7-days NAIRAPP affiliate network earn report

On 23rd of this month i wrote about Nairapp surprising earn report Nairapp last month without promotion no review after leaving the account dormant over a long time.

So I took the challenges and started promoting them having proven themselves worthy and now from 23-30th I was able to make what you see on the bellow screenshot !,!!! Nairapp affiliate

The first 150 you see is the earning I have made today and the 407 you see is the referral earning and the 4500 is the already paid amount which I received this afternoon from Nairapp which was the amount I was able to accumulate from 23-30

If am able to make this in just a week that means you Nairapp can earn you a whole lot of cash. incase you still have some doubt bellow is the alert i received from my Eco bank Acc.!!

If you want to join Nairapp to also start earning you can Register With my affiliate link but before you embark on registering you can also read my post on how to increase your Nairapp earning and everything you need to know about Nairapp

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Blogging:Difference between Clicks and Impressions in affiliation

This has been a confusion amidst young webmasters understanding the meaning of impression from clicks.

I won't bridge too far in going in details about both confusing words but with my brief inscription I believe you will what that means.

==>Earn 300 Naira for every user that register

You want to advertise On nairapp For instance you will be asked if you need impressions or clicks and one thing you must know is without impression there is no click so I see no reason why you should pay for impression while advertising rather you pay for clicks.

What is Impression

In the blogging sphere impression simply means to see and you know without seeing your ads users cannot click that's why I stated above that you don't need to pay for impression unless for somes ads alone.

Let say you run affiliate programs Like Nairapp affiliate where you get paid for every 1,000 impression that means when users see the ads 1000times yo get the commission even without clicking

Nairapp Pay 10naira for 1000 impressions while they pay 10naira for One click. I.e is OK to let you know that impression is of no use to advertisers what they need is the click.

Now if you are running such affiliate to get this impression place your ads code on your header were every user must see on first click to your blog..with this every 1000 page views will earn you the commission fixed for impression by the ads network because the 1000pageviews must see your Ads based on the placement. so impression in blogging sphere is to see.

What is Clicks:

- Click means to click just like the name is so also the meaning . A pay per click affiliate program will only pay you when a user click on the ads this time not to see the ads alone but to click on them.

Now the difference between impression and click is simply to see and to hit on.

with the above inscription I strongly believe you wont be confused about this two when you see them in ads networks and programs online.

Now if you are placing ads that pay for impressions on your blog now were to place them to enable you earn the commission attached to impressions without clicks...

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