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Saturday, 27 August 2016

How to Share Large files of more than 16mb on WHATSAPP

It is really irritating that you can only send 16mb files on whatsapp perhaps this has been a hard shell you can't still pull but in this post am going to show you simple tool that can help you share larger files on social medias e.g Whatsapp , Facebook etc.

==>How to hide whatsapp profile pictures

With Whatsapptools all android users can send larger photos, PDF,videos,music etc to their friends with ease.all you have to do is download and launch the Whatsapp tool from play store.

After that continue by turning ON services

Connect Google Drive with This tool

Select the file type you want to send

finally select the the place of your share and share it with your friends it will work normal be it large file unlike when your use ordinary whatsapp

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Wapka SEO friendly And complete Headtag CODE

The headtag section of every wapka site is the SEO key..the wapka headtag contain your meta description , your meta tags and other meta styles with all required seo properties without which your seo can not work effectively if not properly set.
Naijapam.Ml News my NairAPP earn report after about a whole year of no promotion no review

It is a pleasure and desire of every webmaster getting organic traffic but you have to work for it...the headtag section of wapka is not only designed to style your website the main function is to add your SEO properties ..

This wapka headtag code am giving to you contain all the required seo properties needed for an affective crawl all you have to do is change your meta keywords and meta description

The code also come along with a better style for your website but if you think you already have a good style you can clear the style code and leave only the headtag code .....

Already made wapka Headtag code

To paste this code on your wapka site click on edit site and navigate to Global settings under headtag/meta style is were your will put the code.

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail- Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com

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Everything you need to know about NAIRAPP and how to double your earning

This time around am no longer convincing you to believe that nairapp is a great and well paying ad network if not the best after AdSense ..in my own view it is best because I haven't really used such ad network in my life before.

There are some confusing questions you may still want to know about nairapp e.g how much did they pay per click and for there referral program how much will the publisher earn per referral or per referrals income.

Before I go on to discuss about the strategies applied on this blog that boost my nairapp earning I would love to tip talk on the above highlighted headlines but I won't bridge too far anyway.

How much does NairaPP pay for one Unique Click

According to nairapp pay per click dashboard it was stated there assorted banner sizes and each banner or text ad is fixed to a certain amount for a click through but they all get the same amount of commissions per 1,000impresions which is 10 naira

Looking at the bellow image you will see that the highest per click banner is that of 234×60 which pay ₦12 per click but it has been disabled that simply means you can generate other banners which pays ₦10 per click

What of nairapp referral program how does it work?

According to Nairapp official blog just last month they changed their pricing structure to be more favourable to publishers and advertisers.

If you refer advertiser and the advertiser spend ₦1000 you will be credited with ₦500 and if that advertiser spend ₦5000 you will get ₦2000 commission

But if you refer a publisher when the publishers account reaches ₦1000 you will get ₦1000 surprising but that's how it works and when he reaches ₦5000 you will get ₦4000 commission isn't that awesome I think they are the best paying ad network in Nigeria in 2016

So why not Register with nairapp and copy your referral code to start inviting your Facebook and twitter friends

Bellow is my earning 2days after the first cashout here

As the stat also increased in count

Having know all of the shits and fucks you gat to know let me teach your how to generate your ad code from nairapp

Login your dashboard and click on the first option which is numbers of Ads

Now select generate ad code and pick your ad type and style after that get your code and paste in anywere on your website.

You can generate as many ads as you can and you can use them on any website...

How i double my nairapp earning

The text ads are more liable to Drives more clicks but the text ads pay less to the banner ads with my observation ..so I have to generate both the text ads and a nice looking banner ad..

You banner ads which gives more earning can be placed anywere and I have to put mine in my footer and my referral at the top of the site like you can see.

Since the ads display just two things that means it is specific so I have to create posts similar to what the banner ads are displaying e.g cheap hosting and advertising and in the middle of the posts I embed my banner ads .

Because your post is related to what is displayed on the banner people click on the ad to when you just paste it somewhere .

also write reviews on your blog about naira app to double your earning from referral program....

Having know about the strategies to get more click on your ads don't let it go...in summary write reviews and refer friends , place your banners in your headers or footer were it is easily noticed and see your earning increase daily..

Note the minimum cash out is 3000naira but you can withhold your account if you don't want to withdraw it.

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Factors to consider before moving your Host to another

When you leave a school for another the next time register will be called on you will be represented with the word Absent or left..this is because you have changed your school your belongings now belongs to another host(school) because they now cares for you.
Naijapam.Ml News my NairAPP earn report after about a whole year of no promotion no review

In the internet web hosting is what make it exist and it is like a contract which can be closed at any time and moment. Because of the millions of webshosting services on the internet It is certain every one is working tirelessly to render a wonderful but cheaper service to attract customers since the users are not fixed to use only one host.

Moving your host is a choice that must be rightly made lest you get lost of your some of your web belongings.so before you move a host since every host is movable you must have to consider bellow characters of the New host...and if found contrarily then you have a choice to hold back or better still find another.

What did They offer

Yes I know they are all offering web hosting but in some hosts their price offers are damn great and charming and this is what you must not hesitate to put into consideration since everyone is looking for cheaper but great services.

Host like HostVow and Domainking which offers awoof and almost free but great services should be put into consideration instead of running at loss with some other fucking host which charge higher but render poor services.

How supportive Are they

Testing the support of a host before moving is crucial and essential since you host might probably or rather is liable to error that may need supports in the future.

Pick up the contact details and send message to your proposing host to see how fast their customers can reply your message like I have pointed out here domainking and hostVow customers at times reply my messages within 2-3 hours I.e they are always active and customers attendant meanwhile some dull host will spend weeks before they can reply you such hosts should be deviated CU's your site may have some issues they will only make you loose traffic in such junctures since they won't reply to fix the issues on time.

You are Ready To export Data

The best and important part of moving a host is exporting your data's unless if you want to start a fresh work then you can do it anyway you want.

==> How to backup your blogspot posts and Data's

==>Permanently delete or restore deleted blogspot sites

Exporting your datas will collect all the previous posts and contents of the previous website. you can download it on a hard drive for later uploading to your new server

Inform the Audience About your move

It is important to give your site visitors a notification message even days before you make a move.This is because in the moving process they might encounter some inconveniences but in a case were they are inform about the up coming development they will be able to cope for the while.

You can do this on social medias such as twitter and Facebook or you can send them newsletters you can also inform them either by creating a post on your blog or by displaying your notification message openly on your blog.

Make A big Move

Now you have know all about your new host " they have good client login interface, a nice and quick support,you have backed up all your Data's and you have informed your audience about the new move it is only left for the move.

You can now move your host after all the necessary and required procedures but mind you after moving it might not give an immediate result on your blog since your host need to do some technical set ups this may take up to 2-3 days depending on the host.

Don't forget to use the preview to make sure every part of your website is as original as the old interface but if any misplacement is noticed you are free to contact your host for immediate support .

Having known the procedures for moving your website host to another host hopefully you can now do it with ease.....

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Friday, 26 August 2016

How to feature/highlight posts on Blogger site

Featuring of your blogspot post is one of the best way of getting better page views to any post especially post that you personally wants to promote.

This feature post aspect of blogspot allows to to highlight and push out any of your updated post be it new or old to your sidebar for general view. You can read tutorial bellow on how to feature your blogspot post

Login to your blogger Admin dashboard as usual

From your sidebar section or where you want it to appear you can select the Add gadget option

Now from the new pop up window select feature post from among the list

Note from among the posts listed you can only feature one so choose any post you want to feature and save your button

After that you can visits your blog the featured post will appear on your side bar

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Google Search Box Code for your wapka site

Perhaps you are a wapka user and you may have been searching for a search box code here lies the end of your search.

The wapka search box code not only beautify your website but also make your users to be engaged since they can make more easy navigation using the search box they can easily find what they are looking for and this will probably increase your page views.

One thing about the wapka google search box code is " it only work with site that are not banned from Google " I.e if your site is banned from Google search engine this code might not work for you since the result is collected by google in relationship to your website.

Wapka Google Search Box Code

All you have to do is copy the code and paste it on your website. This code is good in areas such as forum top or bottom autocontent , and in your header or footer section for this will make it more noticeable and fitting.

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail- Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com

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How to add Source Code viewer to your wapka site

This time around you don't need to Go to other websites before you can view web sources or rather do source Codding.

Wapka source code viewer code allows you to view the source of any website right at the comfort of your website…

All you have to do is paste bellow code in any of your pages after that you can now start viewing sources code from your site.

The above code should be placed via WML/HTMl section of your wapka site

Please don't forget we offer wapka building tutorials here apart from given you wapka codes and you can also request any wapka tutorial by sending us mail- Kennedyprosper18@gmail.com

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wapka code to display last 105 logged Users with their profile names

The wapka last logged members code displays the registered users who logged on last on your site ..there are several other last logged users code but this particular one displays any amount of users your want...in a well arranged form as bellow!. wapka-last-members-logged

The above show you the names of the users who logged in last and the names are clickable to their profile page . you can add this to make your website look more nice and professional .
Naijapam.Ml News offer still continues Get my template and design All for free

Wapka last 105 logged users Code

√ The above code will show you last 105 logged users just like the above image ..but if you think it is too lengthy for the area you want to display it you can further Modify the code by reducing the number from 105 to any number and you can also increase the count.

Note the way it appears on your website depends on the stylesheet you use .the colors and links might be different from mine. it only appears like that because of the stylesheet I used on my wapka site www.360naij.ga so choose a better style for your blog to make the alignment look awesome.

The above code can be placed in any page of your wapka site via WML/HTMl section…

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

How to hide Google_Plus Followers and followings from Plublic view

Facebook also have the feature through which you can hide who can see your friends and either make them public or private so also the Google+

Google plus make available a private setting were you can hide your followers and people you are following from public view...this is helpful especially to webmasters. Sometimes you don't want you visitors to see your Google profile followers just because you feel that the are too small in number and it will discourage your site visitors from trusting you.

Purchases and sales on websites are boosted by Google+ ,Facebook and twitter followers( social media influence) people do believe that a page with huge likes should be trusted forgetting that those pages started counting from 1(one)

Let's not bridge too far kindly follow bellow steps to get it done.

Hide Google plus followers from public View

Naijapam.Ml News offer still continues Get my template and design All for free

This is very easy for PC users via the web but if you are using android mobile it will not be easy on web

So download the Google+app after successful installation lunch the App .

Login and Click on your profile pics at the top of the page > about

Select people Box and click on the pencil like icon on the page

Here there are options to guide you in displaying your profile. you can make a choice among all your circles the one you want to show and the one you don't want byfrom the options given as bellow.
  • hide who's in your circles,
  • show all the people in your circles
  • show only certain circles
You can scroll to the section under who can see this make it either public if you want everybody to see it or make it visible to only people in your circle.

After all the necessary settings hit on the Save button and you are all done.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How to make money from Zoranga As an affiliate Agent

Let me teach you how to make money with zoranga as an agent.........

zoranga is a Nigeria Mobile money service where you can convert Airtime of glo, mtn and Airtel to real money without even going to any money machine or any bank.

The domain zoranga is now 2years old on the internet and it is fast growing because of the sure service they render

Just few months back I wrote about everything you have to know About zoranga and their services

But today am going to discuss zoranga Affiliate program so to say....Though it is not named affiliate but I called it that way CU's it is the same thing.

Naijapam.Ml News offer still continues Get my template and design All for free

Having red about zoranga There are only two ways through which you can deposite money into your zoranga account which is through Zora pin and Airtime.

Now you can work as an agent and here is how you do it...you will have to register with zoranga as an agent and after that you will be given referral link.....now you will need to refer people with your link and when they register any transaction a registered member makes you get live commission into your account and you know there is no time a registered member will not transact there must always be transaction that means your commission is sure.

It never ended there you will also be given access to sell zora pins and with any recharge any body make through the zora pin sale you receive sure commission of 5% instantly. that means the more zora pin you are able to sell the more commission to your account

Come to think of zoranga services every body both young and old need it the companies and organisations need it but many people in your village and community or were ever haven't heard about zoranga if you are a trusted individual in that area becoming a zoranga agent will do you good.

The reason is because you will be the first agent and any sale will come to you even before others realise what you are up to you are already done with making your money from zoranga...and as a new and working service everybody would like to pay heed to the service in which you will become the visual manager in the area you dominate.

Now the question is how can you become an agent are what are other amazing bonus offers and characters of a zoranga agent?

Yes apart from the listed functions there are other amazing offers for agents and features....you can become an agent without stress and two ways all you have to do is apply for zoranga

CLICK HERE to know more about agent and how to apply with ease.

Zoranga is live and sure in case you are having any doubt about it I have used it time without numbers and even till now it is still the best way I create my budget online and there services never give me any tough time...

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Cheapest Nigeria webhosting Services With as Low as 95naira/month

It will neither be a good idea for you as a beginner to start hosting your website on high cost web hosting services it will only be a waste of money since you won't be able to earn back your hosting income.

Hosting your website on such costly services is like investment without earning back....perhaps you have already become a victim thereby hosting your website on such highly paid services I bet you it will only result you running at loss. unless if you have the money to continue with the services.

Naijapam.Ml News offer still continues Get my template and design All for free

Though they are good, but not for beginners who manage to pay hosting plans and purchase all the necessary blogging materials.

There are many free hosts good for beginners such as wapka, blogspot, mywapblog etc but in case you don't want free services because of the later headache they may cause you, and you just want to host your website for full and paid services you can choose a better cheap host that serves you better just like other highly paid services.

In Nigeria they make webhosting hosting to be almost free of charge with domainking and Hostvow these are the two Greatest and cheapest web hosting services we have in Nigeria as of present. and this services are not only used by Nigeria base customers but also any body from any part of the world.

According to the stats of this web hosting services they have 65% of there customers from foreign countries while the remaining 35% is from Nigeria.

Domainking a Nigerian Web hosting services

I will say DomainKing web hosting is free because they render a very high and reliable service at a very cheap amount could you imagine hosting a website with as low as 95naira/month ( $0.287661) hahaha is that not free and you still get free .com.ng domain along with it that is approximately 1,120naira every year oh my goodness this is over cheap and this is why I called it free web hosting .

Let us see what domainKing really offers

Reliable Web Hosting in Nigeria by DomainKing.NG

DomainKing web hosting entails different ranks and offers to each rank varies. they have the
  • The civilian plan,
  • The Soldier Plan
  • The Commander Plan
  • The minister Plan
  • And the King Plan

The civilian Plan starts with as Low as 95naira ( $0.287661)/monthwith amazing offers such as a free .com.ng domain and other unlimited services with full customer support. You can check out the Offers and How they work With There bandwidth and Unlimited spaces CLICK HERE

HostVow Nigeria web hosting Service

300 by 250 hostvow banner

The HostVow is almost the same with domainking but it is costly because they offer more space to that of domainking.

Choosing between this two host depends on how many space you need for your website,if you need just but little then domainking is best "but if you want it average space Hostvow is OK but all the same both are doing the same job ...HostVow starts with as low as 350naira/month but not the space varies to that of domainking.

What HostVow web hosting services offers

They have various plans such as that of domainking But the standard plan is the cheapest among all the plans

You can see the image of what it offers here

There are other amazing features you need to know about the hostvow plans You CHECK OUT HERE. to see all plans price and features

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Chitika affiliate network-Get paid for every Click and impressions

300 by 250 hostvow banner

Yes the the truth is that we have too many affiliate networks on the internet both PPC, PPA name them ..but there is always the best among them.

Just of recent I wrote about what transpired between me and Narapp affiliate network after about a whole year of no promotion no review , My NairAPP income report Scared me and it was like a dream .but they prove themselves worthy among other affiliate networks

Though Google AdSense tends to be the best way among which you can monetise your websites but chitika and Nairapp is an alternative were you are rejected by AdSense or your country pay is low. Waiting for AdSense approval we do no good but keep our website traffic at waste.

Chitika Pay per Click affiliate network is a great and one of the best substitute for AdSense ads were you get paid for every 1,000 impressions derive. Chitika affiliate network is good especially when you have English website that derive traffic from countries such as UK, US,Canada,England etc this is because they pay per clicks varies for each country.

They pay via Check and Paypal and their minimum check payout is $50 which they do at the end of every month. but with PayPal the minimum payout is just $10 very handy amount.

All you have to do is Register with Chitika and your account will take at least a day or less for review after which you will get an approval message to your inbox if your site meet with their criterias. but in my case it was accepted in less than 3hrs. Here is the procedures to register with chitika affiliate network

How to Join Chitika affiliate program

visit This page and fill in your email address please make sure you use the right and working email

After that you will receive a notification mail containing confirmation message just confirm your email by clicking on the attached link and you will be prompted to another page were you can fill in your Info's...complete your registration chitika affiliate program real and legit

Wait for your account to get approve after approval you can now Login your account dashboard and generate ad code just like AdSense. join register with chitika

Place the ad code on your approved website and it will take up to 2-3 hours before your Ads will start displaying live but within this period never mind whatever the ads display.

Having known about chitika as an AdSense alternative hopefully you will stop waisting your time toiling day and night for AdSense approval when your clicks suppose to be counting daily.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Surprising earning report from NAIRAPP after about a year of no promotion

When I newly started blogging in 2013 I was like to start earning millions of nairas immediately after setting up a blog I began to calculate how i will make money and what I will use the money for even when I haven't even earned I thine lol.....I was like counting my chickens when they haven't hashed .

My countenance was crammed with thoughts of earning instead of blogging and driving a better traffic so I went ahead and started jumping from one affiliate network to the other. .

I almost registered on all the affiliate networks on the internet if am not mistaken everyday running from pillar to post .and the highest I could even earn from some of this programs is something like $1 , or even less since am not even patience enough to see what affiliate network is all about. I was thinking I will be earning 10$ per click lol. .

After a whole month of spoiling my unsuccessful blog with affiliate links I still can't give account of any successful earning this was what actually made me drew a conclusion then that all affiliate networks are nonsense .

During the signing up of all this networks I was able to also Sign up with nairapp having red about it online,but after two weeks or more of hard and restless promotion I was able to earn 2naira and 3referals so I closed all affiliate things and continued my blogging but mind you all the links I have shared on my blog posts and social medias plus my reviews still remains there. .

So this morning I don't know something just struck my mind and it was like a ministration from the holy ghost with a loud voice saying

" Kennedy while not check back on all the affiliate networks you have advertised over this years perhaps your already shared links might Still be working online" .

Trust me pal, I immediately opened my affiliate book CU's that's what I do each time I register new affiliate I jot it down so as not to forget the login details In time to come. I brows through all the affiliate sites and I was seeing some earnings. in all of them but they never amazed me not until I logged it my NAIRAPP publishers account my eyes popped out like that of a rotten fish CU's I never expect any good result after leaving the account dormant for some yrs without any side promotion no review ..

Don't worry am going to show you the earning shots....

They welcomed me like welcome back kenned just like they do to other customers but I wasn't concern about that but my earning which I saw as bellow.....

Here is the total stats of what I saw in my Nairapp affiliate account Dashboard

I wasn't sure anyway so I quickly go to cashout because their minimum payout is 3000naira which I have already exceeded and God so kind the transaction was successful bro I tell you after the successful transaction I immediately go back to my c-pannel and copied my Add code again to start real promotion since they have proven themselves real.

note they pay via Paypal and wire transfers but I used PayPal since my PayPal account was active .

And looking at the footer of this blog you can see my nairapp ad. but after placing the ad with just few hours I began to see earning increase again...I was able to discover they pay 10naira per click CU's I tested it by clicking on my add and the earning increased by 10naira

Well I don't know how it works for me like magic but I think that's is the best network every webmaster must not hesitate to use...you can Sign up a publishers account and start increasing your earning by referring advertisers and publishers and also you can earn by placing ads on your blog to get paid for impressions and clicks on your Ads.

Nairaapp affiliate network is a legit and real affiliate network and count out spam because they are not scammers if at all they can pay me after leaving my account dormant for a long time so if you have been having any double mind about nairapp affiliate network it is time to keep of all doubt and start earning real money with it.

though they are not active on Facebook I don't know why if you ask me but on twitter they are all over the places...

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Best affiliate programs suitable for music Websites

Over some days now we have been discussing affiliate related issues here the reason is because everybody needs a way through which they can monetise their website and we want to give out the best and confirmed methods of affiliating so as not to make a wrong choice

In this post we are going to discuss the affiliate websites suitable for a music and lyrics websites

Running a niche website also need a niche affiliate monetisation lest you missunderstood your audience.every niche website have a suitable monetisation method .I can't be running a blog like kingsweb.com.ng and be monetising me website with musical instruments and downloads that will be good monetisation for Mylyricals CU's it is a music and lyrics website

Maybe you are just confused about how to make money from your music website this is one method which is affiliating With the right way.

apart from affiliate musical websites are lucrative and you can make money from selling advertising space and promoting music and videos.

Top Musical website affiliate networks

cinstaller affiliate Wao I just bring this one first because I love it to other I have used it here on my music bog and I think it is best for you to use both on music blog and other websites expcially when you get amount from Nigerian traffic cus I think they pay well per installs from Nigeria .

All you have to do is Sign up as a publisher and you can get their direct affiliate link or banners to place on your blog..

To earn more commissions you can place your banners under each post for this will enable more clicks..You can also use the sub affiliate section of cinstaller , with the cinstaller sub affiliate you will be given affiliate links to refer other publishers when they register through your link you get comission on very payout they get.

I tried Nigeria installing by installing through my affiliate link as a Nigerian and I got 0.0200$ for just one install.

Though installation commissions varies for every country you might get installs from higher commissioned countries... Note this is a pay per action(ppA) affiliate program that means you get commision when your visitors complete Survey or download any app or software through your link ..

Sheetmusicplus This is also a wander way through which you can monetize your music website especially when you traffic comes from US, Canada, india,etc but I think it is not good for those whose traffic are base in Nigeria.

Sheetmusicplus have over a million sheet music were you can pick any music and promote on your blog you earn 8% commission for every sheet music sale and 5% from other products such as musical instruments...

virtualsheetmusic One thing good about virtual sheet music is that their cookies are ever green unlike other website cookies that spend 24 hrs and less .

what did mean by browse cookies here in case you don't know...if someone click through your affiliate link from any browser even if the person didn't make purchase on that day until good 30years the cookies still remains on the browser and if the users from any other place landed on the same website you will earn commission for any purchase unless after 30years and you know that isn't possible to use one browser or even a phone or PC for 30yrs that means it is ever green

They pay 30% commission for every sale you make you will have access to unlimited music sheets for promotion, memship , jazz music sheet and MIDI with other amazing offers which you can easily promote but all are musical.

I think with the above you can now start monetising your musical website anywhere in the world they have agreed to offer you bountiful commissions all you have to be concerned about now is the strategies to apply to get visitors via your affiliate links.

Note commissions are only added to your account on very successful purchase.

You can even go by registering for all of the above for you never knows the one that will work best for your blog until you give it a try and perhaps all may work for you and your income will increase ×3 in that case.

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Monday, 22 August 2016

How to transfer your domain from Goddady to Domainking

Are you just tired of using other hosts such as goddady and you want to migrate your domain name back to domainking? Maybe you are a Nigerian and you love to host your server on country based host or maybe you are fed up with their policies and you have found Domainking webhosting to be great .

goddady domain to domainking transfer

This tutorial will teach you how you can move your domain name from other hosts e.g godady To Domainking.ng number one Nigerian web hosting service.

When a domain is moved it is like changing a residence you take along all your bags and baggies without living any. so also when you move your domain the money for your renewal and all other managements now no longer belong to the initial host since other registrars has taken charge of you and your domain.

How to move your Domain name from Goddady To Domainking.ng

moving your domain entails two things which are you must unlock the registrar lock lest your domain won't be transferrable and you will also need to generate the EPP code

Now let us discuss how you can generate the EPP code from GOddady and also unlock registrar lock before we proceed further…

Login your Goddady account and select My Products from the top of the page ...

Now naviage to Manage at the front of DOMAINS

and all the registered domain names will appear from here click on domain setting from the front of the main domain you want to move

Go to additional settings and Select authorisation code

and the EPP code will be sent to your email address immediately .

Now to Unlock registrar Lock from the last above step under additional settings Switch on unlock registrar option

After that you are now ready to transfer your domain name from Goddady to domainking visit http://www.domainking.ng/domain-transfer/ and input your domain name and your Generated EPP code to place your order...

now login your godaddy account to confirm your transfer after that make your payment and and your domain will be transfered within 2-3 days ………… you are done.

Image credit **Domainking

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