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Friday, 19 August 2016

Tutorial with screenshots-How to recover Gmail PassWord

The Gmail recovery password option is no mistake embedding it to the gmail site just like other online website with login and registration portals.

The recovery option of every website allows you to get access back to your account when you lost it or think you just have to change your password for security reasons. The gmail is important to me and I know likewise it is to you...Most at times our online registration to SME important sites such as Facebook, PayPal or even affiliate websites were our earning lies e.g AdSense are registered by gmail and when this account is lost that equally means we lost all the account registered and the earning as well.

There are many reasons to change password not only when you forget it but when you think a suspicious activities on your account. Changing it will solve any fraudulent issue about your account.

In 2013 when i used to do face book phishing there are so many Facebook login details under my care and they are right in my email even till now....but late some years after hacking this passwords I discovered i cannot login some of them Because they have already changed their password.but could you imagine even till 2016 some folks still use the same password and I can still login their accounts .

This is the main reason I change my passwords on interval just in case someone captured it. CU's the online is too wide to be trusted.

No time waste let us discuss briefly how you can recover your gmail password any time any day.and note opera mini browser is not supported for this tutorial, you can use the chrome, firefox or default phone browser

How to recover your Gmail PassWord

visit www.gmail.com and input the gmail you want to recover its password in the input field

If input correctly the next window should probably demand for your password but since you want to recover just click recover password

The next page will ask for your last password but if you can't recall it you can click on I don't know it

Now the next option is input your phone number with Google already showing you the last two digit of your mobile number to enable you remember it ...

Click the continue and in the next page request the confirmation code and immediately you will receive the confirmation code via sms

The next page will request the confirmation code you got via SMS...so input the code and confirm it then you are done with your gmail password recovery

Because of this you now know how important it is to secure your gmail phone number ...for me here is what I do when I lost my number I immediately go to my gmail to update it with the current one in case of any incidence.

Always remember to add a recovery email address also just in case you want to recover it through gmail alternative email address. next tutorial

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how to put wapka"already created forum pages" into a table..

This morning precisely a good friend of mine dropped a request on my email and his awesome request was that he needs how to make a table in wapka I.e in summary. so I have not only decided to share with him but to share it officially perhaps this might help some other folks out there with the same request or similar request.

Making a table in wapka is easy but the fact that it is easy using the normal HTML table tags does not mean it will amount a nice looking and progression table suitable for users view.

The table tags are not enough to build a great and good looking table for a website ,there must be additional HTML and CSS to unveil the table beauty.

Ooo I think am beginning to bridge too far I was only trying to explain something here but nevertheless let us go to business ....

There are numerous tables but am going to discuss or rather am going to show you this simple and professional looking already customised table....I used it on my wapka site 360naij.ga and I think you might need it too.

Looking at the image bellow that is a table with just few clickable links this can be placed anywhere on your wapka site for easy navigation.

The links I have there is not a compulsory on I.e you can turn it to where ever you want to link your site users to....

To add the above table to your website here is the wapka table code that result the above thumbnail.

Wapka table code

All you have to do in the above code is change the link to any destination you want to direct your site users and you can further customize by changing the colors, width and bla bla bla bla

Bellow is a three column Table you may also like to use just copy the code and paste it anywhere you want the table to appear and change the links to your destination URL.

Hope this post helped you please don't forget we are not magicians to detect what you have in your mind kindly let us know what to write for you by sending tutorial requests to Kennedy prosper18@gmail.com next tutorial

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Make your facebook page url shorter and proffesional by customising

A good example of a customised Facebook page url is https://free.facebook.com/Incomemoneyplux/ but the uncustomised url ends with some fucking IDs and it sucks and even looks longer.

Every online business big or small needs a Facebook page and a customised page is best CU's it is easily remembered.

How to customise Facebook page URL

Login your Facebook account

After successful login click on http://www.facebook.com/username

From here you will see your page or pages if you have more than one Facebook page.

click on page and select the page you want to customise its URL and write the URL name in the provided space to check its availability..

if the name is available you can proceed to make it you page name.e.g if you write your page name as "Incomemoneyplux" you page URL will automatically become "https://free.facebook.com/Incomemoneyplux"

Note it can be changed at any time but it will be more professional to maintain the same same over the years CU's you may have to link in your Facebook pages especially when you are a blogger and if changed then it might result broken links. next tutorial

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How to create Microsoft account( Outlook-Hotmail)

Kaymu jumia refer to earn program

The outlook or hotmail is just like other mailing services such as gmail,yahoo mail,naijmail,etc.With outlook mail you can send and receive mail from any mailing service right to your inbox for free.

This Microsoft mail is important especially to webmasters CU's I learnt without it you cannot submit your website to Bing search engine. just like you cannot submit your site to Google without Google mail.

This also have unlimited mailing space and inbox and it is reliable and this is why am going to teach you today very easy step to create outlook account without stress.

Unlike other mailing services the hotmail have more than one domain name for access. you can either access via. Hotmail.com, www.outlook.com or www.live.com they are both redirected t each other so you don't have to worry about that.

How to open Hotmail Account

Visits Hotmail.com, outlook.com or www.live.com register-outlook-account-on-mobile

After that click on create account and you will be prompted to a page were you have to fill out your registration info.

open hotmail account

Fill in your First and last name, your username which is your email address and select what you would like your mail to end with I.e Subdomain.e.g if your Username is Kennedy and you selected @hotmail.com you email will automatically become kennedy@hotmail.com and if you choose @outlook.com. your email will be kennedy@outlook.com. hope you now get that.

After that proceed further to fill in your mobile number and alternative mail. the alternative mail will help retrieve your password when you miss it. and the mobile number is where you will receive a verification code so do yourself good by using a working mobile number.

After filling the whole form rightly you can now hit on create account and verify your hotmail account you are all done with a new outlook account in just few minutes isn't that easy.???

You can now send and receive mails using your Microsoft account. next tutorial

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

How to make Money From FLIPKART e-commerce android app

Kaymu jumia refer to earn program

There are too many ways to make money on the internet but among all thank God for Flipkart an android application.

Flipkart is not an affiliate app but they offer a wooing chance for that.This Indian app allows you to purchase stuffs online with ease.

Are you looking for electronics, wears, etc plus digital goods to buy online? then this app is the best one to use....You may have heared of jumia and konga but with my observation this Flipkart is a King of online purchase.

With Flipkart you can brows through any product you wants to order and there is always the search area were you can make search for any kind of brand. This app display all products with thumbnails and it is a very fast loading app with nice interface.

Flipkart not only allow you make purchase like I started above they also give bonus to those using their apps via the affiliate section.....

It is really good and cool enough ..you can earn better with FlipKart affiliate network since it is easier to get people to download the app.

How to make money with FlipKart

==>All you have to do is to download and install the app on your android mobile.

==>Now register and login your account you will be taken to the app dashboard from the dashboard click the option button and a new menu will appear refer and earn with flipkart

==>Select the Refer and earn option and you will be taken to your affiliate page were you will see your referral code e.g 6925uuu with the invite button beneath.

==> Select the invite Friends option and you will be prompted to a new window were you will select wither to share by email, or other mediums....here you can just select any of the options and share your affiliate link....

==>When they install the app through your link you will be credited with your commission.

you can check you commission from My rewards section…

Incase you want to have your referral link handy so as to use it anywhere online You can just do that by using the referral code. Note if your Affiliate code is E.g 6925uuu then your referral link will be http://dl.flipkart.com/dl/referral?code=6925uuu

The commission you earn depends on how much people you are able to convince in installing the app...If you have a blog you can write a review on the app with your affiliate link so as to make people download it.

Hmmm i think it is time you start making money with your mobile phone. next tutorial

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MobfreShad Affiliate network Review and how to join

JUMIA KaYmu affiliate Refer to earn no purchase needed

Talking of Affiliate networks they are too numerous to number -bloggers especially the newbies has always been a victim of this one mistake of affiliate failure not because the services they venture don't render good services but one of the chore reason they fail is basically Lack on patience and determination.

in my previous post I wrote about Things that you must consider when choosing Affiliate networks for your blog. the rate of affiliate marketing failure is lack of adherence to the items I mentioned in the post.

Perhaps you are still muddled about the affiliate network for your blog then this post will definitely be of great help to you.

Mobfreshad an india base affiliate network is a great way through which you can make money from your blog with a very simple interface.

It was just a referral program then but I learnt a new change has emerge , they now run pay per install program where you will be given app links embedded with your affiliate link and when users download it via the link you get commission for every successful installation.

Mobfreshad referral program offers you 10% of the customers you refer when the cash out .I.e if the person you refer made 10,000naira 1,000 is yours

Mobfreshad is not like other affiliate sites were you will be restricted to sharing your links on other platforms apart from the registered websites. With mobfreshad you can share your affiliate links on your blog,Facebook,2go,whatsapp,instagram etc

From the bellow screenshot you can see their minimum payout mobfreshad affiliate program

They pay via PayPal or skrill and you can also buy domain name or recharge with your earning.

In addition you can also display random image adds on your blog and this will enhance more clicks .mobfreshad accept both adult and non adult sites.

The cost per click (CPC) is $0.008 which varies from different countries.

You can Join Mobfrshad Affiliate network and start Monetising your website with ease. from your dashboard your will find a link to your affiliate area and your earning will be boldly displayed on your dashboard.

next tutorial

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

factors to be considered before Monetising your website with any affiliate program.

JUMIA KaYmu affiliate Refer to earn no purchase needed

The internet is crammed with too many affiliate networks and it become a problem choosing the right affiliate network.

choose affiliate network

Even with the plenitude of this programs more are still popping out daily e.g CPA (cost-per-acquisition), CPL (cost-per-lead), CPS (cost-per-sale), CPC (cost-per-click), CPM (cost-per-1k impressions) etc.Among the many affiliate network over 50% are scammers and fraud.

It is somehow painful spending your precious and time worth income earning hours and day promoting a wrong affiliate network which will eventually result or yield no gain.and this is why we mustn't leave some questions unanswered by any venture in using affiliate programs. Yes it is good monetising our website when due but not With the wrong networks.

Bellow are some of the things that can help you make a good affiliate for your website---

What did They achieve

before you go on using any affiliate network don't just go and register then start promoting immediately... Any great affiliate network have a good review from the network pros.

So what you will first do is go to the internet and look for peoples review concerning the network ask the people who have used and tested the program their achieval and know wither it is harbour able or not.After a search about any network you will also be able to know wither it is scam or legit from victims review and you have to make a choice from their experience.

You can just go to Google and make a search like ::: Cj-legit/scam. if you type that in your search you will be able to find out wither this networks is real or scam from people view

Know their terms and policies

even If you have found any affiliate program one thing you must not hesitate to do is reading their terms and policies to see how they offer their networks.

In most cases you can just register without reading polices and after all effort and hard labour you can't still withdraw your earning perhaps because the payment method approved is not suitable to your country but if you know this initially you wouldn't have worked in vain.

My Blog Niche

Your blogging niche is one of the factor to be considered when choosing an affiliate network.

this blog is all about what you know it for and it won't be a good idea if I start monetising this website with amazon music albums or other music affiliates instead of monetising with something similar to what I offer here.

Before you choose affiliate network for your website you must know and put your niche into consideration. don't annoy and get away your blog readers with unusual monetisation.

How much did they pay

Some affiliate networks are so poor in commission that you will have to work years before reaching the stretch hood I.e if you are even patience enough to.

You have to check first how they go about their commission before starting work and if you find out you don't like it you can leave for another.

how to register and get domainking affiliate banners and links to your blog

The Network support

Some of this programs are so dump that they rarely pay heed to their customers when in need.

This is one thing you must consider make sure the customer cares are human enough to reply you when you need help. and not leaving your email dormant for months....

Having know all the above guildlines for choosing a better affiliate network it is over to you making the right choice...

Don't come too quick in conclusion of peoples review make sure you don't just read one review page and draw a conclusion , there may be other more good reviews about the service. don't forget for every good review there must also be bad ones. next tutorial

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Easy Zenith Mobile Banking USD code-No internet connection

Zenith mobile banking USD code saves you all the stress of transporting to the bank (if you are far from your bank) and standing on queue waiting for your turn.You don't have to go through all this stress.

Check UNion Bank account balance on mobile phone

Could you imagine just because you wanted to check your account balance you have to spend extra transport fare and stand for hours or because of just transfer of money...These things are too minor to be stressed for and because zenith no longer want their customer cares to be overworked in doing this minor jobs the invented the mobile banking USD code.

With this Banking is indeed great with Zenith Bank for making available easy USD code for mobile banking without internet connection.

With Zenith bank USD banking code you can Open a new bank account,Check your bank account balance,Buy airtime,Pay bills and also transfer money right from your mobile device without internet connection.

This USD code have sub-parents codes but the parent USD code is *966# This code work on any Mobile d device and any network.

OPen Zenith Accounts on mobile

To open zenith account just pick your mobile phone(any type with any network) and dial *966*0# and you will be prompted to input your first name and your last name after which you will be sent your Account number after complete registration and now all you will have to do is go to the bank to do your BVN verification and activate your account.

Here is how it works!!! the sim to which you registered the account is were your remaining info will be collected.I.e the information you used in registering the sim card is what the bank will use including your photograph and your signature will be your thumbnail during sim registration.

Check your Zenith Bank Account

To check your account you don't need going to the bank since this will only result a waste of time. all you have to do is pick up your mobile phone and dial *966*00# and your account balance will display but the sim card through which you dial this code must be associated with your zenith bank account.

But perhaps you don't have a sim associated with your account then you have to go to the bank and request for notification or alert setup and register the number with your account. This will not only allow you check your balance but also allow you receive alert from your bank and also make purchases online Using OPT codes and you will aso be able to transfer money, pay bills and recharge your phone.

Buy Airtime with Zenith Bank

To buy airtime directly from your zenith Bank account simply Dial *966*Amount*Mobile Number# note the mobile number must be connected to your bank account.

After top up the amount toped will be deducted from your bank account so know how much you recharge lest you run at lost thinking it free .."it is not "

Transfer Money from your zenith Account

To transfer money to another account from your zenith bank simply dial *966*Amount*Account Number# from your mobile device take note the mobile number must be associated with your zenith bank account and the account to which you want to transfer it to must not only be a zenith account it can be any other bank such as Eco, stone, GTB bank etc....write the above in bellow format *966*1000*143773632#

The above is indicating a transfer of 1000 naira to 143773632 which is the account number and after which the money will be deducted from your account and the other account will be immediately credited. if instruction on your phone screen is followed properly. next tutorial

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Monday, 15 August 2016

How to generate Unlimited Nigeria mobile numbers Online for bulk sms USE.

Bulk SMS is really one of ithe great ways of advertising products both physical and digital goods just like the bulk mailing service. But if am asked of the best I will say it preferably bulk SMS since you reach the huge audience right to their phone number.

With bulk SMS you can send unlimited messages to people round Nigeria using Mobile or PC Online or offline pending on the host you are using.It has not only helped advertisers but also bloggers in advance. with this service bloggers are able to reach the audience with their site links either for product sale or just to create awareness about their new site.

There are many platforms through which you can send unlimited bulk SMS online at a cheaper rate e.g Smartsmssolutions, Ebulksms etc But the problem that persist with bulk SMS most of the time of attempt is how to get numbers to send this sms to.

In an organisation such as company, churches were bulk SMS is used ,it is always certain that the peoples numbers are already recorded in their data base for use at their desirable time. But in blogging this is not applicable , you send SMS to whoever is using Mobile phone since your audience is unlimited as you desired.

This is the main reason generating of mobile numbers are very important to bulk SMS era. Note that from the first day a number is registered is is no longer hidden.

These numbers can be collected from the network data bases for whatever use. and this is why you receive some SMS on your phone at times and you keep asking " how did they get my number?" Most of the times these numbers are even used wrongly I.e either by 419 or other scammers and you may be thinking they are from the network providers were as they are scammers who generated your number. because of this you have to beware of the SMS to heed to and the ones to ignore.

The online mobile number generator can generate unlimited mobile numbers and it is done randomly. In some generators you will be asked to specify wither you need mtn, Airtel or glo numbers and how many in numbers and the column. this info will enable the generation of active mobile numbers alone.

Though there are many online mobile number generators but in this post am only going to discuss but few.

Online Mobile Number Generators

Sms1727 This online mobile number generator allows you to input the amount of mobile numbers you need and specify by choosing from the major networks :Mtn, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat and this numbers will be generated already separated with comma quote. all you have to do is copy it and use them for your SMS ...

In addition Sms1727 not only offer this online mobile numbers generating services but they also render bulk SMS services ,that is you can generate and send from the same server

JustNaira Generator Just naira mobile number generator is one of the most easy to use but in this case your numbers are not specific I.e you cannot select either mtn, glo,etisalat or Airtel number all you have to do is select the amount and column arrangement and the whole networks will be generated together already separated with the comma quote.

PhonenumbetextractorThis is another wonderful mobile number generator where you have to choose a number prefix such as 0806,0803,0807 etc and your column...This also require your email and phone number so as to send you the generated numbers directly in case you want to save them for future use.

Like i said earlier " There are many online mobile number generators" and perhaps you used other platforms were the generated numbers are not separated with comma, you can copy them and use the Online comma separator to separate the number CU's most of the bulk SMS services if not all require numbers to be separated with comma before sending message.

How to save The Numbers for Later Use

Sending bulk SMS just once may not be advisable especially when the message is important. Most people don't seem to look at the first message for many reasons but when they see this same message two to three times they are now there to check out CU's they think it is important since it is rampant.

When this generated numbers are saved you can resend the messages at interval and this will enable more clicks on your link if you are a blogger.

Therefore to save this numbers you have to download the 920 Text editor.apk on your android mobile.

Install and lunch the app, after that Copy and past the numbers you want to save and click the option button you will see save from the options.You can now save your file in any format such as XML,wml etc next tutorial

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Sunday, 14 August 2016

How to Play your favorite tracks online without Downloading

Music is really great this days sometimes you just grow annoyed but when your favorite track is played you immediately change your mood CU's you really wants to enjoy the song.

In the olden days such favorite songs are what chop of our money since you can spend at lent to get the tracks of your lovely singer...but now the internet has made everything very easy to the extent you don't even need to download these jams on your mobile before you can listen to them real.

There are many ways through which you can listen to music's online without downloading them but in this post am going to show you five places (website) with some of this websites you can also listen to plenitude of online radio stations and aso save the music you want for later use.

Online websites To Listen To free Radio/music For free

online radio listen music

Spotify This is one of the best online music payer for free.All you have to do is access via your phone or desktop browser and start listening to your favorite tracks for free or you can even download the Desktop app for easy Access.

With Spotify you can play music online from thousands of tracks and also create playlist for your music and you can also share with your friends online

Pandora You can make music search with artist names and find your lovely songs to play online.

Pandora also have over 100 free radio stations were you can get yourself engaged for free.

Last.FM This also include a radio station where you can stream any music online by favorite artists.

Last.FM. also have a great feature which allows you to save any music so as to play later even when you are offline.You can download the Last FM app on your mobile device to text them your favorite songs

SoundCloud Existing since 2007 and this online music player have been doing great online over the years.

Soundcloud not only allows you to listen to millions of music from famous and upcoming artist online but with soundcloud you can also upload your music for people to listen to online.

They also have a portable Desktop and Mobile App for their users so as to make the site handy and accessible were ever they are.

RadioTuna If you are the type that love listening to radio online then Radiotuna is for you.

With radio tunna you can search plentitude online radio stations.. you can also visit RadioTuna and search for your preferred artist, composer, genre or album to start listening to Free songs. Radiotuna also have a desktop app for you to download for easy access of all online music and Radio stations . . next tutorial

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