How to Share Large files of more than 16mb on WHATSAPP

It is really irritating that you can only send 16mb files on whatsapp perhaps this has been a hard shell you can't still pull but in this post am going to show you simple tool that can help you share larger files on social medias e.g Whatsapp , Facebook etc.

==>How to hide whatsapp profile pictures

With Whatsapptools all android users can send larger photos, PDF,videos,music etc to their friends with ease.all you have to do is download and launch the Whatsapp tool from play store.

After that continue by turning ON services

Connect Google Drive with This tool

Select the file type you want to send

finally select the the place of your share and share it with your friends it will work normal be it large file unlike when your use ordinary whatsapp

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Wapka SEO friendly And complete Headtag CODE

Wapka SEO friendly And complete Headtag CODE

The headtag section of every wapka site is the SEO key..the wapka headtag contain your meta description , your meta tags and other meta styles with all required seo properties without which your seo can not work effectively if not properly set.
Naijapam.Ml News my NairAPP earn report after about a whole year of no promotion no review

It is a pleasure and desire of every webmaster getting organic traffic but you have to work for it...the headtag section of wapka is not only designed to style your website the main function is to add your SEO properties ..

This wapka headtag code am giving to you contain all the required seo properties needed for an affective crawl all you have to do is change your meta keywords and meta description

The code also come along with a better style for your website but if you think you already have a good style you can clear the style code and leave only the headtag code .....

Already made wapka Headtag code

To paste this code on your wapka site click on edit site and navigate to Global settings under headtag/meta style is were your will put the code.

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail-

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Everything you need to know about NAIRAPP and how to double your earning

This time around am no longer convincing you to believe that nairapp is a great and well paying ad network if not the best after AdSense my own view it is best because I haven't really used such ad network in my life before.

There are some confusing questions you may still want to know about nairapp e.g how much did they pay per click and for there referral program how much will the publisher earn per referral or per referrals income.

Before I go on to discuss about the strategies applied on this blog that boost my nairapp earning I would love to tip talk on the above highlighted headlines but I won't bridge too far anyway.

How much does NairaPP pay for one Unique Click

According to nairapp pay per click dashboard it was stated there assorted banner sizes and each banner or text ad is fixed to a certain amount for a click through but they all get the same amount of commissions per 1,000impresions which is 10 naira

Looking at the bellow image you will see that the highest per click banner is that of 234×60 which pay ₦12 per click but it has been disabled that simply means you can generate other banners which pays ₦10 per click

What of nairapp referral program how does it work?

According to Nairapp official blog just last month they changed their pricing structure to be more favourable to publishers and advertisers.

If you refer advertiser and the advertiser spend ₦1000 you will be credited with ₦500 and if that advertiser spend ₦5000 you will get ₦2000 commission

But if you refer a publisher when the publishers account reaches ₦1000 you will get ₦1000 surprising but that's how it works and when he reaches ₦5000 you will get ₦4000 commission isn't that awesome I think they are the best paying ad network in Nigeria in 2016

So why not Register with nairapp and copy your referral code to start inviting your Facebook and twitter friends

Bellow is my earning 2days after the first cashout here

As the stat also increased in count

Having know all of the shits and fucks you gat to know let me teach your how to generate your ad code from nairapp

Login your dashboard and click on the first option which is numbers of Ads

Now select generate ad code and pick your ad type and style after that get your code and paste in anywere on your website.

You can generate as many ads as you can and you can use them on any website...

How i double my nairapp earning

The text ads are more liable to Drives more clicks but the text ads pay less to the banner ads with my observation I have to generate both the text ads and a nice looking banner ad..

You banner ads which gives more earning can be placed anywere and I have to put mine in my footer and my referral at the top of the site like you can see.

Since the ads display just two things that means it is specific so I have to create posts similar to what the banner ads are displaying e.g cheap hosting and advertising and in the middle of the posts I embed my banner ads .

Because your post is related to what is displayed on the banner people click on the ad to when you just paste it somewhere .

also write reviews on your blog about naira app to double your earning from referral program....

Having know about the strategies to get more click on your ads don't let it summary write reviews and refer friends , place your banners in your headers or footer were it is easily noticed and see your earning increase daily..

Note the minimum cash out is 3000naira but you can withhold your account if you don't want to withdraw it.

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Factors to consider before moving your Host to another

Factors to consider before moving your Host to another

When you leave a school for another the next time register will be called on you will be represented with the word Absent or left..this is because you have changed your school your belongings now belongs to another host(school) because they now cares for you.
Naijapam.Ml News my NairAPP earn report after about a whole year of no promotion no review

In the internet web hosting is what make it exist and it is like a contract which can be closed at any time and moment. Because of the millions of webshosting services on the internet It is certain every one is working tirelessly to render a wonderful but cheaper service to attract customers since the users are not fixed to use only one host.

Moving your host is a choice that must be rightly made lest you get lost of your some of your web before you move a host since every host is movable you must have to consider bellow characters of the New host...and if found contrarily then you have a choice to hold back or better still find another.

What did They offer

Yes I know they are all offering web hosting but in some hosts their price offers are damn great and charming and this is what you must not hesitate to put into consideration since everyone is looking for cheaper but great services.

Host like HostVow and Domainking which offers awoof and almost free but great services should be put into consideration instead of running at loss with some other fucking host which charge higher but render poor services.

How supportive Are they

Testing the support of a host before moving is crucial and essential since you host might probably or rather is liable to error that may need supports in the future.

Pick up the contact details and send message to your proposing host to see how fast their customers can reply your message like I have pointed out here domainking and hostVow customers at times reply my messages within 2-3 hours I.e they are always active and customers attendant meanwhile some dull host will spend weeks before they can reply you such hosts should be deviated CU's your site may have some issues they will only make you loose traffic in such junctures since they won't reply to fix the issues on time.

You are Ready To export Data

The best and important part of moving a host is exporting your data's unless if you want to start a fresh work then you can do it anyway you want.

==> How to backup your blogspot posts and Data's

==>Permanently delete or restore deleted blogspot sites

Exporting your datas will collect all the previous posts and contents of the previous website. you can download it on a hard drive for later uploading to your new server

Inform the Audience About your move

It is important to give your site visitors a notification message even days before you make a move.This is because in the moving process they might encounter some inconveniences but in a case were they are inform about the up coming development they will be able to cope for the while.

You can do this on social medias such as twitter and Facebook or you can send them newsletters you can also inform them either by creating a post on your blog or by displaying your notification message openly on your blog.

Make A big Move

Now you have know all about your new host " they have good client login interface, a nice and quick support,you have backed up all your Data's and you have informed your audience about the new move it is only left for the move.

You can now move your host after all the necessary and required procedures but mind you after moving it might not give an immediate result on your blog since your host need to do some technical set ups this may take up to 2-3 days depending on the host.

Don't forget to use the preview to make sure every part of your website is as original as the old interface but if any misplacement is noticed you are free to contact your host for immediate support .

Having known the procedures for moving your website host to another host hopefully you can now do it with ease.....

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