zip code but let discuss the major head offices in Nigeria and their zip codes.

36 States In Nigeria And Their Zip Codes

ABIA, Umahia. ----> 440001.

Adamawa, Yola ----> 640001

Akwa Ibom, Uyo ----> 520001

Anambra, Akwa ----> 420001

Bauchi ----> 740001

Bornu, Maiduguri ----> 600001

Delta, Asaba ----> 320001

Ebonyi, Abakaliki ----> 840001

Edo, Benin ----> 300001

Enugu ----> 400001

Imo, Owerri ----> 460001

Jigawa, Duste ----> 720001

Kaduna ----> 700001

Kano ----> 800001

Kastina ----> 820001

Kebbi,Bernie Kebbi ----> 860001

Kogi, Lokoja ----> 260001

Kwara, Ilorin ----> 240001

Lagos, Mainland ----> 100001

Lagos, Island ----> 101001

Niger, Minna ----> 920001

Ogun, Abeokuta ----> 110001

Ondo, Akure----> 340001

Osun, Osogbo ----> 230001

Oyo, Ibadan ----> 200001

Plateau, Jos ----> 930001

Rivers, Port-harcourt ----> 500001

Sokoto ----> 840001

Taraba, Jalingo ----> 660001

Yobe, Damaturu ----> 320001

Abuja ----> 900001

So when next you are filling online forms hope you know what to write as your Zip or postal code. next tutorial

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How to write a Check Book-9 steps tutorial with shot

Earlier this year we discussed how you can transfer money to your bank account or a friends bank account without going to the bank, using Zoranga .

This same zoranga allows you to reacharge your phone online from your Zoranga account and you can also turn airtime to cash with just few steps.
Online payment and transactions

Also we have talked about Credit cards and how to use it buy stuffs online but today let us discuss check book

In some advance countries like US the check book and credit cards are mainly used in payment. citizens do buy things of as low as $3 and they write checks for such a small amount that simply means even you can move anywhere and purchase anything without carrying cash along with you.

Before writing a check there must be enough cash in your account lest you incurs over draft free upon yourself.

Though the check book is easy to write but am still going to graphically explain in details for those who still don't have the idea of how to do it.

I break the check writing into seven parts and looking at the bellow shot you can see the seven parts ,,, read and understand these parts carefully bellow. how to write a cheque-check

Date: The first thing to come your mind when writing a check is the date your are writing it in some countries like US There date format goes like month/day/year.

you can write it out as 11/19/2007, Nov 19, 2007,or November 19, 2007.

Payee: Here you have to write the name of the person or company to whom you are paying the money with the check ...that is if you are the account owner then you have to write the name of the person you want to pay the money to.

Amount in Numbers: You have to write the amount you want to pay out in number. example 3,500 note you don't have to add your country currency like $, or naira CU's it is printed already at the check all you need is the figure.

Amount in Words: it is just like verification after writing it in numbers you have to rewrite that same amount in words again

Memo: In this case you have to write optional description of what your check is about e.g rent, bill etc

Signature: one of the most important thing in a check book it your signature just like the same way you signed when opening your account....but in case it is a joint account which contains many signature then any of the account holder can sign.

Check Number: This is usually located at the top conner of your check book and at the bottom conner once.

Routine number: this is also represented by a symbol and it usually starts from 0,1,2,3 and it is always bracketed by a small symbol.

account number: This must be the same account number you will be using for all your checks except if you have differ accounts . this is usually represented by a small symbol next tutorial

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